Friday, July 30, 2010

Have A Nice Day, I Will Be Stitchin!

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Good Morning,

Thank you for all the personal emails that you wrote yesterday. I was so thankful that the post and scripture spoke to your hearts. I am praying and trusting the Lord is going to touch marriages everywhere........ for His Glory.

Please keep praying ladies,everyday. It is so important that we fight for our marriages. It is a picture of Christ and His Church. Marriage is Precious to Him.

Today I am off with my honey for 10 hours of traveling. We are picking up the fencing material. It will be 97 today......... HOT! We will be in a truck without air conditioner. Hmmm think happy thoughts! Smile!

I am taking my little box full of stitcheries, that need to be worked on. One of my favorite past times, stitching by hand................. sitting next to my honey. Can life get better than that? I am sure it can, but I will enjoy my day! I can't wait to show you what I have been up to. Haven't forgotten that I am needing a party. Hope I can have one soon.

Have a wonderful weekend

sweet friends!

Know that I will be
praying for you!



  1. Happy weekend, Linda. Do I see parsley in that herb pot? ;-)

  2. It's such a joy to have "found" you. My heart "aches" in longing for some of our days and friends we left behind in KS! God has blessed us over and over again with new friends everywhere we've lived, but old friends are "gold" (as in "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold").

  3. Happy weekend and God Bless you!

  4. Enjoy your weekend! Is that a little sneak peak at or next block I see in that wonderful picture of your stitchery? If so I'm so very excited!

  5. Oh my goodness, no A/C in the truck, your such a trooper! Can't wait to see what you've been up too!

  6. Well Hello Miss Linda,
    What a beautiful idea for your herb garden! I just love coming here and seeing all that you do, both with your hands and the encouraging words you provide us with, you are one inspirational soul. Thank you! I was able to catch up on your blog last night, and we so enjoyed all of your sweet videos, your family is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing all your goodness with us. Have a great weekend and stay cool working on that fence (so sweet, you and your hubby working togethe, I love that).
    Take care, Dee

  7. I love your blog!!!! I cannot wait to try the free e patterns. please visit my blog

  8. Dear Linda, I was just going to wish you a happy time with your dear hubby when I saw your post on the sidebar about having to get a new tire! I thank God that you were able to get the tire fixed before you had a blowout or something! I am happy you are safe and sound!
    Love Johanna

  9. Oh Linda..I pray your day was safe and you were able to stand the heat:( Love to see you will be doing some sewing as you travel. I always use to do that as we would travel on the weekends. I got a lot of sewing done on those trips:) I see a new block in your picture! I have to get busy...busy to finish my summer one!! Finally was able to get to a store and pick up some 'yellow' thread!!

    Always love your are amazing!!

    Still in my prayers...blessings..
    xoxo Gert

  10. As always, Linda, you're a special blessing! Hope you didn't get overheated today. We just bought an old farm truck... our first 4 wheel drive truck. It will come in handy for a lot of things, and nope, I haven't tested the AC in it yet either ;) Love the picture and the stitchery! -Tammy

  11. Dear Sweet Linda,
    Good evening, I hope you did not get overheated in your truck today?!?!? I love to think about how you and your hubby just go bouncing down the road in your truck, windows open, you stitchin'. How cute!! We had a truck , but had to sell it. :-( Someday we'll have one again I'm sure. The sacrafice was WELL WORTH IT! :-) (Staying home with the babies!)
    So thankful for your blog and all your sweetness and inspiration!! So good to see your love for our Lord!!
    Love Carissa

  12. PS I was looking at your side bar and just love the Miss Clarice's Vintage Apron pattern!!
    I just found some vintage fabric at a church garage sale two days ago. I think I might need to buy that pattern!! :-)

    Love Carissa

  13. My dad never had AC in his old truck, and he would say 'It's time to do the 2-60' which means roll down both windows & go 60 mph!

  14. Linda, I noticed you planted some of your Herbs in the galvanized tub. Do you winter them over outside in these and if so what is your location or zone. I am in Missouri. Connie

  15. Have a safe trip...I hope you were able to catch a breeze somewhere!!! Oh, I love the idea of taking some stitchin' with you in the truck..and sitting beside your hubby...romantic :) :) :)

    Well, I don't have the hubby yet...but I do still have a dad :) :)..and I enjoy working on my knitting while he drives. It's fun!!!!

    Have a great weekend!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  16. Hope your day was successful & productive - my, how do you cope with that heat?!! Just lovely to spend time with your Hubby - I often find we have the most interesting chats about life/kids etc. when we're travelling in the car!

    Wishing you a blessed weekend with your lovely family.

    Lindsay x

  17. Hi Linda...
    I forgot to ask...May I also borrow the "Hand Stitcheries for the Sou" photo? I really like it, because it I love w orking with my it has special meaning!!! Love and hugs, Heather :)

  18. Hello Parsley, Thank you for the happy! I am sorry, no parsley. I started out with some and it didn’t make it. I love parsley, because in the late summer, yellow swallow tails start eating it and turn into beautiful butterflies. There is a certain kind of parsley with bigger leaves, that I use for decoration on the top of my bread.

