Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Land that I LOVE!

Hello sweet ladies,

Please take time and pray for our land today...... those of you who love it and Honor God for our freedom. Continue to not be weary and will continue to pray with bended knee! 

I will be at the turtle races this the parade cheering my sweet girl Tay as she rides her horse for the first time!!!!! You will find me eating a hotdog (I know they are not good for you...but it what you have to do on the 4th of July), sitting on the grass in front of Sterling Lake watching the fireworks....with all 10 of my grand babies sitting with on a quilt......later coming back to the farm to shoot off the fireworks........under a beautiful starry sky.......I will be quietly thanking our God for the freedom He has given to our country! Just remember even, if we are taken into captivity by a godless leadership.......our hearts can be faithful to God! No one can take our allegiance from God! Praying that we will stay faithful...train your babies Momma's, love God with all their hearts, soul and mind, we can make a difference!! Mom's are the heart of the HOME and can make a place of refuge from the world!

Hugs from the farm.....know I am praying for you! Be a city on a HILL for Christ!



  1. Your post is so beautiful! I really do love the USA but I am sad to see how we are being dismantled. So I too pray. I am thankful for all who served us in war. I hope your day is beautiful with your family. That is how I will spend mine! But no fireworks due to the fires! Such sadness here! The day will be cooler, 90 degrees! We had such high temps in the 100's.
    God Bless our country and enjoy your day with the family Linda! Hugs to you! Anne

    1. Hi are so sweet! I am sad also, but God sometimes has to take us down to build us back up! Sometimes we even repent and He can really work! Hugs to you sweet friend, Linda

  2. Wonderful post sweetie! Hubby and I were just discussing it the other day how we are no longer One Nation under God.Sad but you're right it's up to us to get it back on tract.Enjoy your day!~Amy

    1. Aww Amy, you are so sweet! The thing we can be thankful is there are those out there who are a part of this Nation who is under God!!!!! He can work with us! Training our children is the big thing. The public school has done us no favor. I am so sad at what the children are being programed with. Families have to take a stand. Not seeing it happen. You are right, sad!
      Hugs, Linda

  3. I like each thought you express here, especially that we can emerge and find our way even with or after misguided leadership. I want to see a turtle race! And how fun for Tay to ride a horse in a parade. Will you show us a photo of that?

  4. blessings to you!
    Happy 4th!


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