Sunday, July 8, 2012


Good morning sweet ladies,

This morning I went to sit on my little white spend a little time alone.....and pray for you and my family! The girls and mean rooster came to do a little scratchin'......thought you would like to see them.......I just love the girls.....not the boy, he is kind of mean.....took the broom after him and he has stayed away from me! 

If you notice off to the left that is my lemon verbena of my fav's!!!!! We love making our Lemon Verbena Bread and this will give me a wonderful supply for the rest of the year! I will save the leaves in ice cubes!

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in HOPE. Romans 15:13
Off to church.......hope you enjoy your day of rest!

Hugs from the farm and may the Lord bless you today!



  1. it's much better today in Iowa...only 85!! we were passed up by the clouds i saw this morning.. no rain...i meet with my prayer shawl gals this week...looking forward to seeing them again!!

  2. Hi was 94 here, but very muggy. We got 1/4" rain. It was wonderful sitting out in the garden this morning though. I will do again tomorrow morning! I am so thankful that you have some precious friends!!!!!!!! We need those in our lives. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note....I always love it when you do!
    Hugs, me

  3. Happy SONday, Linda!
    I had to chuckle ~ visioning you chasing your rooster with the broom! I do that when my roosters get mean and they never bother me again. :~D
    I over wintered three Lemon Verbena plants and they are doing great again! Oh, did I miss the recipe for Lemon Verbena Bread? I would love to have it if you have shared it! Sounds delightful! And do you harvest all the leaves at one time, or just a few at a time? I have buried some in a jar of sugar before. I am trying to use fresh herbs more in my cooking!

    We have temps in the high 80's here in Western WA. I feel like a wrung out dish rag!!! How do you take the heat? Especially being from Alaska! I think of you (and pray!) everytime I see the thermometer go over 80* mark!

    Enjoy your days home on the farm ~ hoping one day I might get to come visit. Wouldn't that be fun? ;~P Would love to meet you and your dear family and all the critters on your farm!

    1. Hi Lady Farmer,
      We have a young lady living with us this summer. Yesterday the rooster went after her and scared her half to death. Poor thing. I gave her the broom and had her take it after him. He is staying away!

      The lemon verbena bread is on the side bar. Not very far down. With red rick rack around it. It is really really good! I have put our leaves in sugar also!

      Today was beautiful here. in the high 80's, after all the 100 plus weather it was a treat!
      I am sooooo enjoying my time on the farm. I would love for you to come!!!!!! It would be such a treat! Please some day! Hugs, me

  4. love your blog! You inspire me to be a better christian- thank you for that! I too am a chicken lover and really enjoy hearing and seeing your poultry. I did notice that your red rooster has a terrible case of scaly leg mites. It will spread to your other poultry if it isn't cleared up. You can google it to find out how to get rid of it. Thank you for entertaining me with your chicken stories and more inportantly, helping me in my walk with Christ by your example. Love, in Christ, Todd

    1. Most of it on his leg was his feathers, but I did notice a bit of scales. I will put some vasiline on him. He is a mean guy. Glad you are encouraged to run the race. We all need each other to encourage us for sure!
      Thank you, Me

  5. Very nice blog! Hopped over from "Goose Hill Farm" in search of new blogs to read.


    1. Thank you new friend, how sweet of you! You are so welcome to come back!

      Blessings back atcha! Linda

  6. do yo have the recipe for the bread?

  7. I am smiling here! Thinking about that bread! Sigh!


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