Thursday, July 26, 2012


Good morning sweet ladies,

It is one of those beautiful breeze going through our farm house.......lit a candle while I am posting and very very happy because We GOT RAIN!!! Thank you to all who prayed with last night on facebook. The ground is really came down off and on all night. 1/3" of pure God Rain.......falling all over our garden and farm. So needed!!!!! Spent some time in my garden this was lovely! Thanking the Lord! We prayed so hard last night. The storm looked like it was going to miss didn't.....we had to say thanks over and over! It was obvious to us He stepped in!

I walked over by my cantaloupe plant......rain on the leaves.......looked so pretty, big rain drops!!! 

The corn looks good. It isn't edible is pretty ornamental corn. A friend gave it to us so we could try. The rain will help it to grow better. God's water is the best!!!!!! If you have ever farmed or had a garden you know what I am talking about! It is so amazing what rain can do. We as farmers are dependent on the Lord's provisions. It is good to be that~ dependent on Him that is. 

The Lemon Verbena plant is looking gorgeous!!!!!! If you would like some dried leaves, I can send some in the mail for $2.00, that includes shipping. It would be a zip lock baggie full with leaves. Let me know. Put lemon verbena in the subject line. prairie flower farm at g mail dot com  We take paypal, check or money order. You can use it in the Lemon Verbena Bread recipe or make tea, scroll down on the right hand side of my blog. It is the best best tasting bread! Also can be made into mini muffins.....cute for a party.

I had to tie up some of the branches on the tomato plants. They were all weighed down because of the heavy rain on each leaf. 

You know how the covers of any Gooseberry Patch Cookbook is just so beautiful? Wellll, I am starting to put their cookbooks in my cupboard behind my dishes! When I open my cupboard doors.......this is what I see. Cute little idea... if I say so myself. Smile! I thought it myself! I really needed some extra room for some of my Gooseberry Cookbooks and this seemed a perfect place. Plus I get to see the front covers every time I open a cupboard door. It hardly takes any space up at all. 

 is still going on until August 4th. 
Come and sign up if you haven't already!!!!!!

Hugs to your day!!!!!!!



  1. Hi Linda..
    You know it's true... prayers go up, and rain comes down :)

    Great idea with the cookbooks! Super cute!

    Enjoy this beautiful day that the Lord has granted.

    Smiles :)

  2. glad you got your much needed rain..and I love the cookbook idea:>)

  3. Oh! I am so thankful for answered prayer! Rain! I sometimes think that rain is GODs tears pouring down on us! I have had a good and bad week! First God sent a puppy our way, he showed us that we were ready to accept another loving animal into our lives, ( had to put our precious cat of 17 years down 2 weeks ago, and our loving german shepherd of 15 years down 7 years ago,) no animals! then all of a sudden a precious puppy follows my husband home, ie his van. has been here for 3 nights. Called vets, went to vets no chip no notices or calls around, my dear daughter-in-love put out fliers for us secretly hoping we would not get a call, but low and behold we get a call today, from a neighbor, not the owner but the mother in law saying it is theirs. they came and got him. We are sad. Don't know if he is really loved there.
    Then, my youngest Son came up and had his passing notice in hand, he past his city electrical license! Answered prayer! And our oldest Son will be manager of the greenhouse where he works starting Monday! God is great! Thank you Father!

  4. Sorry Linda, I was rambling, I was just so sad and then elated by your rain and then talking to my sons about their accomplishments! It has been a long hard road for us!

  5. The garden looks wonderful , prayers answered! I do like the idea of putting the cookbooks in the cupboard. Well the week is flying by, hope you have a great Friday .
    Blessings, Karen

  6. We had some rain last night and today too! This drought all across our land is so sad. I keep praying, without crops the stores will be empty of fresh produce.


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