Thursday, July 5, 2012

An Old Fashioned Fourth...and YOURS?

Hello sweet ladies,

Sunflowers and the American flag.........sooo COUNTRY!!!! Praying that our country would live in would be a sweet thing! 

Hope you had a wonderful 4th......we did. Our day started by going to the turtle races.  They start  in the it isn't quite so hot. That makes it nice, because later in the day it was 102. It was kind of a lazy relaxed day with our family.

Taylor has wanted to ride her horse in the parade forever!!!!!! She was so so nervous.......not sure what her horse might do. We had the trailer hooked up to the truck......we were driving in and she said, "Daddy would you pray for me"? Music to my ears.....when your child comes again to the end of themselves and runs to Jesus! It was a very special memory for me......etched in my mind for a rainy day! She did great. It was 102 by this time, but she didn't care.......Juneau did wonderful! She is in the red.....with the big smile! She was so happy......she did it and Juneau was a good girl!

We had a picnic at the small lake in our town grilling hamburgers. Then it was time for the fireworks.........laying with my 10 grandchildren on a two big quilts we watched the sky light up. For our small town it is the best fireworks show around. People drive from everywhere to watch. This was Vitaliy's first 4th in America. Can you imagine a used to be orphan who is 13 year old getting to experience Americana in the real? He loved it. He liked all the free candy being thrown from the floats. We are thanking God for our adopted grandson.........I think I told you he told his Momma he wants to be President. She hasn't told him that he couldn't......we will let him dream big! 

Oh I have to share one more thing. A sweet blogger friend, Barbara has been making an American Quilt for Vitaliy. To welcome him to our country! She will be using the fabric I designed in it. I can't wait to see what it is going to look like all sewn up. 

If you would like to buy some fabric, I have a bolt still left. It is $8.50 a yd. plus shipping. Let me know by emailing me at prairie flower farm at g mail dot com. Say fabric in the subject line. 

Well I am off designing the cover of the new pattern........hope your day is sweet. 

Hugs from my farm,



  1. Taylor looked beautiful and so happy on Juneau! I'm glad answered prayer and that the parade was a blessing. What a wonderful way for Taylor's faith to be strengthened. Yes, the Lord is so good. Glad you had a happy 4th. We were only in the high 80s...102! wow!

  2. Turtle races?!! What a hoot!! Many areas around Colorado cancelled the fireworks because of the tinder box conditions, including out here on the eastern plains. But I had a wonderful time with my family. My brother fixed us steaks!♥♫

  3. This made my heart glad - to hear a child ask for prayer.

  4. Looks like a perfect way to celebrate Independence day!!

    How kind of your friend to make the quilt!
    So generous!

    Have a great weekend.

    Smiles :)

  5. Linda..oh what fun you must have had! Turtle it!! smile.... And Tay and Juneau looked like they were having so much fun! I remember the days when my uncle use to ride in the 4th of July parades, he would takes my kids long with him! Great memories... Bless your friend for making that quilt for V!


  6. How exciting turtle race! Did your family enter any?
    Taylor and momma Juneau looked wonderful!
    Oh! V is going to be so proud of his quilt!
    Glad you had such a special 4th!

  7. Turtle! We went to breakfast at the park where it was served by the Kiawanas group and great food and fun time talking to people there. Later we watched fireworks on tv then went outdoors to watch our daughter, 30+ yrs lite some fireworks stuff. We had a fun time. The flag fabric is beautiful. Not sure what I'd use it for but maybe I should get 1.5 yds to make a vest as I'd were it. I collect flag stuff. Now to just make it. I didn't know you designed fabric. That's very creative of you! Take care! And we are finally having 80 degree weather here in Oregon. I'm feeling energized's about time!

  8. Dearest Linda,
    I am tickled pink to discover your wonderful blog! It is such a joy to find believers in our precious Savior who share their faith and how God is working in their daily lives.

    My husband and I pray each night for our nation...that God will continue to bless our great land.

    Thank you for your uplifting 4th of July post!

  9. Linda, so glad you had a blessed 4th. Hubs and I were alone, no kids this year..we went out to eat and watched fireworks on TV..its really too hot here in the desert for us to go to a park and watch..I wanted to tell you I made some aprons using your patriotic fabric, I will send you some pictures..they turned out really nice,I even made one for 13 mo old Grace Lily...blessings..Barb

  10. Wow. looks like you all had a grand July 4th! So glad Taylor and Juneau did well together!!

  11. Looks like you had a great holiday! We stayed home this year. Fireworks were banned in our county, as well as other counties. The fire season started early this year and has sadly gotten worse. There was also really bad haze all day from a fire in Wyoming. Hopefully next year we'll have a more festive Independence Day.

    Gorgeous quilt! Lucky boy to be gifted such a precious gift!

  12. Linda, Wasn't it last year that you were selling water at the fireworks for Vitaly to come? What a wonderful way to celebrate. I think next year we will make the short drive and enjoy the fireworks there too. My little grandkids would love it. BTW, still on the look out for vintage tablecloths for you. S.Hutch having sales tomorrow...Blessings...

  13. That double drat blogger! Stole my comments here! :(


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