Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Little Things

Good evening sweet ladies,

The evening tonight was beautiful outside..........I spent some time working on some things for a fund raiser to get our Vitaliy HOME. We are doing a little "sale thing" tomorrow night in a town not far from us. I will let you all see soon what we will be just  seems so busy and I don't seem to let my feet touch the ground. 

Look at what I found......Momma Guinea's nest. When I was working in the garden she was squawking at me and I wondered what was going on..........I started to turn and look what she was not happy with me about. I was just to close to her nest..........I was so excited to see that she may be having babies for the farm. They are wonderful for eating bugs in your garden. 

I went to the other garden and later came back and look.......she is hiding and sitting on her eggs..........I love this about farm  can have a lot of babies in the spring time. I loveeeeeee babies.

Don't ya just love violets? I do...........walked by the barn where I planted these a few years back............look at the guinea feather laying on the top of the leaves. Isn't it amazing to see God's real life paintings? Love the polka dots. They are sooooooo beautiful. The feathers make up for the not so cute Daddy and Momma Guineas heads...........not sure why they are kind of wellllll...........ugly. The Lord has His reasons I am sure.

Thought you might like to see our little Miss Koko.........she is growing so fast. She just got a brand new halter......and she is doing so well. We always put a halter on the big horses before they eat their grain. We will do the same with she gets the halter on just before she get taken out of the corral.

Hope all of you are doing are in my prayers. Write if you need something special for me to pray about. For us if you wouldn't mind continue to pray for the adoption for Vitaliy.........and that the process would go fast and smooth. There have been a few complications........but that is to be expected. 

Thank you so much for all your care towards our family. I want you  to know we do care about your families also..........if we can ever be of help........please let us know.

Hugs from my your HOME,



  1. Life is good. My daughter just gave birth to our very first grandchild. A little boy. I prayed that she wouldn't have to be induced and he came just in time. God heard me and I am so very thankful.
    Keep well.

  2. Yea!!!!!! Oh my Dolores.........a real baby boy. Now that is the best. Congratulations. I loved holding my new baby grandchildren. Their parents would put them in my arms and I would whisper........In the beginning GOD created the Heavens and the Earth. Gen. 1:1..........I repeat it to them often.......they know it by heart.

    I will be praying for Momma and baby..........and you today. You are a blessed Grandma!

    Hugs to your day......God did hear you. Precious,

  3. I love the picture of the Guinea sitting on her eggs. We have some babies in our birdhouse by the deck. The squawk and mom and dad continuously fly about for food. We keep the bird feeders and bread crumbs abounding. It's so fun to watch them. I'm afraid they will fly away while it is so rainy and we can't get outside to watch. Love you dearly.

  4. Oh Linda.. I always just love to come visit you each day & see what is going on at the 'farm'! And you never disappoint .. smile.. Those guinea feathers are sooo beautiful! I too love those violets my favorite flower in the spring!!!

    My prayers continue for you and your family!!!

    xoxo Gert

  5. Nice the beauty of Gods work.. The guinea hens are so cute and I love the noise they make all so good for ticks.. How big are those eggs do you think? thanks for sharing..
    Be Blessed

  6. Beauty is everywhere, huh? Love those guinea and their feathers are so cool!

    Anxious to see what you are selling!

    You are featured on my blog today, in case your ears were burning!;)

    Here is the direct link:

  7. Beautiful pictures, Linda.
    Wishing you and everyone on your blog a blessed Easter....
    we will be out of town thru Sunday...leaving early tomorrow....please say a prayer for us..
    Continued prayers for Vitaliy....

  8. The guinea nest is so precious!

    Linda, I have two ducks (a male and female). They have been mating for months. A while back my female laid a batch of eggs. About 30 days later, a single duckling hatched. He ran about for days, eating, playing, drinking. Both the drake and female were very protective of him. Then, he died. The female duck buried him in the nest (under straw) and she is still sitting full-time on the other eggs. It's been like 40 days now. She could have laid some eggs late. Inside the egg looks dark in color with maybe bubbles of fluid??? Do you have any advice on what you think I should do? Should I take the eggs away from her? My husband thinks she wouldn't lay on them if they were bad. We're kind of struggling here with this decision, as our animals are an important part of our farm and we love each and every one. Maybe you have some advice for us.


  9. Wonderful pics of your farm. Thanks so much for the towel pattern.
    I'm keeping your family in my prayers that Vitaliy is with all of you soon. Wishing each of you a Blessed Easter.


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