Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's Her Birthday.......Where Did The Time Go?

Hello sweet ladies, 

Taylor would sleep in her cowgirl boots (with spurs) if we let her........smile!

This morning I got up early.....I had orders that I had to work on and the morning was beautiful. There was a light breeze and it was so nice and quiet. I was letting the girls sleep in. It is our youngest's birthday......she is 18. Can't believe it, where did the time go? When she got up I fixed crepes....her favorite....with cut up fresh peaches rolled in the middle ready for her. Oh and a little powdered sugar sprinkled on the top! 

Today will be her day.......we will be going to the gun shop......she is a hunter, (she has brothers that are older and a Daddy that hunts......need I say more)? She wants to buy gun shells? I know.....she has watched her siblings go and buy shells and she was the baby and couldn't. Then we will take her to dinner...sweet fellowship.

Her Daddy prayed over her this morning and blessed her, asking the Lord to keep her and protect her. She has now graduated from homeschooling and asking the Lord for what He wants to do with her life. Never dated......waiting for her prince as she calls him. She is special........so glad that when I was 42, I was thankful to be pregnant. She is a gift.....straight from God.......I say thank you to Him alllll the time!

She will read this........
Father thank you for giving gifts.....the best ever.......children. I want to thank you so for our Tay. Please continue to give her a hunger and thirst for righteousness.....to live pure before you and follow your straight path for her life. Protect her from the evil one. Thank you that she has been able to enjoy her home all the days of her life. That will change one day we know, but until then let her enjoy life to the fullest, as she walks it out serving You. Use her life Lord to make a difference in others. Bring many to a saving knowledge of you and make her bold to share the gospel. Help us as parents as we enjoy our time with her............she is our joy! We pray for the young man that you are preparing for her right now and for his parents. Keep them on the straight path of living a life that is pleasing to you. You are so good FatherWe ask this in the precious Name of Jesus, Amen

I will be back tomorrow, with news on this last weekend and pic's of the trailer.......it is looking good well......better might be the right word.........smile! 

Hugs to your day sweet ladies,



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  2. Reading your blog this morning brought tears to my eyes. Tears came because of your very obvious heartfelt love for your baby daughter, your family and, most especially, our Lord God. My hubby (of almost 43 years) and I have three daughters ourselves as well as grandchildren so we know how precious family is and Jesus has been Lord of my life since I was just a little girl. I love reading your blogs! Everything you write is always so fresh, unforced and caring. You live a joyous life and it shows in everything you do. I hope Taylor has a very special 18th birthday. May God continue to bless her, you and your beautiful family <3

  3. What a blessing that dear girl is to you and your husband...and all the family. I love the photo. Some day she will find a man that she can love almost as much as her horse. ;-) May he be worthy!

  4. Beautiful birthday wishes to a Beautiful young woman with a Heart for Our Jesus :)
    Happy Happy Birthday!
    Love & JOY in HIM


  5. Tell Taylor happy birthday to a wonderful well rounded young lady.;)

  6. What a blessing that prayer was and what a beautiful daughter Tay is! You certainly have a special day planned and I hope it's a total joy to her. The Lord has supremely blessed you all. I will try to pray for her as the Lord leads her on.

  7. Birthday blessings to your sweet Tay. She is barely a few days younger than my youngest (Jadyn turned 18 on 6/30). What an exciting time in their lives as they wait on the Lord and what he wants for their futures.


  8. Hello!!! Happy Birthday Tay!!!! I hope you have the best day ever!!! HUGS Kandy <3

  9. Happy Birthday Taylor! Hope this is your best birthday yet.
    Blessing, Karen

  10. Dear Linda,
    I am so excited to know that your sweet daughter was born the same day as my son Josh.
    He is 18 today as well. It brings a smile to my face knowing that on this day 18 years ago we were both delivering these sweet gifts from God!! I have prayed so often that God will not allow me to take this for granted. My son is such a blessing to me. I thank God that he has trusted me with him. I hope your daughter has a wonderful day!


  11. happy birthday to tay!! have a great 18th!!

  12. What a beautiful girl. Happy Birthday to your baby.

  13. As always, your post is as beautiful as your daughter. I love the picture of her on her horse. She looks like you!

  14. What a sweet mom to fix her favorite breakfast. Sounds like you have a sweet daughter too.

    Birthdays are so special to me. Anniversaries too. That is the persons special day.

  15. Happy Birthday Taylor!
    Have a wonderful blessed day!

  16. Happy Birthday, sweet Taylor! I love the photo.


  17. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! I think she looks like you too :0)! I know you all had a wonderful day~~~eighteen is a very special milestone.

    Blessings & hugs,
    Linda Petersen

  18. Happy birthday to you beautiful daughter! Our oldest daughter (24) is getting married in Oct. We wanted her to court, but she didn't want to ~ although the young man she is marrying is the only young man she dated more than a couple of times (out of 3). Our 21 yr old daughter, still at home, has decided to court. She had never dated, either.

    They are blessings. I'm SO glad we homeschooled them the whole way through ~ time went so fast. I'm glad I had all that time w/them.

    I hope you had a wonderful day.


  19. Happy Birthday Taylor! May your day be filled with blessings!~Amy

  20. Happy Birthday Taylor. That is the most stunning portrait! just beautiful.

  21. A very happy belated birthday to precious Tay! God is very good to you Linda! He makes me smile through your beautiful family. You did a beautiful job!


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