Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Have a Nice Day, I will!

I just love these little guys! What they have to go through from this Farm Wife!

Good Morning Ladies,

This story I am going to tell you probably won't sound as funny as it was when I write about it, but I laughed so hard I could hardly talk. Last night our oldest grandson and the middle grandson (our oldest sons children) and I were in the kitchen. The boys were ready to brush their teeth and the last time they were with, they had left their little black bag that had their tooth brush and tooth paste in it at our farm. The oldest did not get to stay the last time, because he was on a missions trip with his church. He is 12, so he didn't have a toothbrush in the bag. Not even thinking I said, "Not a problem, you can use one of Grandpa Leo's tooth brushes". Now I had been in my little studio barn earlier in the day and had seen a tooth brush that Grandpa had received when he was in the hospital before he died and I thought that it will be nice to have it if one of the grand kids forgets their toothbrush. Well, I am still working away on the counter. I notice grandson isn't talking. I looked over and his mouth and face were priceless. It was obvious he didn't think my idea was a good one. I put two and two together (Grammies can do that fast) and realized he thought I meant Grandpa's used one. OH MY! I had to laugh so hard, then he and his brother were laughing so hard. Poor thing, thought Grammie was going to make him used a soiled old toothbrush. He did have a look of panic. I eased his mind and said it was a prepackaged one. It really was a fun memory for us all to tucked in our hearts!!!!! I am sure you have one, please share it with, we all would love to hear it.

Today will be filled with fun. Grammie and Poppa Camp on the farm! Most of the grandkids will be here and they will be working on their fort. They love the mailbox idea that Ian came up with. They are writing notes back to him this morning. This could be a good thing!

Mr. Phil and I are going to measure out the new fence that we have been hired to work on. The family that we worked for before, the one we built a few weeks back? We got another job. Mr. Phil needs my help! So glad............we have alot of talking time. I listen to him, because he is a wise man. We will do that early this morning, than I will be back to help the kids build on their fort. I want to put a floor above their fort and start building up! I have never done anything and I may have to interrupt Poppa a few time, but it will be fun! "Swiss Farmily Stubbs" we will be! Get it, Farm.....ily? Sound stupid? smile! The kids have watched Swiss Family Robinson's with me many times, over the years. It is one of our favorites. You haven't watched it? Get it, it is adorable.

A capable, intelligent and virtuous woman, who is he co can find her? She is farm more precious than jewels and her value is farm ABOVE RUBIES or pearls. Proverbs 31:10

A few things I want to leave you with. I am not sure if you get this magazine, but it is a favorite of mine. It is called Above Rubies. It is wonderful, there are articles for all age women. They cover everything from Adoption, Family Life, Recipes and much more. It will be a major source of encouragement to you! They also have women Retreats and Seminars in the United States and abroad.

Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss is another favorite of mine. You can listen to her radio program right on her website. It is worth going to and gleaning from a wise woman. Nancy has a speaking Schedule that you can look up on the site and Pure In Heart Conferences.
This is the best book! Helped me a lot to think biblically and in truth.

Some years back our family was out at Family Life Today in Arkansas. We had a friend that worked there and we were able to have a wonderful tour of the place. We went to the recording part of the studio and there was Nancy sitting doing a program. She was not busy later in the day, so he asked if we would like to meet her. How fun would that be? Before we left we all held hands in a circle and prayed. She prayed blessings over our two daughters. Course I wept as I heard someone asking God to be over our daughters purity and life. It was a memory I will never forget. Hope you find enjoyment on the websites.

Off to measure out the land for the new fence. My honey needs me! That is a good feeling! Thank you for all of you who prayed for a job. God heard you. We thank you!!!!!! I am praying for you all. You are such precious gifts to our family, from the Lord!

Blessings and hugs from the farm,


  1. Linda, what a sweet picture of the chicks! And a precious story about your grandkids. Don't work too hard on that fence! -Tammy

  2. Yes very cute indeed about the toothbrush, the baby chicks are so adorable, hugs and blessings enjoy your family time.

  3. That must have been a sight to see on your grandson's face ~ panic indeed. How quickly we can panic when we don't get the whole picture or the right picture. Have a great day.

