Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Shortest Post Ever

Hello sweet ladies..........talk about tired. First off Mr. Honey and I were called into the office.....well my first thought was..........IN TROUBLE! Me of little faith.........just has always seemed when we try to do good.........trouble. Ya know what I mean? Anyway our boss told us that we had been doing a very good job.......I am sure my mouth dropped right before him........it was so nice to be encouraged and he did do just that. He also handed us envelopes.........one for me and one to my honey. It was money to do what ever we wanted to do with it. Something for our farm........go on a date.......wow would that be a fun date............what ever we might want. It was such a blessing ladies. He also said that the girls were doing a fantastic job. Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness. It has still been hard to meet all our bills, because we have had lots of holidays when the school isn't open.......but again......the Lord has gotten us through. It was such a good day. I walked out of the office.......very thankful. He also said next year we would get a raise. Oh my heart sang. I love my Lord........I belong to Him and it is so good that He knows what we need when we need it.

Then we got a call from Aundraya and Chelsea.......they needed to plant a tree for a school project....and needed a place to plant it........we knew just where they could ......out by the cabin. It was a stick.........going to be a Dogwood Tree. Suppose to have white flowers. It is at one of the corners of the cabin........it will be fun for them to watch it grow with them. 

They had to be silly............waiting for it to grow. They had to take pic's for the school. Thank you girls for the tree........I am going to like watching it grow.

Katie wanted to go and catch a chicken in the coop. Silly girl. 

One of our girls thought you had to squeeze the chicken to get the eggs out..........could be a long long teaching time for some...........they are keepers......love em so much...........smile. 

Love this pic's...........they made some wonderful memories. 

Thank you so for all the sweet comments ladies.......glad you enjoyed the pic's. 

Hugs from our farm to your Home,



  1. Isn't it so awesome how God takes care of His people? It's obvious that you give back to those around you, and God was blessing you for doing so!
    I love your little tree. Those girls have definitely appreciated the time spent on your farm haven't they? You must have made such an impact on them and God..which again, is obvious.

  2. Wonderful blessings from the Lord today Linda!! I'm so happy for you all. I know the Lord will continue to bless you in ways that you can't imagine.

    Hugs and Love,

  3. Linda,

    You are blessed and you are a blessing! I know the money is important, but nothing is more important than what you are doing for those girls (for all the students there)!

    I love that last picture, too! It speaks volumes, doesn't it?

    I started counting the Omer tonight. There is a link at the top of my sidebar.

    Your words are always an encouragement, but it is you who inspires me to be a better "me".

    Love & hugs,

  4. GOD is good!! It is so amazing to me to see how we reap when we bless others. Everytime in one way or another He cares for us and our needs.
    So happy for you and your family!
    Granny Trace

  5. He always comes through..I well know about paying bills and no money...and its not fun but God always seems to come through...funny one of the girls thought you had to squeeze the hen for eggs...like milking a cow? LOL

  6. It's true we reap what we sow!!
    Your Love and Faith in the Lord shows in all you do for others...
    All of the pictures are great, but the group shot is my favorite!!
    May the Lord continue to bless you for all you do...

  7. What a perfect time to plant a Dogwood Tree - Have you heard the religous stories of the Dogwood tree - The white flower represents Jesus' purity, the red tip is the blood he shed for us. My Grandma taught me that the cross Jesus carried was made of Dogwood - and ever since then a Dogwood tree has never grown straight. Beautiful Trees.

  8. Praise God for His faithfulness in taking care of your family. You have poured out your life for others. God is faithful.
    Joy & Peace ~

  9. Silly me! I've been so absorbed reading all your posts and smiling and loving it that I have been FORGETTING to leave you a comment! Oh Good Grief! I've read every one and have been keeping up on all the news on the farm. You have such a joyous home and life and I just feel like I'm right there so often! Your "girls" weekend was so touching and what a blessing it was for all those girls. How special!
    I'll do better commenting! HA!
    We are off on Friday and hoping you are too! Can't wait to hear what you do on your day off.
    I think your "bonus" was so wonderful and I'm sure so deserving! I can only imagine how fabulous you and Mr. Phil are at your job! Now you two go on a special date and just have fun!
    Love and hugs,


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