Monday, July 30, 2012


Hi..........sweet ladies.......from my farm house. 

This is not my porch.......but I would like it to everything about it. Cozy......the wicker couch.....big puffy pillows......quilt.....little bench with refreshing the pink and strawberries placed on the edge of the glass.......bottles filled with red flowers.....placed in a wooden bottle box......only thing a bunch of sweet PFFarmgirls sitting and sharing their stories!!!!!! That means You! Okay for a comment if you don't mind......pretend......tell me one thing about YOU.....what you like to do, where you were born.....if you have children.....ANYTHING~! PLEASE DO THIS.....just as if we were really sitting on the porch .......together~

Today is 2 weeks away from the college bakery!!!!!! I still haven't done all I wanted to get accomplished before going back, but I have done a lot of things so I am not complaining. I am asking the Lord's help to finish things up!!!!!!  He will give me the strength to get it done and the strength to leave my farmhouse a few hours a day! I know He surely will not be on my own strength!!!! I would just stay home every day if I could.....but He wants to use our family......for HIS GLORY, because we do LOVE HIM A LOT so we will go! 

but those who HOPE in the LORD will RENEW THEIR STRENGTH. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not GROW WEARY, they will WALK and not Be FAINT. Isaiah 40:31

This verse encourages me! I will put my HOPE in the LORD. I don't need to rely on my own will IN THE LORD

Please pray for our family if you wouldn't mind. It is always hard for us "girls" to leave the farm. We are soooooo grateful for a job that lets us be home during the summer though. WE love farm life! 

Hugs sweet ladies.......know you are being prayed Jesus......because I love you all a lot! 


Please sign up for the 

Gooseberry Patch/Prairie Flower Farm Party!!!!!!

Go HERE please and signup if you haven't already~

I will be making up a new recipe for the Gooseberry Patch review.

"Grandma's Warm Breakfast Fruit"...made with farm fresh picked granny apples that were given to our family!!!!!

We have been having a wonderful time making up beautiful desserts! This recipe is from the 
New 101 Breakfast Brunch Recipe Cookbook. 


  1. Hi! My name is Lynne Gasior and I was born and raised and have lived in Struthers OH my whole life. I have a son and daughter in law that live near me. My mother and my sister and her family all live in Struthers too! We all live probably no more then a mile or so away from each other and I love living so close to the people that are so important to me!! I have 2 Pugs and 4 cats,all house pets! At this time, I am unemployed and let me tell you, I HATE looking for a new job!! I have had the same job for 22 years and then we were sold and the new owners laid me off, so here I am, out in the job market and really not enjoying it at all!! It's very nice to make your aquaintence and thank you for inviting me to sit with you on your porch!! Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Linda, I just finished crocheting some kitchen curtains, they turned out great I wish you could come by and see them and enjoy a cuppa tea with me. Im also in the midst of doing a great bible study on 1st and 2nd Peter. Its been great Ive learned so much in this study group.
    Ok back to my crochet I have Christmas to get started with...

  3. I have 4 children. My oldest daughter just graduated from college and will be living at home this year! I'm so excited to have her home again after 4 years gone! My second daughter is working on college at home through a program called "College Plus". My next in line is a son and he is a senior in high school, but also starting College Plus this year. My baby isn't really a baby---he'll be in 9th grade this year. I can't believe how my kids are growing up and I'm so happy that they love the Lord!

  4. Linda, I've so enjoyed your blog over the few years I've been following. I think I was quite discouraged when I first was here and your 'keep your eyes on Jesus' comments really helped me to stop looking at myself so much.
    I would LOVE a porch setting like that! So lovely to look at and a wonderful place to spend some time with the Lord each day :)
    My middle daughter has spent the summer with us before her 'real' job begins next week. New ventures for her and we are looking to Jesus to keep her in His care and guide her steps. She is such a work horse and would make a great rancher's wife..a helpmeet to the very core! She emptied the attic for me these last two weeks for me to go through things...we accumulate so much junk! Took two pickup loads to the dump...what we've kept are sentimental things that I explained to her so someone in the family will know the story. Her siblings will thank her someday for doing that job!!!! And I am thankful some family history will not get overlooked and thrown out. We've been chuckling over some journals of mine and the funny things kids say. Good time together although I wanted that job to END! Hours each day of sorting...phew. Done done! Let's relax and have a raspberry lemonade on the porch shall we????

  5. That is my favorite verse...I'm Susan from GA. Been married almost 38 yrs. Two grown grandkids yet. Waiting and praying to God about that. Love your blog.

  6. That beautiful porch may be small, but they sure know how to make it look big in coziness!! I would love to be sitting on the step talking with you and some of the other ladies. I have two grown children, a boy and a girl and I miss them so much, since they flew the coop! I love farming and seeing my seedlings grow into something good to eat. I was born American, grew up in Colombia, went to school in Venezuela, married an island boy in the US, then moved to Grenada, West Indies. The Lord Jesus is my King of old, who chose me to salvation with a love from everlasting and I am so grateful for that!!!! Thanks for the porch talk, Linda. May the Lord strengthen and bless you and your family as you minister.

  7. Such a pretty porch and so inviting. I am married to the same hubby for 45 years, 2 grown sons, 1 daughter in law, 3 grandsons (all belong to oldest son and his wife). Now finally have a great granddaughter that is almost 8 months. What a joy she is. We all live in Georgia next door, except our youngest son that lives in Charlotte, NC.

    The LORD JESUS has been so good to us.

  8. Hello! My name is Kandy.I have 3 kids,3 grandkids.In November my husband and I will be married for 3 years.I was born in Las Vegas,grew up in Portland Oregon and now live in Pendleton Oregon,200 miles east from where I grew up.I enjoy traveling,crafting and spending time with family.

