Friday, June 22, 2012

Busy Weekend!

Hello sweet ladies,

How are you all doing? We have a party going on this weekend for our sweet girl Taylor.....she has graduated from her homeschooling and want to celebrate her accomplishments. Can't believe that all my children are finished with that part. Need to adopt some more kids!!!!!! Smile!

The garden is doing well, but the squash bugs are here......knew they would come since our winter didn't kill off the bugs. I took a wire cage and put the white pumpkin plant inside and tied it in place. Hope this will help me. I have been killing the bugs when I find them, with my hands.........can't believe it. I would have never done that years ago. Now I can! They are mine......I have worked hard and the squash bugs are not getting them. I put a flap of newspaper on everywhere I tied the stem. That will help, so it won't rub and break. The wind blows here in Kansas. 

Look what I found last night. I was blog hopping and not sure where I found it the first time. Maybe Pinterest. Cute? Ordered the pattern! Making one........if you have some old vintage tablecloths and want to sell, let me know please. I am looking for some! You can email me. I think this is the cutest pattern!!!!!!! CHRISTmas Gifts for my girl's hope chests and daughter in loves!! It could be used in lots of other ways a friend said! I so agree!

Hugs to your day sweet ladies, you are loved by me.......and a lotta by JESUS


Please keep praying for our country.......rain, forest fires, and flooding. If you have a prayer request please leave a comment and we will pray!


  1. I would like to buy one of those clothes pin bags. Will you make me one? I've been looking for one for two years. I'm sick of the cheap ones that only last a year.
    Please respond to me at
    Thanks, Dawn

  2. Linda -- LOVE that clothespin holder. That will make sweet gifts. I remember my momma having one that was shaped like a pair of bloomers, lol.

    Hope the squash bugs leave you some. Weird weather year for us prairie dwellers. I think the wind has been blowing more than usual -- means a lot of water to keep my blooming things happy :)

    Congratulations to Tayler. Blessings to you all :)


  3. I don't have a clothes line right now so my clothes pins are still just hanging around inside. Cute idea though! Maybe I should make one for my daughter in love and gift her since she hangs things outside but doesn't use clothes pins. You can pray for me as I've been sick with a bit of a cold since late Tues. Am feeling somewhat better. Hope to feel good enuf to make and take some food to a young friend who just had a baby, tomorrow evening. Still am not sure but could be allergies. Sigh!

  4. oh yeah, congrats to your daughter who is graduating. Done with high school? Both our children were home schooled. Loved it! Miss it to a certain extent!

  5. Congrats to your sweet daughter for graduating!

    Now is the time I wish I still had a clothes line! I love this clothes pin bag!!


  6. Congrats to your daughter Taylor!! I love the pin bags!! They have that old fashion flare to them. I have quite a few old tablecloths. You'll have to show pics when you get done. Thanks for sharing!! XO Fran.

  7. I've been killing those squash bugs by hand, also, which is something I thought I'd never do! I've also been putting diatomaceous earth around my plants and I think the bugs are finally gone!

  8. Thanks so much, Linda, for promoting my clothes pin bag pdf pattern. They are fun and quite easy to make for even beginning sewers. Here is a link to the pattern available in my Etsy shop: I also have several bags made up and for sale. Your blog is delightful and I am enjoying your back posts one by one! My best to you, Pat

  9. Hi Linda,
    Oh, I think those clothespin bags are super cute. I hope you find the fabric you're looking for :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  10. Those clothespin bags are so sweet! I need one! My sweet mother had one! Oh how I wish I had some of those wonderful treasures from her life! She was a good mama and I miss her sooo much!
    Good luck with the fabric hunt!
    You make my day and always make me smile!


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