Monday, July 19, 2010

A Place Of Refuge...........And A Time To Grow!

A Bundle of LOVE!

Hello, Sweetie Ladies,

First off thank you for all the sweetness sent Taylors way!! She says, THANK YOU!
You truly blessed her and that makes this Momma happy!

Also, thank you for all the prayers on Grandpa's Truck. The Lord used you to bless us! Thank you so much! You are all so precious in His sight!

I know that I am a rich Momma and Grammie. Oh, I don't mean money. Some things in life you couldn't give enough money for. On sat. Mr. Puddle Duck's last egg hatched. I was gone at the sale, but when I came home she had hatched TEN BABY DUCKS, for me and you!

I was so happy, all but one hatched. There off away from her nest was a lone egg. When I went to get it, it was not a good egg. Isn't she so smart to have moved it from the nest and that she would have know to do that. If you live on a farm you will see how the Lord puts into each mother animal or bird the protection the parent will give to their young. It is truly amazing and for me to see that, I love my God even more. Mrs. Puddle Duck is surrounded by a safe place for her new babies. Mr. Phil and I used some straw bales and cow panels along the top, so everyone could still see the little ones growing. I will tell you that if you tried to get one of those babies from her now, she would tear your arm off. She is a mean Momma now and that is a good thing.

I just sit and watch and look with amazement of the care the Lord has for all that He has created. He has given us everything we need. Just as I care for this momma duck, how much more does He care for US! I would do everything in my power to protect my children and grandchildren. I wouldn't want anything to hurt them somehow with the planning from the Lord she is the same way. It is beautiful to watch. No matter how old I will get I will never tire to such goodness from the Lord.


Sometimes you will come up on the nest and there will be a little one basking in the sun! They don't look alive the way they are all sprawled out on the ground, but they are fine. Baby chicks do the same thing with their little legs all out. He just likes the" toastiness" ( I know that is not a word, but I like the sound of it) of the sun.

We had to put a rock into the granite bowl so they could hop out, because they are so tiny. Precious to watch. In the background the Poppa Duck was making a little bit of noise. He really doesn't like not having Mrs. Puddle Duck close to his side. He spends a lot of time by the outside of the enclosure. We are not sure what he would do about the babies. Never had this experience before.

Just as the Momma Duck has a place of refuge the same goes here on the farm for our grandkids. We have tried to provided an atmosphere for their parents and now them to learn, glean and savor farm life at it's best. God has provided us with a farm that has been loved and worked for five generations counting Mr. Phil and I. Six, if you count our kids and now Seven if you count our grandkids. They are working right along side us to make Grandpa Jack and Grandma Jo proud that all that they taught us is being handed down to the next generations. They taught what it was to work hard, to do a job to your best ability and look back and be pleased with what you have done. I would take that a step further, that we have only one to please and that is Jesus Christ alone. He is watching and He is the only one that really matters and if we do it for Him, He gets the Glory!

One day the 3 of our grandsons set out with their BB-guns, into what we would call our Kansas forests! Smile!

"Listen, my son, to your father's instruction
and do not forsake your mother's teaching.
They will be a garland to grace your head
and a chain to adorn your neck."

Proverbs 1:8-9 NIV

They called me outside................ a few hours later. I was going to be blessed at what they had done!

The boys took me by the hand out west of the house..........

down the lane............

that pasts the.......

combine shed....... a little farther on down,

past the metal pile

(it has been there piling up for over 100 years).

Then we had to pass by the

two old metal ironing boards,

(hey, I never have seen these before)

We came to the cleared Refuge!

The had made a sign that said, Created by, Ian, Ethan and Camden!

Hmmm created by!
When I have my grand babies put into my arms for the very first time, I whisper into their ear,

God created the heavens and the earth, Genesis ! 1:1

I want them to KNOW, that the earth just didn't poof! It was created, just like this
place of refuge! It was created by some one, them!!!!!

They had found junk from the metal pile and decorated their fort. It was amazing. All the detail and work they had gone to, to make it their place.
I oooooed and awwwwwed.

They took me to each of their cleared out spaces,

that was called "their own".

Ian came back to the farm a few days later. He found Grandma Jo and Grandpa Jacks beat up mail box. We couldn't take it down from the end of the lane, because, well no reason I guess, sentimental? A cement truck did it for us. He creamed it out, so to speak. The company bought us a new one. Not as cool as Grandpa and Grandma's, but nice. Anyway Ian asked if they could use it. His Momma said, that it would be nice when the boys came out separately that they could leave notes. I am "thinkin" so will I, plus little treats!

