Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Baby Chick and Change!

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Hello sweet ladies,

It has been a really tough day today. Hot!!!!! The weather was extremely hot and there has been so much to get done on the farm. We are taking equipment to an auction that will be this weekend. Change! I don't like it. Tonight my honey was cleaning out the old red truck that Grandpa Jack bought and drove all over the country side. I remember sitting with him when he was driving, he knew one speed, fast. He scared me half to death. He knew that field like the back of his hand. I can see him to this day in it. Cute little man with overalls and a farm hat on his head. Grandma Jo said every time he went to town he would have to put on his "good overalls". He put his billfold in the front top pocket, it was always bulging! Funny what you remember. The old red truck has just sat by the barn, it hasn't been driven for a long time. Their was some security just looking at it there and remembering Grandpa. Now it will be driven down the road to the sale and sold. Gone! I know it is just a little old old truck, but it belonged to Grandpa, who we worked along side for 30 plus years. It was his, not someone else's, not even mine, but it belongs on his farm. Life..... hard.......I will deal with it and the Lord will help me to get on the other side. Still hurts. This probably sounds all silly and probably is. I just don't like change, never have, never will, but that is life isn't it.

When I look at this little red truck, I think of a very special man in my life who has gone to be with the Lord. Who was the most precious farmer, besides my honey that I knew. This truck worked hard for Grandpa. This Sat. it will be sold, gone from Grandpa's farm. Doesn't seem right. Wish I had the money to buy it. I do have the memories though and for that I will be thankful..............

Well, now that I have boohooed through that. Today I went to go check Mrs. Puddle Duck. She did not disappoint me. I came around the corner and she had another baby chick this morning. Precious little thing! I took some pic's, had to share with! Love the farm life. Thought Mrs. Puddle Duck was so sweet with her baby chick.

The picture at the bottom right turned out I thought of Momma Puddle Ducks face.
She really is a pretty duck!

Enjoy the two videos. They turned out really fun! Love the one with the computer! The little chick was a hoot! Worth watching! In it I told my grandson to keep his hands down. Earlier the baby chick would sit on his hand. Didn't capture it on this video though.
Get your little ones around you to watch. They will love it!

The pic at the top of the post was taken with my Farmer Man, he makes sure that my life is
full of special things, like baby chicks! I am a grateful for the simple life!


My sweetie friend Jill Novak with The Girlhood Home Companion is giving away 7 magazines!!!! Yeah for you! Go over and sign up. The contest runs through midnight July 23, so go over and enter now!!!!!!!!! Don't forget to tell your friends. She would so love it! Jill and her family have been caring for her Daddy everyday of the week, 24/7. She needs a little fun in her life! Lets bless her with sweetness!

I did an interview with Jill sometime back. It is along my sidebar.
We had a great time.

Love and hugs sweet ladies and my the Lord bless your day real good!



  1. It's midnight and I'm raeding this...can you tell, I can't spell properly anymore :) :) I'll comment more later...Oh those videos of the chick on the computer and Mrs. Puddleduck with her adopted chick...TOO CUTE ..the one with the boy and the chick...oh that just made my heart melt and made me laugh a whole lot too!!! Thanks for sharing this!!! Much love and hugs, Heather :)

  2. So sorry about your grandpa's truck. Those things are hard.

    I'm glad you had something lighthearted - like that adorable little chick on the computer. What is the world coming to! When will he start his own blog??

  3. Linda, we also have an old truck that belonged to my Dad just sitting. My Mom just can't part with it because it meant so much to my Dad. We have had many offers for it but she refuses to sell it. I know what you are feeling about your Grandpa's old truck and hope maybe someone will purchase it and restore it and you will get to see someone else enjoy Grandpa's truck. Aren't old memories the best. Good luck at the sale this weekend. I hope ya'll get top dollar for your equipment. I will be praying for you.

    God Bless

  4. how amazingly sweet those little baby ducks are... its getting me thinking about raising some on our homestead.
    My thoughts are with you as you let go of your grandpa's truck.

    Thank you for sharing about the giveaway.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  5. Hello Heather, I had other videos of Ian and the baby chick, that I didn't put up. It was so adorable. It kept hopping up on his hand. Loved it!!!

    Cranberry, Love saying that word! Thank you for the sweetness about the truck. It feels better today. I think I have been to tired lately so things never look good! So glad you liked the baby chick and Ian. It does make the heart lighter!

    Hi Gerry, so glad you are coming over. I love your soap! I want to try it out sometime!

    Michle, I am still praying for your Jason. Tell us how he is doing please! Isn't your Momma precious. You are the second person that has told me about someone else buying it and restoring it. I will think on that!! Thank you for praying for us!

    Hi Tonya, Oh my, you must get some if you are homesteading!!!!!!! You will love them. They are really amazing little birds. Thank you for thinking of us on the truck. It really isn't much, but it was Grandpa's and that is all the matters. Hope you went over to Girlhood. Jill's is a sweetie! So are you, I can tell. You are so precious with your children!

