Friday, July 30, 2010

Fall Thyme Stichery and Her Name is..........!

Hello sweet ladies,

Well, here is the 3rd quilt block for Winter All Year Long, Fall Thyme Stitchery! I am so excited that we are half way through our stitcheries. Only one more to go and that will come out the beginning of Oct. I will have the pattern for the wall hanging quilt pattern by the end of August. You can take and make the squares into pillows, if you would rather. I was thinking of having kits of fabric for the quilt for sale. Let me know what you think. I will keep the cost down. You would have to get the batting and backing for the quilt. I would also include hand cut bias tape to match the fabric in the kit. Just let me know what you think. I won't hold you to it, just seeing if there is any interest. I am getting excited. Haven't designed it yet, but it is in my head. Now I need to get it on paper and then to the sewing machine. That's the best part! Enter your name and email to download the pattern located on the side bar, if you like!

Well, look who is here, our little Miss Annabelle. Her name got 17% of the votes. Bella and Daisy Mae got 16%. We had 200 votes as of today. I know I let the vote go a little bit longer than I said, okay a "lotta" bit longer! But summer gets away with us on a farm! Smile. Thank you all so much for doing this with us! The Grandkids had fun checking in all the time at who was winning. It was Annabelle and Bella most of the time.

Now I have to tell you about our day. We set out this morning to go to Oklahoma to pick up the fencing materials. Before we leave our home Mr. Phil always asks the Lord for protection and also that we would be a blessing. We were having a lovely time and he thought the little old truck was doing really well. It was going to be 4-5 hours each way. We were half way there and the truck was kind of shaking in the front. Not good, I thought. Now you know ladies you have to be careful about what you say to your man. They don't always like lots of questions when things are not going as they planned. So I was just sitting there and then I couldn't stand it any longer and I asked if we were getting a flat tire. He said, "I don't know". I usually need more than that kind of answer, so I waited some more. Then it was really shaking and he was slowing down. He got out of the truck and sure enough it was the tire. You will not believe this, but up a little ways you could see this sign Good Year. That looked good to me. We went over and the guys that worked there, said that their tires were big tires. They worked on semis and such. Oh, man,............. it was so hot and I was sticky and felt not nice! We were going to be late to the place with the fencing, so that was out. Here we were half way there and had to turn back. They told us of a place down the road, so we had to drive very carefully and slow. God was so good to us. We were going to a place and the man told Mr. Phil on the phone were it was. They were not real good directions though. You guessed it, we passed it, didn't even seeeee it! Ended up finding another place in the next town and there was a McDonalds right next to the tire place. I hopped out of the truck and went in and washed my face. I was getting to sit in air conditioning and got to get on my laptop. It worked for me. Then Mr. Phil came and took me on a date, at Mc's and we had a nice dinner. I had been thinking earlier in the day, that maybe he could take me somewhere nice, but by this point I didn't care. We got the tires at a really good price and came home. I stitched the whole time. Well I did fall asleep once. I am not a sitter. I am up and going all the time, so if I sit I am out. When I got home I went straight to the shower.

This is what you call NUM!

My Tressy said she had a surprise for us. Cinnamon rolls with frosting with a little coffee in it. My grandma made it that way. Taylor had the kitchen and front room all picked up. Sweet girls they are!!!! Now for the bad news! We have to go all the way back again tomorrow (Sat). It is to be even hotter. James 1. "Count it all JOY!" We will do our best, with the Lords help. Smile!

Thank you for all who prayed and left me comments today. They were just what I needed! I soooo appreciate you. I wrote back on each comment and the internet went down again, for about an hour. We think it might be our router. I lost all my comments to you. I wanted to cry, but I didn't. I will answer tomorrow when I get home. To tired to think!!!! They were all nice little notes, to tell you about how I appreciate you all so much!

Welcome all you new followers. I have noticed you and am coming over to see you!!!!!!

Blessings and hugs from the farm.



  1. Oh you are too cute and funny! I imagined myself sitting there with my Dave and something going wrong. That is exactly what I would have had to do. It is funny how we "learn" our man! Well, if we "learn" him, it's a good idea to use that info we have to bless him and not to make matters worse. I am still learning, and I suppose I will for a long time yet.

    It's a little cooler here today and so I am going to make some potato salad and some fruit bread.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your day!

    Anna @ TravelinPilgrim

  2. Dear Linda... I'll co ment more on this post later today. My dad needs a turn on the computer and he's starting to get a little grumpy :) :) :) Thank you for the FREE "Fall Thyme Block E-Pattern!!! That's a blessing and I pray God will bless you more in return for the nice things you do for us ;) :) I hve some cotton linen towels I purchased from Lehman's in Ohio that I need to embroider. This would be a great way to decorate them!!!!

