Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Recipe, Best Ever Brunch Potatoes!

Hello sweet ladies,

I have been cooking in the kitchen early this morning.....

went to our garden to dig up some red skinned potatoes......oh my, makes this farmgirl happy! Also pulled some green onions for the thankful the Lord lets me garden!!!!!!

Here's the recipe!!!!! 

Best - Ever Brunch Potatoes
2 1/2 lbs. redskin potatoes, diced
 3 T. olive oil
8 eggs, beaten
1 t. salt 
1/2 T pepper
8 slices bacon, crispy cooked 
and crumbled
3/4 c. French onion dip
3/4 c. shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
1/2 c. green onions, chopped

In a skillet over medium heat, fry potatoes in oil until tender. In a separate lightly greased skillet, scramble eggs until fluffy; season with salt and pepper. Fold bacon, dip and cheese into potatoes; stir in scrambled eggs. Sprinkle green onions over top. Serves 6 to 8. 

You can find this recipe and a lot more in this New Gooseberry Patch Cookbook....

inside you will see there are four different sections.

Rise & Dine
Leisurely Weekend Mornings
Come to Brunch
Corner Bakery

There are at least 26 recipes per section each one with a picture! 
Some of the titles are......

Break of Day Berry Parfait
Texas Toads in the Hole
Orange Cinnamon french Toast
Maple Pecan Brunch Ring
Cranberry Lime Cooler
Frosty Orange Juice.....just to name a few.

If you haven't signed up for the Gooseberry Patch/Prairie Flower Farm party.......

you are so welcome to do so!

as you notice the party will close August please
come and sign up. 

The first winner will receive the 101 Breakfast & Brunch Recipes Cookbook (you can buy here) also this.....

Farmgirl Lunch/Craft bag

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a Prairie Flower Farm
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You can go Here to sign up..... if you haven't already!!!!!!

Share with a friend!!!!!!!

Hope you are having a sweet day........
we have been working on the fence that goes the lane to another pasture......the horses are needing a different place to graze. Praying for more on the prairie it is getting dry......thankful though for the rain we just got.....we just need more!!!!!!

Hugs to your day!



  1. Greetings from Somewhere In Thyme B and B on the prairies of SW Kansas....Thx so much Linda for sharing your recipe with us...It sounds yummy and I plan on serving it to my Colorado guests tomorrow...Off to Meade to get the French onion dip...Have a beautiful and blessed weekend !

    1. How fun Marla, that you wrote!!!!! I want to come to your Bed and Breakfast! I love going to them! This recipe really is good! You will like and so will your Colorado guests! Tell me how it turns out please! Hugs, me

  2. Good morning, Linda. Loving that recipe and thinking it could be served for lunch or supper as well as breakfast or brunch :) Well, I'm off to pick some raspberries before it gets too hot out. Have a sweet day <3

  3. What kind of french onion dip did you use? this sounds good. thanks.

    1. Hi Susan, I didn't have any onion dip. My mom always made it using a package of dried onion soup and sour cream. I just took out a teaspoon of the soup and mixed it in the sour cream. Tasted wonderful! Hugs, me

  4. Hi Linda wow lookin back you have sure been busy!! That chick towel is adorable! I hope you are geting more rain. We got some and I am so happy! Now I can pull some weeds from the garden that need it!! Made dinner last night using veges from the garden! Loved it!! Have a great weekend. XOXO Love,Fran.

  5. Happy weekend! I was checking to see if you had a tea party and find myself HUNGRY now! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Good gravy! Those potatoes look delish!
    I wish I could just buy the book.
    I've got school supplies and books to buy instead.
    Oh well!

  7. That looks delicious! I love red-skinned potatoes and this recipe sounds yummy.

  8. Boy that recipe sounds delish I will have to right down the recipe and get ingredients next time I go to store.
    We got a good downpour here in middle Georgia last night, was so thankful. We could still use more too, so will pray we both get more! Hope you have a great Sonday! Blessings, Karen

  9. Those brunch potatoes look delicious! We love breakfast for supper down here in the mountains of beautiful Western North Carolina. Will definitely make them soon. Your lunch/craft bag is so cute and love the fabric!

  10. Hi Everyone! I agree~~~the potato brunch dish looks yummy! I am so going to make it this coming week. Have a blessed Sunday.
    Linda Petersen

  11. Hi Linda
    This is why I clicked over & then I decided I must, must, must sign up for your party as well :) I just wanted to say how absolutely delicious this recipe looks & that I'm going to print it out. It is exactly what I feel like right now, but since we've already had dinner & I should be going to bed soon I'm going to save it for another day! Just wish I had some fresh potatoes from the garden to use!
    Have a wonderful day

  12. Just plain fun to visit you here Linda! Love the recipes you share.

  13. Your recipe looks easy to cook and prepare. This sure is the best recipe for brunch. Thanks for sharing.


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