Friday, July 20, 2012

Enjoying My Last Days On The Farm

Hello Sweet Ladies,

I have been enjoying myself working in my little farmhouse all summer long. I have only about 3 weeks left before I have to go and serve at the college. It will be bittersweet for sure, but I am asking the Lord to prepare my heart for ministry. That is the only way I can leave my home.......thinking about working for the Lord with all four of us together (a gift from the Lord), in the lives of the kids at the college helps. I am so blessed to be able to stay home during the summer months, I work real hard on being thankful......I do slip up though. You can pray with, if you don't mind, I do fight my flesh......but Jesus has the victory...... if I will submit. Staying close to HIM!

All summer long I have been tackling different areas in our home,  so life will be smooth for us being gone during the day. This last Wednesday Ellie (my granddaughter) and I worked in my sweet man's and my bedroom. When we moved here the house was filled with Grandma and Grandpa's things.......I have moved lots of those things into rubbermaid containers. I am slowly moving our things in. This wardrobe is one of my favorite pieces. 

I am using it for my clothes........loved how everything is all organized! Such a simple thing can help keep life to be a little calmer for myself. It will be wonderful to wake up at 5 and have everything in one place.

Now I am working on my sewing room. Started yesterday and worked late into the evening........can't wait to have it done! I have plastic containers to put all my different supplies in, I will stack and label. That will help also! Ellie and I folded fabric, and fabric! It will be so nice when I can stack in color. 

Next Monday Gooseberry Patch and Prairie Flower Farm will be having a party.  and I will be making one of these lunch or craft bags for the party.  This is not my style......but I will be having fun putting my ideas to this pattern. I have permission to make them. Yeah! Adorableness! You can find this tutorial in my Pinterest Here It will be fun to make for one!

I just received the new 101 Breakfast & Brunch Recipe Cookbook in the mail. I enjoy getting mail from Gooseberry Patch!  Click here to buy. Oh my will you like. Beautiful pictures of pictures of different recipes. Looks like a lot of healthy choices! We will start the party on Monday.......I will put up a post about it. 

Well, I am off to start organizing!!!!!!! It will feel good to get another room in order! 

Hugs to your day from my chicks are beginning to peck their way out of their eggs. Put the eggs up to my ear to listen to the little crunching sounds. Music to this farmgirl's ear. 

Have a sweet day!



  1. so nice to read a blessed blog. the wedding was a real sweet treat. that is very rare these days. May god bless the couple are the grow.

  2. I admire how you are organizing, in light of the busy school year ahead for you.

  3. How wonderful to get everything organized! I am *so* there!! We are working on a few rooms in our home too. I'll think of you today while I work. :)


  4. Thank you for this lovely post. Yes, God will bless the kids that you come in contact with this coming school year. You will be bringing a sweet fragrance into their lives.
    Your blog is so cheery and uplifting. It is so nice getting big projects finished. I'm glad you'v had such a good summer.

  5. Linda you are such a doll! I hope you will pray for Colorado as we are reeling from this tragedy at the movie theater. But I see God working all around and people sharing their testimonies. I wish the families much love and peace and calm. I know the Lord is lifting them up!
    I love your organization post! I have tried hard to accomplish something. For two days I worked on my four drawer file cabinet. It looks much better but ran out of hanging files and file folders. Sigh.
    Much to accomplish. I want to sell off my Princess House because I need that $$ so we can travel to some of Nick's meets. He will be in Kansas in 15 days. A mothers heart is sad and happy all at once! Pray please.
    Love to you and yours.

  6. You are so truly does make a person feel good once you're all organized! smile... Keep us informed on those new babies!



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