    Becky, I feel the same way!! We will have all eternity catching up with everyone we have moved away from. I miss people also in Alaska. You just come back here any time! Do you still have any family here? Mary is traveling, but will be back this week I think. She is with her sister.

    Bonnie thank you for the sweetness! God Bless you and trust your weekend has been a good one also!

    Nicole, how fun! I put the picture of the fall in on purpose wondering if anyone would noticed! You will have fun with this one. I can’t wait to get everything all ready for the wall hanging quilt. Today we will put it up! I can’t wait to see what it looks like myself! It is only in my head. Smile

    Hi Sue, Yep, no A/C and it was hot. Suppose to be hotter today. Ugh! I am having fun stitching away though. No interruptions! Just open road and my honey next to me!

    Hello Dee, I love using galvanized anything for my flowers and herbs. I will take this little one in the house during the winter months so it won’t die. You are so kind and so welcome. Glad you liked the video’s, they have turned out better than I thought. The computer chick was one of my favorites. I have worked with my honey for along time. Don’t want it to ever change. We have been very blessed. We have asked the Lord for protection in that area.

  19. Hi Dodi, THANK YOU for your kindness! I visited you blog, but with the traveling the last two days I couldn’t stay long. I will get back!!!!! enjoy the patterns. Another new one today!

    Hi Johanna, I wrote about the tire thing on my blog today. Not fun! The saddest part was that we didn’t get the fencing materials that we went after. So close though! Had to turn around. Think the Lord was working on something in our lives or maybe just protected us. It was okay. We are going again today.

    Hey Gert, I always take a wash cloth with and that way I can get a little cooled down. It helps me a lot! I loveeeeee taking my hand work with when I am sitting by my honey driving somewhere. I can get so much done. I got two pieces stitched up yesterday. Then I get home and finish up what I got done. Oh hurry stitchin! You will see the new Fall Stitchery today! You are amazing!! smile! I am so grateful that you pray for me and mine. thank you!

    Hi Tammy, you are a blessings too! I did get overheated. I think I lost 5 or so pounds. Hot, hot and today is no different, in fact it is to be 105. Oh man!!!!!!! How cool, that you got a new truck. It is so fun to have one. We use ours sooo much.

    It is so fun when I see that you have left a comment Carissa. We dooooo go bouncing down the highway, windows are open and I am stitchin!!!! What a precious dream life the Lord has let me live over the years. We have asked the Lord to let us work as a family! He has honored our prayer for 37 years. I know that it is truly a gift. I am so glad you can stay home with your babies. I asked the Lord that and for all our married life I have been a keeper at home. I went without nothing in comparison to the blessings of being with my children and husband. I know there are many out there that don’t get what we have had. It has been a hight priority to us with lots of prayer behind it. I may not have had the biggest home, but at our middle son’s wedding rehearsal he said, “Momma and Dad, we maybe never had the biggest house, but we had one with a lot of love in it”. So true! Oh, put a picture of your vintage fabric on your adorable blog! I want to see!!!! I just bought a piece at a little quilt store in a small town. I am thinkin what I want to do with it. It was a little spendy, but so cute!

    Hello Mrs. Happy! I read what you wrote to my honey. He smiled. That is a precious memory you have there. Thank you for sharing. Cute daddy!

    Hi Connie, I will bring it inside. The only plant that I have had reseed itself is the basil. The other ones die and don’t come back. I live right next door to your state. I love MO. When we go to KC we get to be in your state. Lovely!!!!!!!!

    Hey Heather. No breeze sweetie! Not one little wave of a leaf! Course when you are going 70 down the highway there was a breeze, but when it it is hot, it is a hot breeze. Smilinnnnng all the way! Daddy’s are wonderful to go with. I had my real dad and a step dad. They are both gone now and I would love to have a day with them. You enjoy!!!! I love to knit. I made the sweetest littttttllllleeChristmas ornament stockings. Only about 4 “ tall if that. They are adorable. I will have to put them up and send you over to the blog. If I forget remind me. Easy. They have swedish design on them. Cutie! I am having a great weekend. When you read this you will see we are having to go again to the place in OK. We had a bad tire and had to turn back half way. It is still romantic.......... love your heart sweet pea. I’ll be praying for a sweet man to come into your life at just the right time. Until then, the way you care for your Daddy, pleases the Lord. Such honor!

    Lindsay I am “lovin” getting to know you! I am so glad you found my blog. You have a sweet blog!!

    Isn’t the Lord amazing to just have us all find each other out there in blogland? He is so into weaving blessings into our lives. It shows how awesome He is and what treasures He has for us to discover. You are all one of my treasures!

    Blessings and have a good day!


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