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Americana Flag Tutorial And Some Other Stuff

You are soooo welcome to use our photo.

Our Father we come before you humbly asking for forgiveness for our Nation who has turned their back on You. We who love and serve you are working and asking for your mercy. Continue to work in our lives to help us change what we can, but ultimately our trust is in You and You alone no matter the outcome. As I have been reading in 1 Samuel they wanted a King. They did not want to keep YOU as their King. We are proclaiming today that we want no other then You as our KING! We ask that YOU would continue to use us in this Nation to tell many what you have done for us. Dying on a cross, shedding your blood, so that we may have true choice and freedom, from the chains of sin and Hell. Not perfect, but changed from the inside out because of Jesus! You are so worthy of our allegiance. May we live lives that would show You our gratitude for what you have done and are still doing in our lives and our country. We have YOUR hope. Not all is lost! We thank YOU, that YOU have everything under control and we have nothing to fear. Remind us of that daily, Father. We Love and Adore you Lord,

Your Children

I felt really lead to say a prayer for our Nation. If you have a prayer, please leave it in my comments. Even if it is just a sentence. We will join along with you as we seek our Father for HIS help! We really need it! Love you all! Linda

Here is the Americana Flag tutorial I was telling you about yesterday. I was able to have two little boys help me. You can use little girls or just yourself! Smile!

You will need a tree that you can cut off branches from!
I had the two little boys help me; we had a saw to cut with
(it makes them feel strong).

1. A package of flags (they come in two, you only need
one for each branch) and a 36" branch.

2. 1 1/2" x 1 1/4 yd. red checked ribbon with wire. Thin twine,
tapestry needle and scissors

3. Take flag off of original stick (if you don't have a branch you
can leave stick on and tie the ribbon at the top). Still really cute!
If you want to make the flag look old, put it in strong tea or coffee and stain it.

4. String twine through large eyed tapestry needle.

5. Poke needle through the top of the flag (where first staple was).

6. Bring through and tie in a bow.

7. Do the same for the middle and bottom of flag (where there was a staple).

8. Take ribbon and tie into a bow at the very top of stick.
You can put this in a wreath, garden flower pot with flowers,
an old granite coffee pot. What ever you do please let me
see pictures. I would love to see them!

The girls and I were freezing strawberries. We made up
some Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing. It is so easy!
Here is what you do.

1. Cut off the top of the strawberry leaf with just a little meat left. At the top I added just a few cut up strawberries to give a little more flavor.
Put into a mason jar.

2. A jar of white vinegar.

3. Fill the jar to cover the tops of strawberry tops with white vinegar.
4. Put a lid on the jar and put in the refrigerator. Let it sit for 24 hours. Strain the juice out and add 1/2 cup of oil, 1/8 teaspoon poppy seeds and 1/2 cup sugar or any other sweetener to taste.

Make up a salad using:
Spinach leaves, strawberries, tangerine slices (canned, drained), slivered almonds and a little crumpled feta cheese. Mmmmmm nummy! Great 4th salad and super easy!

Enjoy the 4th!

I know for some of you this will be a celebration and for other's you are still hurting physically or with a broken heart. Know I am praying and thinking of you this weekend! I remember times in my life when nothing was a celebration. Praying God will get you on the other side and give you great JOY again!

Welcome to the new followers. Some I can come to your blog
and others I can't. : ( For some reason it is blocked, just know I am glad you are a part of Prairie Flower Family!

P.S. I am putting this in later after I had the post up! We are busting little chicken EGGS hatching!! I went to go check on Miss Red. She has 3 baby chicks!!!!!!!! I can't believe it. I went to give the bigger babies water that Little Miss Fluff hatched a while back.I thought I should check under MRs. Red to see if anything has been happening under her safe tummy! I was surprised to see a baby. I ran into the house to get the camera. I went back to take pic's and there were 2 others that had hatched earlier!! Yey! Babies, I just love babies! Tomorrow I will put up a video so you can see and show your kids and grandchildren.

Blessings and hugs from the farm,


  1. Thanks, Linda, for this wonderful post and beautiful prayer for our country. Love visiting here :) And thanks for yummy recipe! My chickens will miss their strawberry tops, but this dressing sounds delicious! Perhaps I'll save a few back for the chickies ;) Have a blessed 4th! -Tammy

  2. Hi Tammy, so glad to see you here this morning. I loveeeeee your little chicken house! It is soooo adorable and they look so happy. You waited so patiently for those little guys. You are an amazing lady! I wish I could have you on my farm to teach me all that you know about the coop!

