Friday, June 15, 2012

Rain........and Wet Baby Chick!

Good morning..........sweet ladies,

Hope you are having a sweet day! We are running around the house picking up and cleaning......we have company coming and we can't wait to see them. They are a family that we have known since their college days. In fact they went to Sterling College years back, The church we went to had an adoption program where you could adopt kids from the college, who needed a place to go, when they needed family life. So I am still on the back porch cleaning and scrubbing. Making some curtains today.........can't wait to get them finished!

Last night when we went to Wichita we went to one of my favorite quilt stores........The Picket Fence. Picked up a few pieces for a new pattern.......adorableness I thought! I have been eyeing this collection for some time and finally found it. Ordered some other pieces this morning on the web. Can't wait to start some etches on paper and then start cutting fabric! I won't start until next week, but I will let you see once I get going. Still praying about the pattern that is being looked at. I showed the finished product to Lisa at The Picket Fence........she liked! That encouraged me a lot! Wish I could show you.......soon I hope! We just keep entrusting it to the Lord......all you can do....right!

Last night we got dumped on......two different storms.......and we had to drive through both of them. It was okay.....loved hearing the thunder and torrential rain! It was good to know that there was no tornados, just high winds. I laid in bed and just listened to the light mist outside. Music........we thanked the Lord over and over! 

This morning I went to go check on all the animal.......little sweet pea was a bit wet. Momma Hen must not have stayed on her nest the whole time. I will be fixing the pen up a little better from the rain. He is in the incubator right now and doing very well. He was all floppy, but once he got warm he perked up. 

Want to try to get the curtains finished today. I love sitting at my sewing machine. It is sooooo relaxing. Are you sewing anything?

Hugs to your day and God bless! 



  1. Linda -- we got a good soaking too. Praying over your pattern and looking forward to good news and you sharing with us. Enjoy your company -- when oldest daughter was far, far away at Pensacola Christian College, she had the best campus parents and really enjoyed some sweet fellowship in their home.

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Hi Gail, how cool! We prayed for you that you all would get rain!!!! Thank you for praying. You are a sweetie. We could use the extra so much! Who can't use the extra! We have adopted a lot of kids over the years. Still in touch with many!
      Hugs and you have a great weekend also, me

  2. I love the fabric you selected! So pretty and cheerful.
    Just sent up a prayer regarding your pattern.
    You are such a talented lady!
    Enjoy your company. I know they will enjoy you and your family.

    1. Hi is pretty and cheerful. I can't wait to get the other two pieces and start working! Thank you for the encouragement! Hugs to your weekend! me

  3. The fabric is gorgeous and I too am praying concerning your pattern. As for sewing -- yes, I too love spending time at the sewing machine (and enjoy hand sewing a lot too) -- and am currently working on some felt food for a friend's children which incorporates both kinds of sewing. I do have plans to make some curtains for our dining area using some vintage fabric -- green & white with pots of red geraniums! I love your idea of doing a little something every day to make your place more the way you want it to be, and am trying to do the same!

    1. Thank you Mrs. T. It would be wonderful if they got it! Just waiting and waiting. God knows it all and that helps. How cute felt food! Like your fabric.....sounds beautiful! It has been fun doing a little somethin.......well it is turning more into a lotta something. My home will be ready when we go back to the college! Hugs, me

  4. I'm in the mending mode....a couple tops and a pair of pants...Need to finish granddaughter's pinafore. I cut out the wrong size...too small and now need to cut out front and back again, good thing I have more fabric. Guess I'll save the little size pieces to make for another girl. We are finally having warm weather and I bought strawberries today and will make jam soon!

    1. Hi Grandma Becky, that idea. It sounds like a quiet relaxed time for you. Wrong size, I have done that a time of two. Glad you had some extra fabric. Last night we got dumbed on again. We are so praising the Lord for His goodness! Hugs sweet friend, me

  5. Hi, Linda. I have been sewing aprons for my mom. She picked out the fabrics and has been supervising. :)

    A couple months ago we had a little silkie stay out in a rain storm. She was living with a duckling and followed the ducklings lead. :) My husband scooped her up and held her tight while he dried her with my hair dryer! She started to peep after a while, and we knew she would be okay!

    Have a wonderful Sunday.


  6. Oh, the poor little fellow! He's luck to have you looking after him!

    I like to sew too, when I have something really interesting to make or redesign. Lately I have been making seat covers for our camper. We are going mobile at the end of July!

  7. Your farm life delights me! I love hearing all the stories!

    Nick will be 64 miles from Wichita! I hope that coach will pick him up at the airport on August 14th! We are heading out the first week in August to get him set up for college life! I am sad to lose my sweet baby but proud of him and his commitment to running! The coach from the Wesleyan's has a shirt that says Jesus Loves You and a quote that says "Who Do You Run For?" I think God put us with the coach and he helped Nick get into Cowley since the tuition at the KWU was too high for us! We pray Nick can run two years at Cowley and finish his college at KWU!
    Oh my I got off the track! I love your precious farm pets! They are such nice gifts from the Lord! :)


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