Sunday, July 1, 2012

Good Morning!!!!!! Have a blessed SONday!

Good morning......sweet ladies,

When I look out my front door......this is what I see........nice when life all around out there seems to be going crazy! Huge decisions are being made everyday that will have an impact on the generations to come behind us. It is amazing to me that only a few can decide.....and we get to live with it. My trust will not be in will be in CHRIST

Father, when all other things have passed away, three things will remain: faith, hope and love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

The only thing that matters is who will go to heaven with us!!!!!! 

God puts rulers in trust is in Him, He has the bottom line. He said it would be hard for those who love Him in the last ready to stand......with HIS armor in place........and LOVE your neighbor as yourself. Care for the widow and the orphans.......there is so much we can do.....and He said He would never leave us. Thankful!

Please keep praying for all the fires that are in our country. I don't watch the news so I not sure what is responsible for all of them. Kind of scary though it seems to me.

If I could serve you a goblet with this in it........I sooooo would!
Isn't this just so beautiful? 

Blessings to you this SONday,



  1. Troubling times indeed, but even in this, Christ taught us how to live admidst a society that many not reflect our values or beliefs . . . after all, He was a Jewish man, living under Roman rule. God bless . . . your blog is a blessing to so many.

    1. I so so agree........what would we do if we didn't know that God had things allllll under control! Thank you so for your sweetness! I just want the Lord to use me in a way that ladies will want to live for the body of CHRIST. I think the Lord has blessed us with a place to come as ladies to pray, cry, repent, love and encourage one another. We are al becoming a part of a family and that blesses me! Hugs to your day and may the Lord bless your day! Linda

  2. Corinthians 13 is my was our theme verse in the music fraternity i was in at Univ of Northern Iowa!! 99degrees here in Iowa!!
    ^)^ linda

    1. Hi Linda, we had it read in our wedding.....what a verse to strive for! It was 99 here also. I don't like it when it gets in the three digests. Just want to stay inside!
      Hugs to your day! me

  3. It has been at, near or above 100 degrees in northern Colorado for many days. The fire in my county is finally contained after three weeks. It was started by lightning.
    I love the view from your door!

    1. Hey Nancy, I am so so thankful for you. I know lightning can sure to some damage! I love the view from my door also! It makes my day sweet when I look out the door to the horses! Well, hugs and have a sweet day friend! Me

  4. What a sweet view! Much better to wake up to your wonderful animals and farm than the news! I hardly ever turn on the news! Tried to find out more about the fires last friday and I turned it on too late, so, off it went! So terrible whats happening in CO! Prayers out to all! Also need prayers for all the rabbits and other critters people have who are in this heat wave! Friend of mine has rabbit club friends who have lost lots and lots of rabbits in this heat! So sad!
    Yes, God is the only one to put our trust in!
    Hugs and blessings to all!
    So glad Nancy R did not lose her home, glad the fire is contained near her!
    Heart goes out to all who lost their homes animals and lives!Jess give them strength! Amen

  5. ooh! I forgot! I would love to have a goblet of that! Makes me feel almost cooler just looking at it! I am going to go in and put some blueberries I have into my ice cube tray, oh! and maybe some nasturtium flowers tomorrow!
    Fun fun fun!
    Good night!
    Sweet dreams!

  6. Vous etes dans mes prières ...

    marylin from FRANCE


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