Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finishing Up Pattern.....One More Day to Sign UP!

Good morning sweet ladies,

I am so busy sweet girl and I are finishing up the pattern. I thought for fun I would tell you what the name is, 

"My Quilt Keeper"

Some had guessed at what I was working on some time you at least know the name of it........but I can't show you right yet. Until all the instructions are finished and the photo is taken.......which reminds me........


That is a huge deal and I have looked most of the morning.......prayed and now I am really sweating it. 

Thought I took it maybe last night when we went to visit our son's home......they can't find it. 
I can't believe this is happening to me right now! Sigh!

I pinned this pic HERE

Sooooooo while I am working today on finishing the pattern, I thought I would ask another...... 

"Get to Know You Questions".
If you could sit under this arbor, would you quilt, stitch a stitchery, read, crochet, knit, or do something different?

I would stitch on a stitchery......and listen to the sounds around me!!!!!

One more day for the party.......sign up if you would like.......
if you haven't already!!!


Hugs to your day!!!!!!!!



  1. Oh, I'd be taking photos!
    What a lovely spot to enjoy.

  2. I think I would be sitting, enjoying the peace and quiet, soaking in all that God has to offer, sipping on a big tall glass of iced tea.

  3. I would sit and crochet or read on one of my many magazines that are stacking up..;)have a great thursday and I hope you find your camera.;)

  4. I would be lost too if I lost my camera. I am excited to see your new Pattern Stay cool if you can.
    God bless

  5. I forgot to tell you (Hubby came me to ask me something and I lost my train of thought),,,I would get up very early in the morning and take my coffee and sit and thank God for the new day, count my blessings, and marvel at His lovely creations.

  6. I would first do just what Keeper of the Past suggested above (coffee and counting blessings, very early in the morning). Then I would sit and stitch on a stitchery while enjoying birdsong and the beautiful surroundings. I would have a tall glass of peach iced tea at hand, too. And if Linda happened to be sitting in the other chair, that would even be nicer!

    The new pattern looks beautiful. I love the fabrics!

  7. I would enjoy visiting and getting to know my dear blogging friend, Linda, under that arbor!
    We would have a blast ~ talking about the LORD, our grandbabies and chickens, gardens, cooking.....

  8. i would be knitting on my prayer shawls thanking God i was able to start this wonderful group! either listening to the beauty of nature or my 'knitting playlist' of Christian music!! and praying for rain/cooler temps!
    ^)^ linda

  9. I would be sitting with a tall glass of sweet tea reading a good book or visiting with you.

  10. I would alternate between knitting and reading while listening to the birds.

  11. If there are no flies biting, I'd love to sit and read! Living next to a dairy farm means their flies come visiting! And believe me, they bite! Other wise, I'd most likely be enjoying the garden and spotting the greenery that doesn't belong (weeds) and be pulling them out. That's what I'd do.♥♫

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  13. If there was a cool place under a tree (it's only 108 degrees here STILL this afternoon), I would knit and knit and knit, then read for a while!

  14. I would absolutely be sitting there reading my Bible and other books I have while sipping on a large cup of coffee. I would breath in the scents and listen to the birds and the breeze. A bit of heaven on earth!

  15. I would probably sit and read.


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