Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Baby Fluffs Arrived From The Hatchery Safe and Sound!

My farm friend Gail, went at 6:00 in the morning yesterday to pick up our little bundle of fluffs. I got 3 female Cuckoo Marans and 1 male. A blogger friend talked about how they lay brown eggs. Had to try them out! Then Gail said that Black Australops were great for laying, so I got 6 of those. They are in a bushel basket getting all warm right now. The little chick that Mrs. Puddle Duck hatched yesterday wasn't doing so well, so I put it in the basket also. Doing great other then a little bad eye. I wonder if Mrs. Puddle Duck is to big for baby chicks. Hmmm, maybe so? I will move them to a cage today. They are so sweet!

We have a new pastor in our church. He is young and has two little ones and a precious wife. I was thinking before church that maybe some scones would bless them. He is from England and they do like their scones! I added a jar of the strawberry/rhubarb, set it all in a cellophane bag, tied a ribbon and it was ready for giving. We all love getting a little love right?

This morning Mr. Phil and I got an email from one of our son's. God has been breaking his heart to be a man of God. It is painful at the time, but when we see our sin for what it is, God can move in our hearts. As I have told you I have prayed for my children daily. When I see them become compassionate for Christ I am reminded that it is so worth it to tell our Heavenly Father our concerns, He listens. Last week every morning the Lord woke me up to pray at around 3:30 everyday, I know why now. Praise the Lord for His mercy. Don't quit praying ladies, it is essential! We are the Moms and He gave us the most important job! We may not think so, but that is not true! If we see things in our kids lives that don't line up to scripture, pray!!!!!! We can't give up on our kids, know matter how old they are!

Do you know someone that needs a little encouragement? Think about making a little something up for them. I received a package some time back from a sweet blogger. It was unexpected and came in my mailbox! I love mail whether it is in a comment, on my blog or something from my mailbox! One of my sweet bloggers named Anita sent me this package of adorable gifts. An adorable little purse for my bank cards, 2 hand knitted wash clothes and a sweet flower pin. FOR NO REASON OTHER THEN TO ENCOURAGE ME!! I want to be like her. Each was wrapped so sweet! I loved it, that she took the time to love on me! We all need that once in a while. Right? Thank you sweet Anita! Okay today, lets ask the Lord who He wants us to bless. Ready? Set Go and be sure to come back and tell us what you did, so we could learn from you!

Last night my family and I went to go pick some more sandhill plums for an hour. We got about 18 gallons. I am so totally excited I can't hardly stand it!!!!!! My family will be blessed this Christmas!!!!!!!

I woke up with my night gown on inside out this morning. HHHHmmmmm, I hope that is not how my day will be! I will smile if it is!

Blessings and hugs from the farm!

P.S. Just jumping back in here to tell you that Tammy at Flat Creek Farm is having a drawing and you must go over. It is going to be so fun, but it does stop tomorrow. Better late then never, right? So go over and tell her I sent you!



  1. You have all sorts of exciting goings on today...well, always..but wow..Glad the chicks are doing well. I hoep they grow and thrive..

    Oh I love England...been there twice. I think your pastor will love the gift. Who would't when it's made with love :) :) :) You always make the sweetest/best looking gifts..

    I remember you saying how you pray for your children when I first started reading your blog. I'm so glad that your son is starting to want to be a man of God. Thanks for sharing that.

    Oh, and your friend who sent you the lovely box of goodies? That's just too cool!!!! I love how she wrapped each goodie!!!....

    Have a great week, Linda. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. You are going to love your cuckoo marans , they lay beautiful chocolate brown eggs , I'm waiting for my shipment of white orpington..and your gift for the new pastor great idea , i think I'd like to give my lady friends a few of those ...at our prayer meeting ..And yes our heavenly father never leaves our side , we just need to remember to look for him ..and thank him in everything we do ...tight hugs
    You have a great day !

  3. Linda, you are *lucky* to have some Cuckoo Marans. I had thought about ordering a couple with my Ameraucana chicks but they were out of stock for a very long time (and I didn't want to wait :)). Such a lovely post, as always! -Tammy psssst... I'm having a giveaway and it ends tomorrow morning. couldn't remember if I'd 'seen' you there yet.. so here's a heads up ;)

  4. Hello Heather, England twice??????? How fun! That would be wonderful. You should put up some of your pic's.

    Becky, I can't wait for them to lay. That will be awhile! How nice for you to do that with your prayer meeting ladies. Yes!!!! I love it when a gift gets passed on even if it is just an idea!

    Tammy, thank you for coming over. Your chicks are so cute! I came over and signed up!!! I just posted about the giveaway! I so would love to have that adorable chick house.

