Friday, June 8, 2012

Harvest...........How I Live!

Good morning sweet ladies,

Harvest has come and gone........last night the harvest crew finished cutting the last wheat field. It wasn't our farm, it was our son's fields that are by our farm, but non the less it is a time of celebration and time of Giving Thanks! They used to use their own they have someone else cut it. That isn't quite the same, but it is okay. There is something about the sound when the combine is turned on and running.......the noise of the engine, just gets your heart pumping. 

It never changes....... the wheat truck get fired up.......same know you are soon going to be taking your wheat to the grain elevator. In the last year you have worked hard getting the seed in just the right depth of soil, right where the moisture is, then you wait.......and pray......and ask the Lord to protect it through the winter, until cutting time.......when that little baby wheat starts popping out of the ground all you see are rows and rows of green lines running down each pray again. 

Thanking the Lord for His great work.....only He can make this happen. Such a wonderful provider He is. Then spring comes......and it really starts to grow. Our spring was really early this year.....that is why harvest came so soon. 


Our family, daughter in love and  grandchildren all ran out to get some wheat straight from the truck...."BISCUITS"...left my camera at the! We had buckets, old seed wheat bags.......and we started opening up the hatches in the back of the wheat truck! Talk about fun and exciting. This was Vitaliy's first harvest in America. Go here to Come Rest At His Table my daughter in love's blog, she journaled the memory of Vitaliy's first time in the field. We all came back to the farmhouse to start cleaning the wheat. 

We would hold the wheat in our hands and let the wind blow over the top of the wheat......or we would blow lightly on it. The chaff would fly off the top of the wheat. The children worked along side picking out the big pieces of stubble. It was fun to hear all the chatter. 

Then Vitaliy and I took the cleaned grain and used the grain grinder to grind the wheat into flour. 

Fresh ground wheat........right from the field right after it had been cut. Now that is fresh! We were all so excited. It was time to make some fresh fresh farm biscuits.

I found this Recipe Buttermilk Biscuits on was time to try the recipe out. I had everything I needed! Vitaliy and I made them big.......and some used some organic honey and others put a lot of strawberry jam.....dripping off the sides! Before we ate we gave thanks..........I am sure the Lord was sitting in heaven.....smiling down on His precious children! 

One thing would have been a little bit better.......that you all were here. I am going to have biscuits for you if you ever will like. They were so nummy!

I am making pita bread this is an Old Post for Pita Bread of where I have a tutorial on how I make it. 

One of my fav pic's of my girlies eggs......they are such sweethearts!!!!!!

Using our farm fresh eggs to make egg salad......fresh ruffled lettuce on the inside of a pita bread. Nummy lunch!

My bread has risen........I can't wait to make them! 
Someone asked me what my favorite color was........hmmmm....can you guess? I really do like other colors like, blue, pink, harvest gold.......really!

This morning I opened up the little milk house where so much goes on, on this farm.......Momma Hens sitting on eggs, little chicks every size shape and color, baby ducks......barn cats finding a place of refuge.......a special place where you watch over. When I saw this heart skipped........"Thank you Father so so very much for the simple things in life.......where we can see You written all over it! WE are so grateful that You thought up life......even though sometimes it pains so much......but You give us these little glimpses.......of YOU and Hope and we are thankful! In Jesus Name we give thanks!"

Hugs from the farm and may the God of the Universe wrap you close to HIMSELF, 



  1. We were so glad to finish our wheat harvest too. Now, it's raining! How wonderful is that..rain in's amazing!
    What kind of grinder do you have? I have a hand-crank and the boys don't stay around long enough to help!

    1. Hi Saska, thank you for writing. I am so glad you have your harvest finished before the rain. It has been a beautiful spring and now going into summer I hope it will stay the same! I have a Jupiter. It is about 12 years old. Got it during Y2K. It is electric or has a hand-crank to go with! I really have enjoyed it. The wheat is so beautiful! Just took out some bread and the pita bread is cooling. It has been a fun morning!
      Hugs from my farm to yours,

  2. What kind of wheat does your son grow? Hard red wheat? Hard white wheat? We have not found a good biscuit recipe for using wheat flour. Did you like this buttermilk biscuit recipe with the wheat? I assume it was a heavier biscuit then if you had used the unbleached flour??

    So glad the wheat harvest was a great success. We just finished harvesting our first hay cutting.

    Wish I could share all our black raspberries with you and your family.


  3. Where I grew up in Texas, we went to church with a couple that followed the wheat harvest in the summers. He drove the combine. They have both gone to their reward now. Glad the harvest was a success. I have a grinder and wheat and love to grind it and make fresh ww bread. I have a book called "Set for Life" that I follow her recipes and have wonderful bread. I would love to come have biscuits and honey from your fresh wheat! Thanks again for all the uplifting news you share with us. Makes my day. Donna

  4. Biscuits look delicious! Ahhh....would love to have one or two! Great post and pics!

  5. How do some people live their lives not believing? Love your post and pictures. I have a little grandson and he is also so sweet and cute and lovable. Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Boys. They are so precious! I am dying for one of those biscuits!!!! :-)
    I wasn't able to post on Tonya's.

  6. Linda,

    What a beautiful post!!! Brought smiles as well as a tear to my eye! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    May you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

    Linda in Wichita

  7. Linda, what a 'great' post! You are always busy! What an amazing woman you are. The wheat reminded me when Dad use to raise it. We had a grainery which we stored it in. (and as a kid I use to love to eat some raw!! Lol)

    Hope you have a blessed weekend.

  8. Can't even imagine going from the field to the oven in such a short time... What a blessing! The biscuits look heavenly...don't you just love Pinterest???

  9. Several days ago you asked your readers to tell you about theirselves. Well this post made me think of my youth so many many years ago.I grew up on a farm here is Kansas and I remember harvest and my involvement in it. My dad owned a combine, unlike the ones today, think of 1940 models, and then I guess you were not born by then. Anyway I had no brothers just my sister so I helped by driving the tractor pulling the combine for Daddy who rode the combine. See I told you it was long ago as the combines back then were pulled by tracotrs, an old Ford back then. We combined for lots of the neighbors that didn't own a combine. I also remember grinding wheat in to flour to use for bread. However we had a pretty good sized grinder in one of the bins in the barn where we ground the wheat. This month is my sister's 83rd birthday, don't tell her I told her age, and July is my 84th birthday. Thanks for bringing that memory back for me to enjoy. Oh yes, we never harvested on Sundays as Daddy said that was the Lord's Day and we were to be in His House. He would take care of the harvest for us.

  10. Wheat harvest is always a special time. We don't raise wheat but raise cattle and we understand the value of having a bountiful harvest. We love driving through farm country where wheat, corn and soybeans are being grown; seeing the beauty in crops that are near harvest and praying that the farmers have great success during harvest time!

  11. What a PRECIOUS Tea Party! You did a beautiful job! Loved that others participated in the fun, too. Would love to do one with you sometime. I like all that "girlie" stuff. I have so many tea pots and tea cups to play with. And I have several tea party books with recipes to try. Loved all your pics, wish you had more! :)

  12. Oh Linda you just make me smile! All your goodness and praising of the Lord makes me so content! I so love visiting you here and off to see Tanya too! Blessings to all of you!


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