Boy will I have fun with this mailbox, so will they.

Ian put his first note in for them to find.

Dear Cam, Ethan and Chan,
Did you see the mailbox on the tree branch?
I found it by the west oil tank. Today I found three
more chains, and nails. I have done other things too.


A place of REFUGE.....

and a time to grow..........

in all the Lord has given you.

"I will love you as high as the sky"!
Your Grammie

Have a nice day sweet Ladies, I would love to here about the memories you are making with your precious children and grandchildren! ............Or just how your day is going!

Have a great day today!!!!!

If you see a picture you see, you may use. Just please put somewhere that it
is from Prairie Flower Farm, thanks bunches!

One more thing, this comment was left on my blog, lets keep her in our prayers!

Our God is an awesome God! Wow, what an amazing day He gave you in so many ways. Loved the little puppy too. Can I ask for a personal prayer from y'all? Tomorrow I have jury duty which isn't a big deal, but the day after I have a dr appointment for my cancer check and I really want to be able to make it. I know God is in control and already has all the details of jury duty and doctors worked out, but I thought I'd step out in faith and ask. If God can give you Grandpa's truck back surely He can give me a one day jury service. If He doesn't that's okay too.Thank you so much. Rejoicing with you,

You are being takin to the Throne Room OF GOD,

Also, a praise from Michle. Remember her son Jason? We are praying for him because he has
cancer? Well she wrote us yesterday and said,

Jason is hanging in there, one of the tumors that they have been treating is now gone. So we are making progress. Please continue to pray for healing and that he will soon find work.

Tell Jason we are still praying and thanking the Lord for the tumor that is gone.

Sorry for the road he has to walk. He is a brave man!

Blessings from the farm, Linda


  1. What a sweet post Linda. I was about to run off to the grocery store...and I saw your my world stops for you :) :) :) How fun...I loved seeing all the old farm things. I was surprised that you'd still have stuff on your farm that you haven't seen before...but farming for 5 generations so far, I guess that shouldn't come as surprise. How cool :) :) OH, while I was oohing and ahing over all the photos, I couldn't help but think about the stories those objects would have to tell!!!!

    I thought your grandsons building their own spaces was super cute!!!...and I can't wait to see what you do with Grandpa Jack's mailbox...filled with treats: ) :) :) Please post a picture of the finished mailbox :) :) Oh, those boys are goig to love getting special messages just for them in that mailbox :) :)

    I"ve always loved farms...even as a little girl..and someday, maybe I'll have my very own. Until then, I really enjoy reading all your stories from the,sad, sweet, inspiring... :) :) :)

    My day is going well so far. I'm just busy working on crafts and looking for jobs!!! I'm looking to get rid of more stuff in my room and just make it an inviting room to be in. In fact, I'm trying to be better with my time overall...and really thinking about all the fun , different craft projects I get to work on this week.

    I was thinking about the Ruth Bible study "Redeeming Ruth"...and I'm so praying for a "Boaz" for myself...and for Micah and Tressa too!! ..Taylor...but she's still really young yet...but it's never too early to pray !!!! It was such a good Bible study...and I'm still single...and that's okay, until God brings the right one along. I'm willing to wait...but sometimes I think the church forgets about us it was really encouraging to participate in that study...there's hope, encouragement...good biblical guidelines as always :) :) :)

    Let's see what else? I'll be taking more photos. I'm participating in a 365 day photo challenge over at Miss Antoinette's Practical Simplicity Photography. so that's been a lot of fun.

    I'll definitely be praying for Jeannie!!! Yes, I loved how she put it...if God could answer your prayers for Grandpa Jack's truck, He can definitely answer her prayers for one-day jury duty...and I love how she's praising God regardless of what the outcome will be...with jury duty I mean!!! Thanks for sharing Linda...and Jeannie, if you read this...I'm praying for YOU!!!

    That's all for the moment :) :) :) Lots of love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

  2. Oh, love the new header with the chickies and if I borrow a photo, I'll let you know and make sure to give Prairie Flower Farm all the credit :) :) :) Thank you...ooops...wrote a really long comment!!! Thanks for letting me do that :) :) Love and hugs, Heather :)

  3. Hello sweet Heather, You must come back, we thought that the video went up and it didn't. I was trying to hurry and thought it was up and for some reason it didn't work. Had to leave and put up an electric fence for the horses. Came back and nothing! So it is up now. Hope you like. They are the sweetest little duckies!!

