Thursday, June 14, 2012

One of Those Days.........BUSY!

Went out this morning down into the milk house........ to check on my new little chick. All sweet and fluffy don't ya think? Just three more eggs to go and Momma will be happy.......that is Human Momma!!!! 

Also went to go see what produce I might have for my pickles this morning. The walk to the garden was beautiful. Not to hot yet, they say in the 90's......oh my! I found some garlic, winter onions, pickle cucumbers, anahiem peppers, banana peppers.......that's a start. Can't wait to make them up.

Checked on my sheep.........sweet boy Twig was looking over the fence.....isn't he the sweetest?

It is going to be a very busy day meeting.......taking the seed cart trailer back, picking up grain......and then hopefully getting to go to the Quilt Store. That will be my favorite sitting by my sweet man and talking will be my most favorite part of the day! When we go to town we get everything we alllll need to get done on the same trip. 

Hope all of you are having a sweet day! Know you have been prayed for!!!!!! 

Hugs to your day,


P.S. Please keep praying for the pattern that a company is looking at........that it won't get lost in the stack of other patterns she is looking at...... and the artwork for the other company!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much. This waiting is so hard, but I know the Lord knows what is best for our family! 


  1. Linda, I hope you hear positively on your pattern soon, I know the waiting is so hard. I am waiting on my 2nd appeal through social security disability and the waiting is so hard on that..any prayers you can offer up for me, and same from me to you..It would lighten our financial load, which is so hard, just a little.

    Oh that Twig is a rascal, so cute! And what a cute little chick..I love how you have so many farm critters..what blessings.


    1. Thank you Barb, it is hard to wait. I am praying for you also! I am so thankful he has us in the palm of His hand.....where would we be! Please let me know when you get your answer!
      Yup, Twig is a rascal! He used to jump through the fence.....I fixed that!

      Hugs to you sweetie friend, me

  2. Yes, I will let you know and please let us know when you find out your patten is accepted..I am not a good waiter I have have been dealing with this for 3 years! hugs and love to you!

  3. Linda, what a cute little chick, And that Twig! Gotta love him! What a great picture of him behind the red fence with, is that lavendar in front and the bell! Love it!
    I will be praying for a decision on your pattern and also Barbs disability, waiting is so hard! But! If we wait on the Lord it will be okay!

  4. Oh I love your farm & wish I were there enjoying nature at it's best! Love those new babies.... You know my prayers for all your needs are still with you!


  5. Linda you are such a doll! I am happy here no matter how rotten my day at work was! :)


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