Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's HOT Today!

Good morning sweeeet ladies!

Oh is going to be a scorcher today. Sooo I went outside very early to pick the my surprise there was a lot. It was quiet....the birds were singing praises......I am sure to the Lord! So was I. I told Him thank you for my life.......

that He gives me the summers can I not be grateful? I was having my own little praise party sitting on the straw picking beans..........what a gift! Time is going by fast and so I am savoring every little minute! 

Wanted to thank you all for coming by yesterday and this morning and signing up for the party. Got a lot of emails and so that was fun......met some new ladies.......that was a real blessing!

If you haven't signed up yet.........please go will see this.........

We are going today to meet another family that adopted two son's from where our Vitaliy was will be fun for V to have some of his friends back in his life. Our daughter Tressa met them while she was over there.......she said we will love them........they reminded her of our family......always ready for a party....hmmm, glad she thinks that about her fam.  

I have a little trailer....this pic is not it.......but I would like it to look like this..........ours  needs a lot of fixin........this this would be wonderful don't you think. 

Now I will leave you with a funny story I read on a blog that I enjoy when she writes. She has a bundle of adorable children and a baby......right down my alley......well she posted this morning and I thought I would fall off my I had tears running down my cheeks......and could barely get the thing read. Love the baby will see what I mean. The story is at the bottom of the ready to giggle!


Hugs from the farm!


P.S. Thank you so much for the orders on the Sweetie Tomato Pin Keep!!!!!!! I so appreciate them!


  1. Having a sweet trailer like the one we see would be like having a grown-up sized doll house! I stayed in one two summers ago (first time camping), and had visions of what it could be if it were mine! Enjoy your day.♥♫

  2. Oh Linda...those green beans are amazing... I wish we had a few here to munch We had wanted to go to the Farmers Market this morning but it was to hot to get out in.. But hopefully Saturday will be better. I love that little trailer...wouldn't that be fun to have? Hope you enjoyed your visit today. I put your pin keeper up on my blog today!


  3. I love fresh green beans! I am not a canning person but a friend shared some green beans with us and they were so good. I love the trailer pics. Pinterest and the Internet are wonderful for ideas and inspiration! Enjoy the early mornings when it is a little cooler. We hit 100 today and it's supposed to be 107 tomorrow. Your heat is spreading our way! Hope it ends soon with some rain.

  4. Can't wait to put up greenbeans. God is so good!
    The little trailer is so cute.
    Have a great day.

  5. I can remember doing up green beans with my mom as a girl. I so wish I had a garden this year, but I don't. I hope you all are staying cool down south. I miss TN but I don't miss the heat. Tomorrow is my oldest son's wedding and I cannot be there, but I wish I was. Thanks the the giveaway. I blogged you, G+ you, Twittered you and I emailed a friend or more about your giveaway ! Love in Jesus, Linda


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