Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cows, My Heart....... and Winners!!!!!!!!!

Good morning sweet ladies, know how you have a morning all planned.....and you are scurrying around trying to get the things you need to get done before the family starts rising out of their beds. Well I was doing just that yesterday, when we got a call. Your cows are out and standing around our grain semi and ready for you to come and get them!!!!!! Smiling I thought......"they are not our cows......they are our son's cows!" Course knowing that he is at "work" and ya know farming to some really isn't work" he told me that one time, when he was young.....and didn't know any better. So we starting calling the girls to get the horse saddled.....and everyone was out the see....... this. Did you know that cows sunbathe? 

Momma Cow looked at me like.......thank you for finding us, we weren't sure how to get back home and we would have wanted to if we could have...........Smile!

I was the picture taker......making a memory right? Baby Girl on the right is the new baby calf. She is the newest baby in the herd. Adorable!

We all had our positions. I was ready with a game plan to take off the other direction if the young bull started coming for me. There were five of us......that should be enough people........

Here we were under the open sky......gorgeous morning.....not to hot........doing a sweetness for our son.......can't get better than that....right????

Sweet man is in the trailer......with grain and just walk in all you sweet precious........cows........right into the trailer.......

......come are almost in .........wrong........right then the picture taking quit..... until they were in their pen.......they turned and took off......I got out of the way......I ended up putting my camera in the car. Then my sweet man had me drive the truck and trailer.........the car was in front of the cows with our Tressa driving......I was at the rear with no camera. I so wanted to take pictures of our "memory making time" smile. The cows walked a lot of the way .......swaying back and forth.......waddling down the highway......with a few times veering off and going into the woods........or into two farmer's wheat fields.........was not as planned.

Back in their pasture........under the shade! 

Kansas back in the we can go Home.......right before I had left to get the cows, I put up a party.  I went in the house and looked at  my blog.....preciousness......all you sweet ladies were telling me what you like to do to make your day a little special just for you! I had wonderful pictures in my mind of so many sitting on their decks......reading the word......walking in your gardens.......looking at your flowers......hearing the birds singing.......I was amazed that we are all so the same!!!!!! No wonder we have so much fun together! So many were wanting to come to the farm for a Farmgirl Camp Out......ladies I am asking the Lord to make that happen........please pray with, I will be getting ready......hope it doesn't take to long. I was overwhelmed with those that would come! Start saving your pennies! We will Lord willing have a Prairie Flower Farmgirl "Real" Party! We could have a time with the Lord in the mornings and evening under the lessons, crafting classes, someone showing us how to spin wool (anyone know how to do that?), gardening tips, canning jam........just anything you would like to do.........oh my, if you have things you would like to see done.....let me know.........or if you would teach something.....let me know. I am keeping a journal of what we might do! My heart is just way to excited right now! 

Write prairie flower farm at g mail dot com if you are interested.

I will put you in my journal. I am a littleeeeeeeeee exxcitted!
We could even have your daughters come if that would be something you would like to have them involved with.....oh and MOMMA's bring your nursing babies! 

Now.........I bet you want to know the two sweet ladies who won  the gloves and kleenex holder.........

Debi Prill
she said,
At this time of the year I love walking around outside checking my flowers and just enjoying the beautiful morning that God has allowed me to wake up to! Right now however, we need prayers for rain. Farm crops & gardens are in need.
I also posted on Facebook :)

she said, 
The first thing I do is open the house up. Open the doors, shades and if the weather permits I open up windows and let the sun shine in! After all the littles are fed and settled down I then step onto the back porch with a cup of tea. I take five minutes to sip my tea, hear the birds sing, rejoice in a new day and then I am ready to face the rest of the day.

My Heart Is Always Home

Write me ladies please with your addies!!!!!!! my email addy is up at the right hand corner 

Well hugs to your days and may the Lord's presence be ever so real to you today.


P.S. I did have my granddaughter in the truck with yesterday as we were behind the cows........we had a lot of precious God of my favorite things to do......teachable moments not missed!!!!!! We only have so much time to teach our sweet children....... about their Heavenly Father and His Word.......I will use the time when I can!    

This morning I was listening to I Timothy......the whole book on Biblegateway. 

I like to have it on for my family........they catch so much!

Wow.........I love God's Word!

"At the end of the chapter 6  this jumped out at me........Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care. Turn away from "godless chatter" and the opposing ideas of what is falsely called knowledge, which some have professed and in so doing have wandered from the faith. Grace be with you." 
Timothy 6:20-21 

I have wanted to write a book called God precious is the Lord that He speaks to me! My first verse for the neat! 


  1. Linda,
    In the King James, I Tim 6:20-21 says "O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen."

    I enjoyed your post. We sometimes have these adventures with our cows, but fortunately they usually are not on the road.


  2. I am so glad your cows (herd?) are okay! I was chuckling at what you said about them being so glad you came to rescue them! I am not a farm person, grew up in the little (then) town of Laguna Beach CA, born in 1944 I OK City, I don't know why mother chose to go back there to have me, they were already in Laguna, no one ever said and my mom died when I was 10. I didn't seem to have any questions until I had children of my own, 2 boys when I was 32 then 35. As the years went by the questions started coming, and no one to ask. Sorry, I am rambling! Anyhew, my husband and I and children up and moved to Asheville NC in 1981 and been here ever since 2 acres in the country a few hundred yards from our son and family, our sheds and garden in between, so lots of privacy, and so quiet. I love the bird song here.
    I would love to come to the farm party!!!! Not a camper, but I could sleep in my car!
    You are such a sweet spirit! And such a God send to all!


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