Sunday, July 29, 2012

Caring For One Another! A Good Thing!

Hello sweet ladies,

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.
                                        Philippians 2:4
I must say something very special happened yesterday......ladies coming together leaving prayers, notes of encouragement and also ways to help this precious "sweet man" and his sweet wife (read last post). No short of amazing. Every time I would get an email.....I would be so blessed to see what the Lord was doing through so many of you ladies. Thank you. The thing I am seeing happen here on Prairie Flower Farm over and over is how you ladies, whether you write or not, are becoming a caring, thoughtful group to the ladies. Carol and her "sweet man" needed prayer yesterday and you all did that for them. Another neat thing was one sweet lady wrote an idea that would maybe help them. I am going to put up some of what she wrote. One reason is so that if this ever would happen to any of us, we would know what to do. I would not know this and maybe it is the same for you. I won't put her name. We sure can learn from one another can't we? 

Dear Carol, My heart and Prayers go out to you and your Husband. I know what you're going through as I went through it with my 85+ years Mother who was a slight built, spindly little soul with severe osteoporosis. She broke her hip at the same time she broke her shoulder and didn't have a moment's distress from the hip...but the shoulder would not let her rest, no matter what we did to try to alleviate it. Dr. had put her arm in a sling but every time she tried to get up to go to the bathroom, etc. the arm swung out naturally and caused her so much pain it was unbelievable...and the "after-pain" went on for hours. It wasn't until we borrowed an "immobilizer band" from our school's football team, that she got relief and was able to sleep. Her arm was still in the sling and the immobilizer wrapped around her chest and upper arm and held it in place--there by keeping it from moving and allowing it to heal with no constant irritation. One other thing I will strongly suggest you a good-sized package of soft, thick pads (not telfa), kind of like kotex and powder them good and place it in his armpit so the skin doesn't adhere to itself. He'll be in the immobilizer a long time. I am not a nurse..I was a nurse's aide years and years ago...but my suggestions come from experience. The first night after we put the immobilizer around Mom was the first and best night sleep she had had in many days. She found that sleeping in her easy chair was best for her..that laying flat in her bed was "too flat' and difficult if you can understand my meaning. Here is a link about the immobilizers--the one I'm speaking about is the first one on the very last row. 

That's as close as the one we used-- they should be available wherever other medical supplies are sold--our local drug store here in a tiny corner of Northeastern Pa.even handled them along with the usual rib belts, splints, etc. I wish you the best--it sure is not easy to hear the one you love suffer with pain.
Take Care and God Bless

Hope this post encourages you.......if you have a prayer need,  please leave it in the comments or write me by email prairie flower farm at g mail dot com  I will not share unless you would want it shared, if you send me an email. I would never do that, but if you want others to come along side you, this place is where we are doing that. I am so excited that we can pray for one another.

I am growing these flowers in my north garden.......they are called vinca and they do good in heat and wet. They are a darker red then what they are showing, but one of my favorite flowers! Just because they don't fail me! 

Blessings to your SONday.......
                             trusting He will give you rest,



  1. That is useful advice from your blog friend, and yes, I too like flowers that don't fail me :). It is wonderful how much praying and sharing with each other we do.

  2. I am in total agreement with Terra! The advice for Carol's husband is sound advice! Until we are faced with such a situation we often do not know how to handle it! Many blessings to all who come here and share with us. Love you Linda!

  3. What a sweet lady to share such good advice. I love coming here, so positive and such a blessing in my life. Thank you, Linda for being here for all of us. May God bless each and every one of you sweet ladies! You always share the kind and beautiful things in life, love it! Take Care, Blessings and Hugs!

  4. It's great when others come alongside someone who's hurting with loving advice or just support in prayer. Been there, done that and so blessed when others care!
    I would appreciate prayer for a tooth issue. My crown on a tooth came off, my dentist wants me to see an oral surgeon, possible extraction. My dentist wants the best for me but at the same time I feel a bit of uncertainty in her. She a new to me dentist and I am a bit uneasy. My son gave me his dentist info and will be calling tomorrow. He likes him and also oral surgeon. So that eases my mind a bit. Am praying for no tooth extraction, rebuild of tooth, which is possible. With God all things are possible. Thanks! Have a good day, my friends.

  5. Linda..what an amazin..moving post! The message about the immobilizers is a wonderful hint! I want to thank that person for sharing it with us!

    Love your photos...your plants are doing so well! God's touch!


  6. Sweet, sweet post. Thank you for sharing. Your flowers are beautiful . Blessings, karen

  7. So wonderful that one of your readers had some good advice to share to help Carol and her husband! I am sure all the prayers are helping too. I love your vinca! That is the same thing I planted in a front flower bed this year too! :D I went to Gooseberry Patch yesterday and posted on FB & they asked me my fave cookbook because I have bought quite a few through the years. I had to say "Mom's Very Best Recipes" because my sister sent in a recipe of my Mom's & it was included. It's called Cinnamon Knots and is on page 11. These are wonderful!Donna


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