  4. Hello Sweet friend,
    Thank you for stopping on by my blog, I'm happy that post brought some nice memories for you and now I'm here to catch up. Your header is just beautiful and yes I always leave here with a happy heart! I LOVED your story about your sweet grandson, that is the same sort of thing that makes us crack up in our! A little something like that happens each day at our house that we will end up laughing about! My kids loved your videos, we all love how you share your beautiful farm life and family with us, what a treat! Have a great week! Take care, Dee

  5. Hi Linda -

    Speaking of grandparents and toothbrushes etc... When I was about eleven (long time ago) my grandmother came too stay with us for a little while. We were all in the bathroom one evening brushing our teeth. All of a sudden, grandma started taking her teeth out and was brushing them. Oh my! You should have seen our faces! We had no idea what dentures were, let alone that grandma had some! Still makes me laugh to this day!

    On another note, I have a prayer request for you as I believe you are a fellow prayer warrior. Our family lived in Minnesota for a time this last year. We loved it! When we came back from Italy this spring the only job that opened up was in Oregon. We needed work, so that is where we went. Our stuff, however, was in Minn. When we tried to go get it, everything fell through and we didn't have the money and so on. So, our stuff is still there. I don't know, but I wonder if God knows we'll need it there soon. The prayer request is that my husband has applied for two jobs there and we are praying that if God would have us live in that area, that He would provide one of those jobs for my husband. We already have the opportunity for a farm to rent and our stuff is still there. I wonder what God has in store. I will try to be patient and wait on Him.

    Thank you for your note on my blog. If I am ever in the area, I hope to meet you someday! You have such a sweet heart. Have fun working with your hubby!

    - Anna

  6. Thanks for the links. :-) I love your story about 'Grandpa's toothbrush.' That's hilarious. My husband loves to tell anyone who stays here and has forgotten their toothbrush, 'That's okay. You can use mine.' and wait for the response it gets. :-)

  7. Good Morning Linda :)

    I love the chick photo :) So sweet! Oh my! I was giggling as soon as I read what you told your grandson! I knew that's what he was thinking because that's what I would have been thinkinhg as well :)

    Thank you for posting the links, I have checked out nancy's before in fact printed up one of her challenges to start :)

    Have a blessed day!

  8. I love Nancy Leigh DeMoss!

    I have to say, I have been so desperate for toothbrushes for grandkids that I have BOILED old ones for them to use! Some of them came completely apart in the boiling water. But I figured the ones that didn't were probably cleaner than they were when I took them out of the package. Yuk!

  9. Thank you for the great links. I loved the toothbrush story and hearing about the fort and mailbox filled with notes. Makes me want to be a kid again having fun adventures like that. Praying all goes well for the fence job.
    I don't know about everyone else but I am ready for Fall. God's blessings and grace,
    Jeannie Schlitt

  10. Oh Linda..what a fun post! What would we do without our grandkids?? ha I pray you're fence work will go well!

    xoxo Gert

  11. My daughter is expecting her second child next Feb. My granddaughter is 2 1/2 years old so my daughter hasn't told her yet. She's afraid the wait would be too long. Last night Carsyn was sitting at the table with her dad and pointed to the microwave and asked Daddy, what is that? He answered, a microwave. She then pointed to the stove and asked, Is that the oven. He replied Yes. Carsyn then leaned over to my SIL and whispered, "Mommy has a bun in the oven!" My SIL laughed so hard that it brought my daughter running. Because her daddy laughed, Carsyn was too embarrassed to repeat the remark. Of course, she has no idea what that means but we are still laughing!

  12. Hi Linda...

    I'll have to think a bit if I have any grandpa/grandma funny stories. I thought the story about your grandson and the "used" toothbrash was hilarious :) :) Thanks for the laughs :) :)

    Have fun camping :) :) :) Can't wait to hear about all the fun adventures!!!

    I looked up those first two websites that you mentioned. They look great. I joined Above Rubies on Facebook. There's another fantastic wesite/free eZine for single ladies called "Ladies in WAiting" There's a blog for it on my sidebar. The lady who does most of the writing is in her early 20s...but I really like it because it got so much good advice, tips...and recips etc...but it's geared toward single Christian woman...although a lot of married people do read/contribute to the magazine as well. It's wonderful and has been such an encouragment to me!!! The eZine is free and comes out every 2 months or so. It's chock full of all kinds of good things!! :) :)

    Well, I love Swiss Family fact that might now be my new nickname for you all ) :) :) Alrighty, let's try it out...Lots of love and hugs to the whole Swiss Family Stubbs...Oops..or should I say Swiss Farm-ily Stubbs :) :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

  13. When I talked about "Ladies in Waiting"..that was supposed to be "blog button" :) :) :) It's another great site!! Hugs, Heather :)


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