Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Laundry Soap Making at Prairie Flower Farm

Hi Sweet Ladies,

After the girls and friends left yesterday, I started working on the house.......I have so much to get accomplished before I have to go back to the college and "serve". I have a
list room.......and so on and so on! Also trying to do a little something special like I told you for myself each day........nothin fancy......just something that will encourage me this summer that I love to do! Once I go back to the college my life is not my own. Some of you who "have" to work outside the Home know what I am talking about. I have just felt so free this summer!!!!!!! Last night I was out in our north garden watering.......I was telling the Lord I was so so grateful for getting to be on the farm this summer. He knows!!!!!!!! Anyway.............

I have always wanted to make my own Laundry Soap!!!!!!!! I had all the ingr......... finallllllyyyyy and so that was my special thing to do for me yesterday! Ladies, I heard it wasn't hard.......guess isn't!!!!!!! EASY PEASY! NOOOOOO KIDDING! The money we will be saving in our families is unreal, something like $35. a year. I will like it!!!!!! I opened it up on my some wonderful ideas. 

The other day I was on Kelly's blog called The Morris Tribe and saw her tutorial video of her making her laundry soap. That is what I like........women to women even if it is a video talking to me!!!!!! Kind of like having them in my home!

(click on her name) had a really good recipe. 

If you use a certain recipe please let me know on my comments, would like to know what you do about your laundry soap.
 Yesterday I made a sweet curtain for the back porch. Pic didn't turn out. I will take another one and show you. I will be making curtains also for the windows. Guess what color? BLUE! There is so much work that needs to happen on the porch, but I am taking a little time each day!!!!!!!  I will accent with red, blue and green in the other pieces of fabric. 

I had one more spray of geraniums and another old using the burlap like I did on the other basket the other day that I made! 

Next to the basket is an old mirror that I will be getting a new mirror put in. It has been hanging on the back porch for years, when Grandpa Jack and Gramma Jo lived here.  I made this doll years ago........I lost all my dolls when I was young in a fire that we had in our home......I still like them and love making them. The space under the mirror will have a scripture hanging that I will be making. 

Put all my laundry supplies in a basket........will be so nice!

Saw this idea on pinterst......with the burlap around a mason jar and ribbon rose..........had to make one. I put a votive candle on the inside. Turned out sweet  I thought. I would like to make a blue rose, when I get some new ribbon. I guess I could use fabric for that also.

This was given to me some years of my fav's. 

I will keep you updated on what I am doing! I am cleaning as I go. Feels so good. I have wanted to do this forever! 

Don't forget to leave a note in my comments if you make your own soap! If you wouldn't!

Hugs to your day from my farm,



  1. Hi Linda,
    I make a liquid laundry soap---I got the recipe off of the Duggar's family blog. I figure if anyone knows anything about laundry it's them! I think they have 19 children. Anyways, its the one with Nels Naphtha soap, washing soda, and borax. It makes a 5 gallon bucket full and I've been using this for a year or two now.

    1. Thank you Patty.......I will look into it. The girl that had the tutorial did one that was liquid. I want to try the dry and liquid to see which I like best. Hugs, me

  2. Here is my *recipe* Linda -- years ago I made and used the liquid/gel type but love the ease of making and using this powdered version.

    Oh, and a couple drops of essential oils makes a wonderful scented soap -- I LOVE lavender :)


    P.S. Enjoy your summer away from the bakery. My Thursdays are my own this time of year and the Lord knows how much I LOVE my Thursdays -- mostly fluffing my nest :)

  3. Mine uses washing soda, baking soda, borax, and several bars of my own homemade organic lavender bar soap. 2 TBL is really all you need...and it is fine for front loaders. Mind you...there will be little to no suds. We don't need no stinkin' suds to get our clothes clean!

  4. I'll send you a link to the recipe I use. It uses borax, washing soda, baking soda and Fels Naptha soap. I really like it. I have made a liquid detergent, in the past, but I like the powder more.

  5. Hi Linda!
    How funny! I just made Laundry Soap yesterday! I have made both the powder and the liquid. I found that the powder wasn't always disolving in my washer so I tried the liquid ~ works better for me, but I like having both on hand. I use the same recipe for both ~
    2 bars grated Fels Naptha (put into 1 gal. hot water if making the liquid)
    3 cups Borax
    3 cups washing soda
    3 cups baking soda (I have hard water and this seems to help clean better.)
    If you are making the liquid, after melting the Fels Naptha in 1 gal. water on the stove, I pour it into a 5 gal bucket with the remaining ingredients and stir the dickens out of it until everything is disolved. Add 2 1/2 more gallons of water and stir some more. It has a frothy top that will need to be stirred (or shaken ~ I keep mine in clean gallon milk jugs or used detergent jugs) before using. I do add a half a scoop of Oxy with my whites now and then if they seem dingy and love hanging laundry on the line ~ when it's not raining!) I use 1/2 cup of the liquid or 2 T. of the powdered.
    Your back porch is going to be so cute! And I *love* your old mirror ~ just the way it is!
    Do enjoy your summer days ~ it seems to be wizzing by so quickly!

  6. My daughter and I have made the dry laundry soap and used a bar of Zote soap--I like it because it's PINK, and I ♥ anything pink! I'm enjoying my time out in the yard and am almost ready to spend time cleaning INSIDE. Fabric came today for a tote my daughter wanted, so will need to be getting the sewing machine going, too.♥♫

  7. Hi Linda!
    I also make the liquid version. Just made my first batch last week. So far love how it works on the laundry .
    Found the 'recipe ' and re-pinned on my Pinterest.

    Keep enjoying your summer off! Love your pics and sharing...,,,

    Linda in Wichita

  8. Hi Linda,

    I make my own laundry recipe is simple. Equal parts of grated soap (can use Ivory soap or Fels Naptha), washing soda, and baking soda. I buy the big boxes of washing soda and baking soda which is about 6 cups and then grate about 2-3 bars of soap. You can add a few drop of Essential oil to make is scented if you like. When I make laundry soap it last for months.I have noticed our clothes look and smell cleaner and that there is less wear and tear on them from washing. I, also, make my own fabric softener... which is easy as well!
    Have a lovely day on your farm :)

  9. Heather in California has made her own soap! You girls are very ambitious! I like saving money! I may look into this too! Thanks for the nice share!


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