Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's The Lord's Day

Hello sweet ladies........ we were without internet service here on the farm from Friday morning until Saturday afternoon. I was so busy getting ready for the girls and then working while they were here so that was okay. I was totally in my world while the girls were here. I don't have time to put up a post this morning.......but I will this afternoon about the Refuge Cabin and the girls. They were so adorable and guess what.........they want to be it has been finalized. We have about 16 or so..... so far.......I am sure that could grow. It did before.......when we adopted kids from the college.......and then we got their husbands and wives.......and later their children. Hmmmm.......I like.......A LOT!

I went out to the cabin this morning to pick up  a bit. When I was in the cabin I heard some Canadian Geese honking.........and it seemed like they were really close. I am so glad I had my camera in hand. This is what I saw. They were circling around and around.......I was so hoping they were going to make a nest. We live by Peace was so beautiful to watch them. The ended up flying right over the cabin. God is so good to me........and I love Him.......a lot.

Thank you so much Father for the simple things in life......You think of everything. I am grateful........and don't want to miss it.

Hugs everyone..........have a wonderful SONday,

I will write later about the girls.............they had fun and so did we.


  1. I love simple things!
    And I love Peace Creek, what an awesome name.
    I love living beside our Black Brook, it's a wonderful spot to relax and pray.

  2. I LOVE the simple things. There's a lot of beauty in the simple things ;) :) The image you shared today is lovely :) :) I could imagine the birds circling in the air :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :)

    p.s. I think you "adopting" all those ladies is really neat ;) :)

  3. Linda... I LOVE that amazing!! And yes you are right...God does think of simple things in life to bless his children... I missed you yesterday...but figured you were busy (which you were) maybe that is why your internet was down..we never know do we?? Just must accept the speed bumps in

    So glad you had a wonderful weekend!! I'm back on track today after a week of dealing with our losses of our family members..

    Blessings...dear friend...
    xoxo Gert

  4. Hi sweet ladies, thank you so much for stopping by your to is late and work in the morning. UGH!

    Heart you all bunches, Me


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