    You must come out sometime to Kansas. Put your little Daddy in the car and drive East over the mountains. Now wouldn't that be so much fun. Then you and the girls could do a Bible study together in real persons!!!!!!

    Blessings, Linda

  4. Oh Linda, thank you so much for putting my prayer request out there and for you and Heather and everyone praying for me. God answered the first prayer and I was able to be exempt from jury duty due to my procedure tomorrow, thank you Jesus! I should know right away tomorrow if all is clear and will let you know. I will be praying for Jason's healing and employment need. It is so wonderful to have sisters in Christ to share life with. Those little ducks are the sweetest. I'm enjoying a rainy afternoon home with my big, black dog Yogi. May God bless your day as you serve Him in so many ways. Love y'all, Jeannie

  5. Hi're so cute...:) :) I just watched the video...and those ducklings are so CUTE!!!!!...and so widdle and fwuffy and evewyting..:) :) :) There's something about babies...even feathery ones...

    A road trip to Kansas? That would be fun!!!! I'll ask my dad..You know, it's funny because I have one good friend...and at least two other people I know that live in KS...That must be the state to be in right now :) :) I LOVE roadtrips!!!...and Bible study would be fun!!!!

    I"ve been wanting to move for a long time another part of Oregon...or a completely new state alltogether. God just hasn't made that possible yet...but I"m still praying...because until I'm pushing up daisies...the answer can still be yes. In the meantime, I wait here and I'm happy :) :) :)

    All the farm photos were so cute!!! I'm not sure which one to pick!!! I know the one I liked THE BEST was the one where you say "I love you as high as the sky" Love Grammie :) :) :)

    You know how see photos of old stuff..and it's hauntingly beautiful. That's what I felt seeing all these old farm things. could take the kids on an archeological dig just to see what you might find:) :) :)

    Oh loved the first few too with the path going past those old buildings with the chipped paint :) :) LOVE IT ALL!!!!

    Remember, don't forget to post a photo of Grandpa Jack's mailbox with treats :) :) :)

    Extra love and hugs...and prayers that God would make a roadtrip possible. I'd love to see other parts of our country!!

    Love from Oregon, Heather :)

  6. Yeah to Jeannie's prayer request being answered and then some...we prayed for one-day only jury duty...and God gave Jeannie "no day jury duty" Yeah... :) :) :) Hugs, Heather :)

  7. I like your new header! And of course, those sweet little birds!

    Love how the boys made their 'own place.' I remember doing that as a kid and our own children doing that as well. It was made out of 'good junk.' :-) Good to read that there are still children who play outdoors and 'make' things!

  8. Oh, what a lovely post!! I loved seeing your babies and hearing about your grandsons too. The photos are wonderful. I always enjoy visiting your farm and reading your posts which are so full of praise to our Lord.

  9. Oh Linda how I love every one of your posts. The baby ducks are soooooo cute, I just love to watch them! And I know how fun it is to have a place of your are such great grandparents, I know your grandbabies will always remember you and these special times in their lives.

    My prayers are with your blogger during this stressful time with jury duty and drs appt.

    Love your new header!!

    xoxo Gert

  10. PS Love the new header with the bird houses. I have a small collection in my kitchen. God's blessings on all...Jeannie

  11. Hello, just got in the house. I have been out watering the big chickens, ducks and put some new water in the little ducks "pond". It is very hot out there! I had two glasses of tea, with sugar in it! I can't drink it any other way!

    Jeannie, you are more than welcome!!!! I know that the ladies that follow Prairie Flower are prayer warriors. So glad the Lord answered. Did you say rain? We need some more, but it doesn't look like we will be getting any time soon, but we are glad you got some.
    Thinking of you tomorrow. Taking you before Jesus!

    Heather you are a nut!

    Cranberry, Thank you! We went to this really fun restaurant that is in Amish country. Our daughter Tay wanted to eat there for her birthday. Anyway, they had this bird cage. Cute? Loved it and knew what I was going to put in it. Heehee.

    So glad you enjoyed Sara. The kids are having the best time in their fort. I want to help build a ceiling, that will be a floor. We have torn down old barns years prior and saved all the wood. We are going to use some wood and do some serious building. I told them it was going to be Swiss Family Stubbs on the Prairie!

    Hello Gert, Thank you for the sweetness!!!! I do love my grandbabies so much. I want a relationship with them all of their life! I had fun doing the header!

    Thank you Jeannie for the kind words. I love bird houses! My grandson and his Grandpa made the one on the left side! Love it,

    Have a wonderful evening!


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