Monday, June 18, 2012

Hugs to your DAY!

Good Morning!!!!!!!!!! To the Sweetest Ladies in the World! is going to be one of those Mondays! Ya know........when the laundry is high and lots to finish up from the long will be a little hectic!  Animals all have to be cared for. Stitchin' going on later in the day! Busy, busy, busy!!!!!! 

My Tressy picked us sunflowers that she found down by Peace Creek not far from our farm. We love having them in our cheery don't you think? Love this are welcome to always use any of my picks if you would like. That has never bothered me! 

This is my short one huh? Just had to give you all a hug and tell you that I think you are so so special! 

Company is still here for part of the day and that has been so refreshing to have some sweet sweet fellowship! Our hearts have needed it as of late! God always knows doesn't He?

Hope your day is going well........hope it is sweet!!!!

P.S. My seet girl Tressy put a tribute up about her sweet man. If you would like to it is. It is truly the most precious thing I have read in a long time!

Walking In His Path


  1. Just love the sunflowers -- don't think you can look at them and not smile -- Thank-You Lord!

    Hope your day scooted along with a snag and all that laundry got done :)


  2. Hugs back to you! The sunflowers are very cheery - I just love them.
    I'll head on over to see what Tessy wrote.
    Blessings on your day.

  3. You are so generous with your wonderful pictures -- a blessing to us all! My Monday has been crazy busy, and included a not-so-fun visit to the dentist. But still -- a good day in the Lord, and an easy supper planned as we have lots of leftovers. Headed off to read Tressa's tribute now...

  4. Good Morning Linda, (it's Tuesday morning here)
    Lovely picture! It's already quite warm here in the alps but probably nothing compared to the heat you must get in the summer time. Just read your daughters beautiful post to her dad!!
    Sending alpine fresh hugs to all at Prairie Flower Farm!

  5. I had to catch up with your posts. Have been very busy too! Your busy is sooo much cuter though. Love all your accomplishments on the porch. God has blessed you with such talent. Enjoy your time off. Sweet blessings sent your way.

  6. My swap partner in your seed swap sent me some differnet kinds of Son Flowers! She said they remind her of her dad who planted them when she was a child! He told her "Always keep your face to the Son". I love that! Now I think of it when I see a sunflower. Such a stately flowers!


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