  9. Hi. My name is Gail and though I rarely comment, I love your blog and your sweet attitude. Born, grew up and lived in Western Massachusetts most of my life. Privileged to have been raised in the 50's and 60's, a la Leave it to Beaver and Happy Days. 2 grown kids, one kitty, no grandkids. Live in a condo in the suburbs, but enjoy farm life vicariously through your, and a few other's, blogs. God bless!

  10. I was born in Oakland,Oregon and grew up between Oregon and California (my dad was a logger). In 1978 I married a terrific man and we have 7 children (6 boys and l girl). We also have 7 grandchildren. Both of us have a great love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Currently we live in Craigmont, Idaho where my husband is pastor. I enjoy quilting along with crocheting and some knitting. We are enjoying life here on the Idaho prairie and have a wonderful garden growing. God is good!

  11. As I enter this welcoming porch..I will give you and everyone who has come to visit a great big ((hug))! My name is Gert (I was named after both of my grandmother's) and was born & raised here in Iowa. I have lived about half of my life on a farm! However, I'm a city gal now & am retired . I was an accountant for years (God blessed me with a job I loved!) I'm married to an amazing, loving & caring husband! We have 3 children, 5 grandchildren & a Gert granddaughter who will be turning one in August! We have a dog & feel he is the smartest, most loving animal in the world! smile.. I have MS & have had it for about 35 years... God once again has blessed me with a job that I was able to stay at until I was 65! I feel like I've blab on long enough...I love, love, love your blog and can't wit to see what's going on at your farm and in your life each day!


  12. Oh Linda, I would love to sit on the porch with you and drink some fresh tart/sweet lemonade!

    I live just a few miles from the ocean, near Plymouth, MA where the pilgrims landed. I used to do Revolutionary War Re-enacting with my ex-husband, and this area is so filled with history - the American Revolution began here in Massachusetts! I just love history!

    I also love Christ more than anything, and I would love to share my testimony with you sometime, over another glass of lemonade ♥

    Stay blessed, and thanks for letting me visit!

    Laurie Lee

  13. The porch is so lovely, Linda! It would be a wonderful place for morning quiet time ... or for a group of friends to sit together and share their testimonies and maybe a Bible study!

    I've shared some of my life here before. We are blessed to live in beautiful New Hampshire, in between the lakes region and the mountains. My hubby is a logger -- switched careers several years ago after being a sawmill man for most of his life, but still in the forest industry. We love getting out in God's beautiful creation and just find it so peaceful. Our kids are grown and gone and we have a bunch of sweet grandkids ranging in age from almost one to 11 years old. I teach a ladies' Sunday School class and preparing for it takes a lot of my time. I enjoy blogging, cooking, all sorts of crafting, decorating for the seasons, writing, and much more.

  14. Hello Ms. Linda, thanks so much for inviting me to you porch. My name is Karen and I am from Ga. I am married and have 3 boys, 15,18 & 21. I have a small antique store called Red Barn Antiques & More and we are in the process of expanding. You can find it on fb. Anyways I love coming to visit, and look forward to visiting daily. Thank you for your prayers and yes I will continue to pray for you and yours. Blessings, Karen

  15. Hi Linda! Oh, it would be such fun to join you on the porch. Just to get acquainted a bit more I can tell you that I was born in the exciting Sauerkraut Capital of the least that is what my little town's claim to fame is, as every August, Phelps, NY celebrates the Sauerkraut Festival with a carnival, big parade, crafts, shows, sales, all kinds of events and vendors, etc. They've been doing this for over 50 years now.
    May you continue to receive His rich blessings! Glad we had this time to 'chat'. :-) Have a happy day.

  16. Hi Linda,
    I was born in Kansas City, MO while my dad was attending the Nazarene Seminary. Then when I was 18 months old we moved to California where I lived until I was 27 years old. I got married and moved to Oregon when I was 27 and have lived here since. I love Oregon with it's four seasons. We live in a banana belt where we don't get much snow in the winter. Summer is nice, not hot. We might have a few days of hot (high 90 to 100 degree) days in August. Spring and Fall are beautiful seasons. What a beautiful world God has made!!

  17. The porch is very inviting. I love to photograph just about anything. Usually photograph outdoors, landscapes the favorite. I have 2 adult children with my husband of almost 35 years (Oct), one daughter in love who is the mother of our adorable grandchildren, a girl and a boy. Think I shared things with you another time. Let's see, haven't planted many flowers this year nor a garden. Weather didn't cooperate this year. Every time I could pull weeds and plant it was raining or I use gone somewhere when it was nice! Sigh! God bless and have a great week!

  18. I'm Laura Lane. I live just outside Joplin, Missouri. My husband runs the relief center and is is community liasson for Joplin Family Worship Center.

    I'm home with my 3 younger kids. I homeschool them. I'm inspired to do many things but find that homeschooling and helping at church take up a lot of time and energy. I always have more ideas than follow through.

    I've followed your blog for a long time. Recently, I subscribed. Now I don't miss anything. I'm glad.

    You always uplift me and inspire me.

    Have a terrific week and do drop into Harvest Lane Cottage sometime and say hi.

  19. My name is Sarah Walker. I was born and raised in West Virginia, adopted at 10 months old by the best parents one could have! God had me on a journey even in my early life and I had no idea. :) I am married to a bi-vocational pastor, we live on a farm in rural Roane county. We have four sweet children, a dog, a cat, and we share some cows with the rest of the family that lives around this farm. I am a stay at home mom, and when I'm not cleaning up after someone, I love to read, sew, craft, and cook! I so enjoy this blog and the uplifting spirit that Linda shares!


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