Sunday, July 11, 2010


You are welcome to use photo on your blog, Linda

Good Morning Sweet ladies,

It is a quiet morning, we will soon be getting ready to go to church. Hmmm........ I wonder what He has for me. Maybe it is what do I have for Him? I want to be ready whatever it might be. I know one thing........ I want to live in Truth. I want the straight path. His path, His way. I don't want to miss anything that He has for me. I know I need to stay in His Word. The question is, will I follow, will I choose to do what He asks of me. I so want it. I need His help to do that though. I can't do it right, on my own.

Simply said, I love you, Jesus............... He gave His all, His life for mine. I am thankful!

I say, I love you Jesus!

I trust your day will be filled with thoughts.....
..................... about how much you are loved! That is HIS TRUTH!

Love you bunches, from the farm,



  1. Good Morning Sweet Friend,
    What a lovely way to start my morning reading this post. Simple and yet so "TRUE". It has been a busy several days which I'm am not used to~I like the simple life!! :-)
    I haven't had a chance to come over and visit the last several days, but I love your posts and hope to be back tomorrow to chat more.
    Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you!
    Love Carissa

  2. Linda...what a good word. I'm going to share this on my Facebook page today...and on my blog tonight :) :) Thanks for being so gracious with your photos and letting us borrow them from time to time :) :) I just love those!!!! It's like getting lots of little presents :) :) :)

    OH my friend Julie and I made homemade soap last night. That was so much fun... Today will try cutting it into bars!!! Love how you mentioned going to church and seeing what we have to give Him. It is an act of true worship to go to church and bring Him ourselves :) :) :) You are such a godly example to me, Linda...thank you :) :) :)

    Lots of love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

  3. OMIGOSH! I can't believe I stumbled upon you Linda! It's been over 20 yrs that I first started using your patterns and spoke to you. What a joy to find you again. I'm still making your Carrot Cake and Coffee Cake. I've passed on from sewing to knitting and cannot wait to see what new stuff you have been creating! So good to see you again.

  4. Linda you are just the very best! I love knowing you. You are such an incredibly wonderful woman and you offer so much to all of us here. God Bless You! Anne

  5. Hello Ladies,

    Carissa, yes it is sooooo TRUE! Thank you for coming over. I love it when you do. You make my heart smile!

    Hello Miss Heather, I came over to see your soap!!!!! Wow, how cool is that?

    Diane, I left you a comment on your blog. I love it when I hear from someone who bought our stuff years ago. It was a fun time!!!!! That Carrot Cake and Coffee Cake were the best. I don't think I have ever put those up on my blog. Hmmmmmm that is a must! Please keep in touch, please!

    Anne, You are toooooo sweet to me! You would find I am not always wonderful! Heehee, smile! Keep asking the Lord to help me move over so He can take more control!

    Amy, I love it when you come by. Hope people hop over to your blog. It is always so fun!

    Blessings and hugs, Linda

  6. You are precious Linda! :)



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