Thursday, July 12, 2012

WEEDS and My Surprise That We Brought Down The Mountain!!

Hello sweet ladies, 

This morning my sweet man asked if we (girls and I) could come out and help in the garden. "Of course we would".......we thought......."choice"......"do it with a happy heart". We did, but we were under the sun and using hoes and rakes and we got very worn out very fast! The more I worked the more I thought......why in the world didn't we put more straw down!!!!!!! is always used up on a farm by the end of the day it seems. 

My garden is producing watermelons, cataloupe and honeydew......I will protect it from the weeds......I want to eat them.

Tressy and I were working around a watermelon plant. We had laid lots of straw around it earlier in the summer, but farther out it was weeds up to my knees. Tressy and I were talkin' about if we don't protect the fruit.....the weeds will come in and take it over. It won't bear fruit for all the hard work we have done. If we don't take care of it up to harvest we may end up with nothing. We talked about the same way as the weeds. I know I have shared this before, but this summer God is really zeroing in on me. I believe He is protecting my heart from sin. When I would pull a huge weed, the roots went wayyyyyyyy out. I couldn't believe how long they were and how the roots went every which direction. Hmmm.....I am going to be thinking of my choices from now on a little bit more. It was such hard work also getting the weeds pulled, by the time we were done working for 1 1/2 hours under the sun......we didn't want to have weeds next year in our garden if we could help it!!!!!

Okay........remember when I said we were going up the mountain yesterday to water our son's was so beautiful and I said I would take a few pic's. Well here is our mountain. 

It doesn't look high but it is. I had to claim some mountain after moving here from Alaska.......this was it. It is our son's land and it is beautiful! People think Kansas is flat......and some places are......but not everywhere! 

When you get to the top of the "mountain" there is a a Cottonwood tree that is about 60 ft tall. This is steep from the top to the bottom......picture doesn't give it justice. There are lots of Sandhill plum bushes.....they didn't produce this summer. Sad for us, but I still have plums in the freezer for our jam this year.

One more thing that was up there on the mountain our ugly little trailer......but it won't be ugly for long. I will be fixing it up.  Last night we brought her down off the hill and she is parked on our farm.......waiting to be cleaned up! It was given to me a long time ago. Just haven't had the time over the years. She needs a lottttt of work, but that will be half the fun. Going to get my grandson's out here and do a little demolition work!

She needs a you have an idea? 

Remember the party is still going on........please sign up if you haven't already!!!!!!! Go back a few posts and sign up.

Hugs from the farm,



  1. "Prairie Girl" She looks beautiful and will be so homey! Is she for travelling, or just for a little "outpost" for guests? I could think of other names, but that's the first one that came to mind. I loved your analogy of the weeds. How true it is. Sometimes you pull one out and WOW those roots run deep!

    1. Oh MY!!!!!!!!!! Thank has to be her name! I totally LOVE IT!!!! You are so so good with a name. It will be or traveling and for guests.......are ya coming? I have to get my little guys to start helping me! It will be adorable when I get done. I want to know if you can put wood on the sides? Need to talk to a carpenter. Hugs sweet friend, me

  2. I know you will enjoy the good fruit of your labors. Beautiful mountain. I love the travel trailer. I always am drawn to websites and blogs with the vintage campers. I found this site that may be helpful to you.

    Now for a name... Grammie's Prairie Prayer Wagon

  3. I decided any place you are would be a place filled with peace so how about PeaceHaven....whatever you choose I cant wait to see the transformation!!! my sillyside has another idea entirely...Hen Haven where the hen party begins with a prayer..& you learn to set diligently in wisdom & grace

  4. Hey, your weeds look like my weeds in New Hampshire... how'd that happen?

    I like you camper... not so sure about the "mountain" *** hee hee ***

    I'll have to put some mountain pictures up, just so you can see some mountains again. Our mountains aren't like Alaska or Colorado or anything, but there a little bigger than Kansas.

    Hope you have a wonderful time fixing up the camper.

  5. I am very happy that you have trailer/camper. It is VERY hard for me not be VERY jealous. I've wanted one for a VERY long time. Still holding out for a free or miraculously inexpensive one. We're not afraid of work to fix one up! Can't wait to watch the progress.

  6. Babe the Blue Box?

  7. What about The Prairie Rose for your special trailer's name? A rose is a flower (Prairie Flower Farm) and is red just like your favorite color. You are going to have such fun getting her in shape to use.

  8. Just want to let ya know we are heading off to go camping tomorrow morning. We are going to Luray, VA...going to visit the Luray Caverns, hike, tube, swim, fish and campfire at night with dinner and smores. Can't wait to get out of Cleveland,OH. It's just my hubby, me and our 17 yr.old daughter Liv. I feel bad cause she couldn't get a friend to go with us. She is sorta sad about that.But we are going to have much needed Family time. I will be taking lots of photos that I will share when we get back. We have no Air Conditioning in our van right now so say a prayer or two for me. I'm normally hot all the time. This is going to be a killer. Love to all. And God Bless. Mary Jane

  9. oh weeds, glorious weeds! Sigh! Never ending. I've been cutting back the blackberry vines that continue to bug us. It's got ahead of me as this spring was wet and the days off from work, when I could do them, weather was bad or I had to be some where or ......So have got some to do soon after I get one coat of paint on my dining room wall today, other one tomorrow. Fun that you have a trailer. Prairie Girl sounds like a good name, that your first commenter mentioned. Yes, your mountain look like a lump compared to Ore but that's ok. HA! Gotta go!

  10.'s all a matter of perspective, isn't it? ;)
    I'm not good on giving things names but here's my about Prairie Wagon?
    I'm sure others have names that have a better ring to it :/

  11. I think about Adam and Eve in the paradise garden and how they must not have had ANY weeds! And by the sweat of our brow we will now TOIL bc of SIN! and toil we do Something to look forward to in glory I guess.... NO WEEDS

  12. Great words of wisdom, it makes you think twice before we do things. Our garden does grow with many weeds if we let things of this world sink their roots into our lives.
    Love your camper , have fun with the redo. Blessings, Karen

  13. That camper is a true dream. I have no idea what names to suggest. However, I gave you blog an award. Stop on over to read about it.

  14. Linda -- a beautiful post. Your word picture of the weeds and sin is very relavant for us all -- too much work to pull those buggers, best to not let them take root in the first place.

    Loving your Kansas Mountain -- as a California girl originally, I know it is hard to live in the flats of KS/NE ... glad the Lord has shown me the beauty of my adopted home and allows me to spot an occasional mountain too :)

    Enjoy your weekend!


  15. Now, that's one "Happy Camper"!
    Carolynn :)

  16. I think weeds are friends of the devil! Ugh! They remind me of sin and when I have to pull the I spend my time thinking about my failures. How God never lets me down and how I fail Him sometime.
    That sweet camper is a Prairie Darling!

  17. When there ain't no plantin' for the plantain, the devil be sendin' them weeds up.

    Enough southern accent; your various types of melons look like they're coming along greatly! I've never experienced growing a watermelon, I mainly grow herbs and fauna. Tell us how it tastes!!

    -Carlos Hernandez


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