Sunday, April 3, 2011

News from Hannah

Hello sweet ladies, 

I have had a wonderful day with family today. Some of the family went fishing. It was a lazy SONday. Good for the soul! Much needed restful day.

Tressa took the pic.

Fishing at Peace Creek.....the Stubbs family has done this for many many generations. A wonderful place to live by.

Don't have a lot of time tonight........ but had to tell you that Hannah wrote and told me this. Remember how we all hard last week and remember that Ellianna means "God answered?"Well after you will see that he did answer.

This is what Hannah had to say.
Well we started off the week with brain surgery and are ending on a much more positive note. Ellianna has been improving every day. She is up to 3 .lbs 13 oz. now. The inside of her head has shrunk down to a much safer size as the shunt has been helping a real deal. She will have an ultrasound tomorrow to check how things are looking. Her episodes of dropping her heart rate hand breathing are almost non-esistent now. She still requires oxygen (an will for sometime) but has gone from high -flow to low-flow. Her blood transfusion went well also. She is working hard at learning how to nurse and will work on bottle feeding this week too. Once she gets that down its home sweet home!!!!! Hard to believe that's a reality after the way the week started. I'm sure that was God's plan all along, but He just wanted to make sure we trusted Him :)
Thank you all for being so supportive. WE love you each! 
love, Hannah.

My Tressa took this pic. The clouds were moving across Kansas. 
See the little frog? 

There are tons of prayer requests in this note and a lot of rejoicing also. It doesn't always work out this way and I know that there are Momma's and Daddy's that have lost their precious little ones.....and they prayed so hard they would not. May the Lord be close to all of you...... if that is the case. I am so sorry for your loss.

Thank you again for praying are such a blessing!

Work tomorrow...........lovin on the college kids........trusting the Lord with our every day.

Hugs from our windy windy farm,



  1. Hello Carrie, Thank you o for encouraging us!!!!!!!! You are a sweetie! Have a good Monday.......I'll be thinking of ya!

    Hugs, Linda

  2. Hi Mecky,

    Did you about blow away yesterday? It blew so hard. On Sat. some were burning things off so yesterday when the wind came up we had a huge fire not far from a friends house. It was really scary. All is well though.

    Yes the news is good about Ellianna. Praise God!

    Have a nice day ladies, Linda

  3. Praise the Lord for the good news about Elianna, and have a very blessed day with that ministry that God has placed you in, Linda. I can't think of anyone better to love on those kiddos. I love you. Gloria

  4. Oh Linda...what wonderful news..praise God.. You always have such wonderful posts and I read them each day and think and pray for you and your family...... Hope your day at work will be productive with God's blessings. I shared your Tea Thyme towel pattern with a Red Hat sister of mine. She loves to sew (and does so beautifully) but doesn't have a I love to share these with her:) (Thank you dear one...)

    xoxo Gert

  5. Glad to hear the good news about Ellianna!
    It sounds like a beautiful weekend was had by all.
    Will continue to send good thoughts and prayers.

  6. Praise God! We sure do serve an awesome God! Thank you for sharing the news.
    Have a Blessed week!

  7. So happy for the great news. Our little grandson is in remission from leukemia and I can tell you first hand that PRAYER is powerful. We are still praying and lifting them up daily.

  8. Wonderful News ... Thoughts and prayers...
    Yes There is Power in Prayer.. As we gather
    together as one and pray....
    Blessings to all...

  9. Wonderful news! God is the great physician. Thanks for sharing the awesome news :)

    I have a friend named Kristin that had a baby by c-section today. She knew they would only get to hold him for a little while because he could not live outside her body. Please pray for her and her husband. They are strong and have felt God's presence through it all, but still have the service to do this week after having this major surgery.

    Susan Montgomery


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