Friday, June 29, 2012

We Have a Winner for The Sweetie Tomato Pin Keep!!!!!

Good morning.........sweetie ladies......another HOT day in Kansas on the farm.......staying in most of the day to keep cool.

Thank you to all of you who made the party so much fun. I enjoy all your comments and each one totally blesses my day! 

I did the drawing and the lady that won 
name is..........


This is what her comment was.......blessed me!

"I look forward to your blog. You are very interesting. I have a little garden and have tomatoes, chiles, radishes, squash, zuchini and cucumbers. At this time I am my Dad's caregiver 86 yrs old and he has dimentia but reading your blog brings some sunshine into my life. I am from New Mexico and a born again Christian."

How precious Raquel that you are caring for your Daddy! You just brought some major sunshine to my life! God loves it when we honor Him by honoring our parents!!!!!

Hope you all are enjoying your day and just know that you are some of the most precious ladies I have ever known. I am not just saying that either. Something very unique and special has happened her on my blog. It's called, 

"Farmgirl Family" 

I have said it before......but it is true. 

Took my pic's for the Quilt Keeper this morning..... out in the Potter's how they turned out. Now to pick what I will use........Tressy is working away and putting the pattern into pages. Can't wait to show you.......please keep praying that the "company" will take it. We need a new roof on the farmhouse!!!!!! No kidding! Ice storm came through and it is not good!    #:< ) that is a raggedy girlfriend smile! 

Hugs to your day from the farm,


P.S. If you are from Colorado, Utah, New Mexico or where there are fires, please let us know how we can pray!!!!! 
So so sorry!


  1. Oh Congratulations to Melissa, Linda I just know this will make her day! She is such a precious daughter, to take care of her father like that. I know the heart ache and love she is feeling right now. My father also suffered from dementia.

    Blessings my dear friend,

  2. Congratulations to Melissa! I am so happy that she won. I have helped care for family members with occasional dementia as well -- so heartbreaking. This will be a special blessing for Melissa.

    Thank you, Linda, for your sweet testimony and for being such an encourager, and for being willing to let God use your blog (and your farm and family) in this way!

  3. Hooray for Melissa. Linda, staying indoors sounds like a good idea for those of you in the unusual heat. We're used to it here, and feel for you. Take care, P.

  4. I am sure Raquel will be pleased to have won.

  5. I've been blessed by this Farmgirl Family too. We had a hot, hot day today also. And it's suppose to be 106 degrees tomorrow. We don't have AC, but we'll survive. May go to my Mom's.

    Congratulations to Raquel.

  6. Congratulations to Raquel! I'm envious ;)...I'll have to buy the pattern now!!

  7. By the way, what's her blog site address? I can't find it :/

  8. I live in Utah and the best prayer now would be for RAIN! Please pray for rain to help put the fires out. Everything is so dry here. The smoke is so thick it smells like campfire when we go outside and there is fine ash sifting down on us. So rain is what we need! Thank you ladies for prayers.


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