    Blessings ladies, going with my honey to take down another piece of equipment. I am with Mr. Phil and we enjoy each other's company! That is a good thing!
    Love you all, Linda

  6. I have relly been enjoying all the duck & chick news. Not to mention all those plums. I have always wanted to learn to can, my mom did and I remember helping. On my own I have always felt intimidated by it and I'm missing out. I am so sorry about the red truck, if I lived near you I would find a way to buy it and keep it on your farm. I am planning to try out that chocolate cake recipe tonight so we can have it for our anniversary tomorrow.
    Your ministry (it's not just a blog) is such a blessing! Love, Jeannie Schlitt

  7. Sweet baby chick video!

    What special memories the Red truck holds for you. Change always feels so hard!

    So nice stopping by to visit with you!

  8. Hi Linda~

    I am so so sorry about your grandpa's truck. I loved reading the story behind it, and understand completely why that would be hard! My husband had an old 1950's truck when we married, that we eventually sold because we just didn't have a good place to keep it from rusting! It WAS sad to watch it go!

    I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and saying hello! It's so nice to meet you! I am a new follower now! :)


  9. Oh Linda, I remember Grandpa's truck! :) I have so many wonderful memories with you guys and the farm...both farms! :) I love you so much and I'll be praying for you in this change. Tell the girls and Phil hi! Love you all!!

  10. Just got in a about an hour ago. Had to finish up on my currant jelly first, but couldn't wait to say hi to everyone else that left a comment.

    Jeannie, you are tooooo sweet. Canning is so easy. If I can do it you can! Promise. Get a Blue Ball canning book. Just study it. Also there are tons of youtube videos on that you can watch on the internet. It is so fun. I love it. In the winter it is wonderful to take my canning off the shelf. How sweet that you would figure a way for me to get the truck. I will tuck that in my heart for a rainy day! Happy Anniversary tomorrow. How wonderful! The chocolate cake is so nummy! Have a wonderful day Jeannie!

    Ldh, So glad you like the baby chick video. I can't believe how tame and sweet they have been with the grandkids. I agree, change does feel hard. Thank you so for coming by. I love your blog and all your wonderful recipes. I showed my girls your blueberry muffins. Ours are good, but yours look fantastic!

    Hi Jenni, I loved reading about your story! I bet that was so hard to see it go. I loved your blog. It was so fun to see your potholders. Cute, cute, glad you are following, I am following you also!

    Hey Anna Bojanna, I remember when I named you that. You weren't born of my flesh, but definitely in my heart!!!! I bet you do remember Grandpa's truck. We were always going to China remember? Thank you sweet pea. I told the girls and Phil hi for you! We love you all, also!! Hope you are feeling well in your pregnancy! Can't wait to see that little sweet little one!

    Love you everyone! Thank you so much to those of you who prayed for me today. I am doing lots better. I haven't had to take the truck down yet, but will tomorrow. DON"T QUIT PRAYING PLEASE.

  11. Thank you for sharing the pics and videos!! That little chick is adorable :)

    Will the chick bond with the momma duck now?


  12. How Tweet! I mean Sweet! The babies and I have watched the vides three times over now...Brandon said: "Wow, I would really like to have one of those Mama." I can hardly stand it that chick and his/her Mama. I'm just drinking it in! :-) I do agree... Mrs. Puddleduck is beautiful!! And I'm not just saying that! All this hatching is making me want another little one around again... I know mine are still "babies"... Just one more little little one again. :-)

    I'm sorry about your Grandpa's truck... That is so hard~I'll be praying for you tomorrow as you take it to the sale. I'm glad you have your memories. Thank you for sharing them with us. I like the "Good Overalls" part. I do understand... Change~blek!

    I'm glad you have all the chicks and ducklings to help take your mind off of it. Those darling little fluff balls. :-)
    I thought of you and your family today, it is very hot here too and we were all doing work outside (cutting down some old limbs out of trees and more weeding~of course! Watering our baby apple trees. Picking up black walnuts~I've tossed them out the past few years, but I'm thinking of drying and cracking them this year??? Not sure yet???). I figured you were probably out on the farm too in this heat and I was praying for us both!
    Your such a blessing!
    Love Carissa

  13. No, the baby had to leave the momma duck and go in with all the little chicks. The duck is too big. This has never happened to me before. I didn't know what to do when the duck and chicken started sharing the nest. They were not nesting and all of a sudden they both were!!! I let Mrs. Puddle Duck have the nest. I will let here keep her ducks though. I will build a cage kind of around her so the cats won't get the babies. I will be showing it on the blog. They should be hatching any day now. I can't wait. Thank you for asking. Blessings, Linda

  14. Hi Carissa, You are so funny! I am so glad I have all the little fluffs around also. Mrs. Puddle Duck only has duck eggs now. 9 of them. I don't know if they will all hatch, but can't wait to see what happens. Today it looked like an egg had a peck in it. Today they should have started hatching, it was so late when we got home from taking things to the auction so couldn't check. At the auction they had a lot of cool things. One was a stack of picket old white fence pieces. I want it if it goes for cheap. I asked my honey man and he said he would see what he can do for me He is so sweet! It really was a cute fence. If I don't get it, I will make it myself. I know how to build a fence!

    Well, blessings and sleep tight! Linda


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