    Oh just a nhote...the link for the e mail says "Summer Thyme"...and I think you meant to say "Fall" :) :) :) :) I hope so any way...because I signed up for it ;) :) :)

    I'm glad you are home safe...Please tell Tressa and Micah I'll be commenting on their blogs th is weekend....I still have all my notes from the Redeeming Ruth Bible study :) :) :)

    Much love and hugs to you and the family Stubbs :) :) :) I'll come back later today for another visit :) :) ...Heather :) :) :)

  3. Oh no! At least you made it safely home - I hope you have a better journey tomorrow, God willing!

    Little Annabelle is so beautiful with her proud Mama- such gentle creatures (well, most of the time!)

    Lindsay x

  4. I like the fall pattern. I have to stitch the summer pattern, but I think I skip that for the moment and go straight to the fall pattern. So it's ready when fall starts.
    But now we have a gorgious summer here in the Netherlands.
    Thank you for this lovely pattern (and the other 2 as well).

  5. I appreciate you soo much! Before I sit down to read your blog, I brew some strawberry tea and a little treat to accompany it. Thank you for honoring your husband (being sensitive to his needs & irritants) and making such a wonderful effort to stay joyful!
    I want to be a Grammie like you one day...I just love that you are surrounded by the Lord's blessings: sweet husband, children, grandchildren, lots of "farm" friends/pets and enjoying the life the Lord has given you!
    Thanks soo very much for your inspiration! You are sowing seeds in so many others lives!


  6. What sweet daughters you have! It's HOT here too - heat index @105. Praying you have joy and can keep cool today.

  7. May God bring you home safe and sound. There's always an adventure and a chance to trust Him isn't there? Little Annabelle is so cute. I can't wait till heaven when the lion will lay down with the lamb and the animals will live as God originally intended. Praying for y'all to be blessed.

  8. Hi Linda
    I'm glad you made it to the tire store safely. You may never know just what our Lord saved you from by not making the rest of the trip. It's 104 here today. I'm sure the trip will be a tad warm but count it a blessing to be sitting with Mr. Phil.

  9. Oh Linda, I am so sorry to hear about all your problems, we have had some just like this. Always seems when it is either really HOT or COLD that is where things really go wrong. remind me of myself with my Mr. Tom when things go wrong, we do have to be careful what we say..ha Oh I love your new pattern, I can't wait to start it!!!! BUT must finish my summer one first...I have been busy sewing on it today.

    The Lord be with you and yours (you have such a sweet daughter to have baked those rolls for you guys!!)

    xoxo Gert

  10. Linda everything works in God's own time doesn't it? I am glad you and Mr. Phil are safe and sound. Your girls are delightful caring for the homefront while you were gone. Take care and come visit me soon. I am always excited to visit you here. Hugs and many blessings Anne

  11. Linda so glad you're journey was safe. I was so excited to see the latest pattern, when you posted a pic of your little sewing box for your trip I thought I saw green embroidery and I figured that was for the fall stitchery. I am going to make these into blocks for a wall hanging & give to my Best Friend for Christmas. I Will be anxious to see what kind of fabric you use. I am thinking on it. When I make cinnamon rolls I put a bit of coffee in the frosting also. Yum!!

  12. Any chance you could post a recipe for the cinnamon rolls? They look really yummy! I am going to make mine into a small wall hanging to hang in my living room.

  13. Dear Sweet Linda,
    Praise the Lord that he kept you safe!! I know it was probably hot & sticky~and not fun~especially for your hubby!!! But your all in one piece~the Lord was looking out for you~He always does!! :-)
    I'm sorry your plans changed~I hope your trip on Sat went better!!! I was praying for you!!
    ANNABELLE!!!! Yippie!!! That is the name I voted for!!! Oh she looks so sweet, I just want to hug her!
    How sweet of your Tressa!! I know you are proud!
    Handsome Hubby is on a stretch of vacation again, we're going to the beach tomorrow (MON), can't wait to watch the children play in the sand and see their little toes splash in the water!!!
    Love you bunches!

  14. Linda, you are such an inspiration with your positive, uplifting attitude in any situation; always seeing the good! I strive and pray for that kind of grace. The cinnamon rolls look so yummy. And thank you for another sweet pattern. I love Fall! I wish I could send you some of our cool weather...only a high of 82 (63 right now) in North Idaho today. Blessings to you!

  15. I love that your husband prays each day that you will be a blessing to others. I love that and want to start my days like that.


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