Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Winner!!!!

Hi sweet ladies on this beautiful SONday!!!!!!!

We all need this reminder don't we? He does love us and wants us to love Him back.......because He is all about relationship! 

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Sorry I didn't get to tell you yesterday who won the Mug was so busy trying just to get all the chores done and off to Wichita for a gorgeous of my fav's! It was so God centered.......and a God honoring wedding.........soooo the bride and groom. Precious precious precious.......we pray that our daughter's husbands will love the Lord with all their hearts soul and mind. We have been praying for their husbands since they were in our arms as wee ones. God has heard us a millon times......we will wait for His answer. for who won mug rug. We had some new ladies and we welcome each of them to Prairie Flower Farm. I love it when we get to meet someone new and they join our farmgirl family!!!!! Don't you? Now for who won!!!!!!!!!

Amy from

Amy has been following for 2 years.........and I am blessed!

Go over and check out her is beautiful!
She wrote some sweet things.....thank you blessed me.

Thank you also for those who signed up that don't have a is wonderful to see you go the extra and sign up for my parties!

Thanks sweet ladies for making this party so much fun. I loved what you would have if you sat down to with my new mug rug and what you would eat. I would be joining each one of you.......and sharing your nummy food!

He was in the milk barn this morning........he is new and I love him!

Well it is SONday and I need to get ready for church......I love you all and am so blessed to call you my friends.....I mean it with all my heart.

Have a sweet day.......see you on Monday, Lord willing!



  1. Yay! Off to email you.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Oh yes, SONday is grand. I just got home from church, where I am reminded how much He loves us.

  3. Linda: I never get tired of reading your blog or looking at your pictures....promise me you will post something every day forever!! Can't tell you how much I look forward to opening my e-mail from Prairie Flower Farm! :-)

  4. Linda, I love reading your posts! They are so inspiring!
    Have a blessed day!

  5. wow it's nice blog, it contain good info about flowers.

  6. Making this sad Colorado girl smile! :)


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