Monday, July 23, 2012


Hello Sweet Ladies,

This morning I went to the garden beans, potatoes and tomatoes were ready for picking again. I so like it when I can feed my family from our garden with fresh produce. I am sure lots of you feel the same way.

The other day I went out to check on the cantaloupe and some big critter stole it. Vitaliy found it a little ways from the patch and it was still eatable! Thankful we could at least enjoy it. Then went out this morning and something had taken the other honeydew. Next year I will build a fence around them! They won't fool me again.

Today I was going to have the Gooseberry Patch and Prairie Flower Farm Party.......well.......plans have changed and I will have it........ Lord willing tomorrow. I am working real hard and like the color combination I have chosen for the lunch/craft bag. I think you farmgirl's (even if you live in the city) right? Will like.

This is a fast post, but couldn't not say hi to some of my favorite ladies!!!!!!! So back to sewing.....whatcha up to today? 

Hugs from my sewing room! 



  1. So excited to see your bag!!! Are you feeling better? Angela

  2. Looking forward to seeing your bag. Your posts are very uplifting and cheerful. It's raining today, so I'm inside cooking up a stew for the cool weather. Glad you got to enjoy some of your cantaloupe.

  3. Hi, Linda: Deer and other critters ate almost everything I planted. I am getting an electric fence next year. I really took it to heart...I couldn't believe the destruction. I felt badly for a few days but am over it and like you said "they won't fool me again." Waiting to see the lunch/craft bag :-)

  4. it's so dry & hot in Iowa i can't even grow herbs in pots on my deck... my grass is trees suffering... all i want to do is stay in and knit on my prayer shawls so i can pray... try to concentrate on something i'm doing that's positive!! sorry about your loss of garden 'crops'... when i was growing up we ate out of our garden all summer!! it brings back great memories, but also a lot of hard, sweaty work!! oh, to be young again...??!!!

  5. Sorry to hear about the critters in your Garden. I am having the same troubles here. I think next year I will be doing a fence around the garden. Critters ate all our peas and we even planted them twice. Now they are at our beans and melon. Can't wait to see your bag.
    Enjoy your Monday!

  6. Whoohoo can't wait to party and see the bag! Hope you have a great week! Blessings, Karen

  7. Looking forward to seeing your finished project!
    Love your gardens! Tomatoes that are!

    Enjoy your garden supper and the rest of your evening.

    Smiles :)

  8. What a blessing to have a garden! I love it too. Today I'm finding great basil recipes to use my 16 sq. feet of basil! :-)

  9. You are blessed with your garden! I have weeds, tall weeds! So hot can't find any energy is clean the yard! Sigh!

    Relaxing after a hard work day. Pray for my doctor that I work for. He is getting out of control about the office work!

    I have spent much time in prayer. My oldest son knew one of the victims of the shooting here and I am so sad I am having a tough timed getting past it! Coupled with Nick leaving for Kansas soon.

    Life is a journey and I need to pray and pray harder!

    Love to you and yours!


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