Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Day On The Farm.........Pretty Sweet!!!!!

Good Morning.......sweet ladies,

Yesterday was a whirl wind day! It started with a phone call.....I knew they were coming just didn't know the time. Sure enough the phone call came. A Momma and her three precious children. They do not live on a farm and the open space beckoned their call! As soon as they got there I took them on the tour. There is a little story behind these precious children. Their sister died last year. Ellianna......remember the little baby that we prayed so hard for.... that she would live? Her story is HERE. This last year has been hard on the children and a morning at the farm was just what they needed. As I talked with their Momma and she was sharing........ I realized that the farm was being used as a healing balm to their little souls. The Lord was pulling at my heart.......for the sad....the hurting.....the ones who need joy! Could the farm be used for little ones who have been touched by pain? I am thinking so. Their Momma is praying for direction for our family. God will know just what to do and when. 

The children's faces lit up when we opened the door to the milk house.......baby ducks!another chick, baby duck, turkey, Momma Guinea hiding in the bushes sitting on eggs. 

A pan filled with water.....was waiting for the children. They started placing baby ducks and watching their little feet paddling! A precious site to watch for sure!

Over in the nesting box Miss Millie was busy........soon their would be a new baby added to the farm!

In another box was a brand new fluffy baby. The kids couldn't move fast enough to come and see. I was so thankful for the Lord's timing on this precious site. Later in the day another baby hatched......a lot more to come! I told them I would email pic's!

The new baby colt Denali was a hit. The children bonded right away. No fear. 

Before we went to see the sheep I let them take a peek at Momma Guinea...who was tucked in hidding.....they thought she was pretty......not sure I have ever thought that before. They liked her.

They just had to touch Willow, Twig and Leaf. They went into the pen and sweet man caught Leaf so they could touch their coat. 

When they left and drove down the lane......I kept thinking.......Lord whatever you want to do with this farm for Your Glory........we are willing. Just lead the way.......teach us your what you want us to do........and you know what......He will give us direction. My heart has a little extra beat going on! I will just be about cleaning......making things pretty on the farm.....until He unfolds His Story.......for the farm and He will let us know!

I have to share here. Yesterday I checked my hotmail account, there was a name I hadn't seen for sometime. Both Tressa and I have licensed our art work to this company for a long time. She had a job for us.......a layette piece. A company was wanting to change their clothing style and needed some art. Eeeeekkkkk!!!!!! I immediately found my big box of artwork that we have done over the years. Oh, my was I ever excited. Please keep us in your prayers......if you would. 

We are also still waiting on whether or not the other company will be taking our new pattern. I know that some of you pray for our family everyday....you have told me and it blesses me so much to know you take us before our Father!!!!!!! I just want you to know that we appreciate you! You are such Precious ladies!!!!!!!!

If you need me to pray for you.......please let me know by email if you wouldn't mind. It is up on the right hand top in the "About Me". 

One more thing.......I pinned this new Gardener's Hand Scrub to my Pinterest (you can see my boards).......I am making it!!!! I am hoping it will help my feet. I am always in flip-flops.....all summer long! It's a farmgirl thing!

Also found this.......praying this for my sweet man. I do pray for him everyday, but this is precious! I encourage you to do the same~

Go here to download........precious thing!

Hugs from our farm and may the Lord bless your day,



  1. I wanted to say as a mom of two foster children who come from a life of abuse that animals do have a way of healing children and I think you are on to something.

  2. Thank you for the encouragement!!!!!!!! We have children here off and on and we do see the affects of the animals on them. How precious you are a foster Momma.......when our girls are out of the home.....I don't want an empty nest! Ever!!!!!!!!

  3. Precious, sweet Linda! Treasures for a child's heart.

  4. What a heart for the Lord! It is all His anyway, isn't it, and we are just caretakers.

  5. Oh Linda you and your family are so precious! Those children will hold today in their favorite memories forever!! I love how you listen to Him as Hedirects your steps to work for Him!!

    You and your family are in my prayers! And I sure hope the companies choose your pattern!


  6. So beautiful Linda! May the LORD continue to give you ideas and and bless you in what you love to do for HIS glory!

    Many Blessings,
    Isaiah 26:3-4

  7. What a gift you gave this young family! Several years ago, I ran a B&B out of our home and we had a family from New Jersey come for a visit. The children had never been around cows and horses before and the questions they asked!! It was such a joy to have them here and to share a little bit of our world with them. It was such a blessing to be used of God in ways we never imagined so I understand.
    Thank you for the wonderful reminder of how we should pray for our husbands.


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