    Have a great weekend! Me

  3. What a beautiful prayer and it is so true we have turned our backs on our savior. The craft looks so country and I love that. I just love american flags --I will have to give it a try along with the strawberry dressing.God Bless and have a Happy 4th of July.

  4. Hi Bonnie, I love the flag also. It makes me feel special when I see it flying. We saw the biggest flag a few weeks back that was the biggest flag I have ever seen in my life! It was on a hill in the southern part of Kansas. Beautiful! I do love my country. Their are a few out there who do not! Just because someone said we are not a Christian nation does not mean it isn't. God founded it! Smile

  5. this is great. I'll comment more later...I have to go to the grocery store...I'll share this with my friends on FAcebook and I'll make sure to blog about this later today, too :) :) ) Thanks Linda!!! Love and hugs, Heather :)

  6. Wow thanks for the great recipe! I'm going to do this with raspberries and give it as a hostess gift on the 4th.

  7. I loved the prayer Linda....just beautiful. It is the cry of my heart as well. I try to not let fear overtake me because I know that ultimately HE is in control...however, I am so ashamed and saddened by the way our country is going. I pray for His hand over our nation...I want people to turn from evil...and seek His face. I sing "If My people" a lot....hoping and praying that our eyes will turn back to the One who made us!

  8. Linda,
    Enjoy the fireworks over the lake for me! Have a great 4th of July! Thanks too for the invite to pray with you :)

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    We do lift up our country knowing that as we do there are many who have turned their back on you and want to go their own way. We were like that too before we knew You. Lord, please forgive us where we've been complacent. Lord, please do whatever You need to do in the lives of those who call themselves Americans to bring them back to Yourself. We fully trust You to work out your good, pleasing and perfect will in ourselves and in our country. Protect, guide and lead and give us the strength to follow. We love You, Lord. In Jesus' name, Amen!

  9. Okay...I posted a link to your blog on my Facebook profile page and on my blog today. This is really great!!!!

    I would pray that we remember the Author of ultimate freedom, ultimate peace, ultimate love etc ;) ): :)...Jesus Christ who is our rock no matter what situation or circumstance we may find ourselves in!!! I'm blessed to live here..and don't ever want to take for granted the freedoms we have that were hard won!!! I pray that God will show me how to use the blessings He's given me to help/encourage others too!!!..

    It's a super nice day in Oregon today....hoping you are having some more of the same in Kansas :) :) Much love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  10. Thank you for that prayer Linda. I prayed that for our country Canada today..((hugs))

  11. Thank you for your prayer & sweet flag. The dressing sound wonderful, will try it soon. Praying you have a safe & blessed 4th.
    Love ~ JulieMarie

  12. Oh Linda, thank you so much for this beautiful prayer...I do hope He knows we love him and pray for all those who have lost their way.

    Love your flag pattern..but especially the strawberry vinegarette! We just bought a couple packages of this is perfect! Can't wait to try it..

    Anxious to see the baby chicks..what a blessing!

    xoxo Gert

  13. Amen! Agreeing with you, in prayer my friend, thank you!

    Lovely flag craft, and I must try the strawberry vinaigrette!

    Many Blessings,
    Catherine :)

  14. Thanks for the great recipe, Im adding that to my book !
    Happy Independence Day !

  15. Linda! God has blessed us with YOU! Thank you for your prayers. You are such a kind person. I read your blog and suddenly feel Gods presence and blessings.
    I also have babies. Puppies that is, my Lucy had her puppies July 1. She had 5, they are so precious. I will take pictures and post them on my blog when I get a chance. I'm tempted to try your recipe, but I would have to taste it first before I would try to make it. Thanks again! And my God continue to bless you!
    Prayer and Blessings
    Sandy from Love ya to stitches

  16. Great and good God, Please have mercy on the United States of America. May the prayers of Your remnant stay Your hand on us. I pray for the peace of Israel, and may our friendship not be severed. I pray for supernatural wisdom for our leaders that only comes from You. I pray revival...starting with me. I pray YOUR TRUTH will continue to march on USA soil....protect us from evil, and may You be glorified because we have chosen to live our lives for You, and not ourselves. Thank You for Your forgiveness and patience. Praise Your holy name forever and ever. In Jesus' awesome and victorious name I pray. AMEN

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