    Blessings ladies, Linda

  5. HI Linda...
    Yep, England twice...while I was living in Germany. I have lots of pics...but that was over a decade before I got my digital camera. So I'll see if I can take a photo of a photo :) :) :) Or gently lift the photos off the page and scan them someday!!! I was going to visit friends in Scotland..the best was when my Scottish and Irish friends went back home after our first year in Germany..an English friend was driving home and he let me carpool with him to London, then Aberdeen, Scotland and all the way back to Germany...long story, but it was one of the best experiences of my life :) :)

    Oh can't wait for Part II of "Redeeming Ruth" tommy Tenny wrote a great novel called "The Road Home"...a modern retelling of the story of Ruth. In the modern version Ruth is a bargtender from Moab, Utah...and Naomi comes from a Mennonite community in Pennsylvania..Oh the book is good and you see God's love, redemption and blessing all over the story!!! Tommy Tenny also wrote "One Night with the King" and "The Hadassah Covenant"..also good novels that center around the time of Esther with a parallel story in the modern day :) :) Highly recommend those!!!

    Oh, I'm still drooling over the jam and scones gift!!!! The little minty green doilies are super cute too. Did you crochet those? They're beautiful!!!!

    Love and hugs, Heather :) :) :)

  6. Well, Who doesn't love fluff?!?!?! Just adorable! I hope to have some soon!!! I was going to wait two more years, but seeing all of your little darlings, I think I might be talking to Handsome Hubby about it soon! :-)
    Who wouldn't love a lovely gift like that??? Yes, we all are in need for some love. My Mama always says: "Be nice to everybody, because everybody if having a tough time!"
    I have tears of joy for you dear friend regarding your son... I've been down some rough roads... It is in my brokeness that I finally learned to rely on the Lord. Beauty for Ashes!
    Love you bunches!!!

  7. Thanks for reminding me to pray for my kids Ive slacked off as of late and really need to get back to God about them. THere names are Shawn and Abbea and 4 great grandkids to pray for too. Sherri

  8. Thanks for stopping to say HI!! I have been wanting to do the whole chicken thing....still prepping and researching. Right now we are in the thick of the 4-H fair so it will have to wait until August before any more consideration...any helpful hints about chickens to choose?

  9. Those little bundles of fluff are just so sweet! We think nothing beats the Rhode Island Reds for laying brown eggs, all year long too!

    You are right, it is easy to think our prayers don't really make much difference. I need to pray for my children and husband more!

  10. Isn't it wonderful how the Lord gets our attention even in the middle of the night when our children need us to be praying. We serve an amazing God!!

  11. Love all your little ducks and chicks :)

    And your plums!! abundance all around.


  12. Good Morning!
    As you know, of course, I LOVE the chicks...but more importantly, I love your comments about the importance of being a momma and praying for your children. God is so good.

  13. Sometimes it is hard for me to pray for my children. Amid praying for our children we lost our first born, Joshua. He would be 23 now. He was only 16.

    We do have 2 other children and grandbaby, but this journey changes us. I hope to get back to my faith. Someday soon.

    Don't get me wrong, I believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit --I'm just very hurt that God took Joshua. One day.....it will be ok, maybe.

  14. I think of you when ever I see my clothes pin bag hanging by my back door...:) I want to come visit your chicks...brings back memories of Mom getting rooster chicks to later dress and then have her amazing fried chicken!! I remember sitting down in the midst of all those little fluffs listening to them cheep...:) aawh such sweet memories.
    It is my prayer that your son is facing his challenges head on and allowing God to do HIS work in him. Our children are never to old for us to not pray for them!!

  15. Hi Carissa, YOu are soooo right! Your little ones would love the little babies. You could teach them to care for them! smile! Yup, I had my time in my young life also! I learned and don't want to go there ever again! Thanks for coming over!

    Sherry, praying is such a gift for our children and grandkids! How precious that you are going to start praying more!!! Yeah! Let me know when you get them. I want to see!

    Sheryl, I do like Rhode Island Reds also. I have some. I really have every kind of chicken!

    Danielle, I love Barred Rocks, Buff's and Cuckoo Marans (I just got some babies and can't wait till they lay eggs. They will be dark brown!

    Love, yes! It is wonderful.

    Sheila, I can't wait to make my jam with the plums. I have them all in the freezer now and they will be ready when I have time.

    Laura, Your words were so kind! Thank you!

    Hello Cindy, My heart aches for you, beyond! I am entrusting you with the Lord. You are such a precious Momma! I wrote you a personal email. Hope you got it. Sometimes they go in the trash. Hope it didn't. I am praying for your broken heart. I love how you love your God. When I read some of your blog I was so touched by your honesty and your compassion!

    Hi Kathy, I loved making you your clothes pin bag. You can come visit me anytime you want. Only about 3 hours away! smile! My son wrote another email to day to his daddy. It was incredible!!!! So good to hear from you

    Thank you ladies for writing me! I loveit!


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