Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thankful In All Things, Smile!

This is hardly interesting.......... but this is what we went for. These will be the posts we put in the ground to build the fence. I can hardly wait!!!!! Heehee. The only thing that will be fun will be working with my honey! It will be so hot. Joy in my heart, we have a job and that is what we need, maybe not exactly what I want. God knows how to shape us into what He wants us to be! I will keep a smile on my face and try not to grumble in my HEART!

Yesterday was another one of those days. Mr. Phil and I started out real early. As honey always does, he brought us before our Father, asking for the Lord to take the day and protect us. Also, that we might be a blessing to those we come in contact with. It was way cool in the morning, but it got hotter and hotter as we got closer to Oklahoma. I had my cool little washcloth to cool me down when I needed it. It really helps when you get sticky. I don't know how hot is was, but my honey was soaked most of the time working out under the sun, strapping things down. We picked up the fence posts at the place. They were so helpful there!

We went on into Bartlesville to eat. Hmmmm nummy! Long John Silvers with a Mc Dondalds right next door!!!! Internet. I popped in and wrote on my facebook. Some of you know what happened. ANOTHER SPLIT TIRE! Now this is not funny girls! I know that you were all praying, because we were real calm about it all! It was hot like I said. As we were eating earlier there was a family sitting next to us that bowed their head and prayed. That always brings goosey bumps to my arms. Anyway the man told Honey where a tire place was not far down the road. Mr. Honey had to change the tire with the spare we had with first, so we could drive down there. I sat in the truck stitching away, because some times a lady just needs to stay out of her mans way in times like this. Not to many questions either. I have learned somethings over the years. He got it changed and off we went. We found the place and they worked on the tire. They found a piece of steel in the tire, but no hole. Amazing, can't figure. It might have been the stem. That is what they said. Not sure what a stem is for sure, but I think it is the thing that has the air put in. Mr. Phil went up to pay some money........... ugh!!!!!!!! This trip has cost us more than what we thought. Not sure how much we will make on the deal. Anyway, they said, "It was nothing"!!!!!! God you are so amazing!!! It was such a blessings. I know the word says that He won't give us more than we can take". There are a lot of times I feel like He has passed that up, but this time it was truly a sweet gift. I am thinking that that tire place needs some cookies in the mail. IN JESUS NAME! We will get on that one. I will have to look up how to ship cookies. There are neat ways to do that. we went again!!!!!!!! To our Home!!!!!!

Mr. Phil surprised me and took me on the scenic route home. It was beautiful. God made it just for us, so way on down in time, we would get to see what God does so well! We enjoyed ourselves and we kept thanking HIM! I finished another stitchery. Started on another one. I will have finished 4 by the time I get home. Yea!!!!!! Uninterrupted stitchery time!

I loved the winding roads. Up and down the hills we went. In our little white truck with our materials behind us. Breeze going from his window to my window and back and forth. Very lovely!

I miss Alaska so much at times, but times like today I feel like I got a little taste of it!

The river was beautiful. Not sure what the name was, Mr Phil had a mission and that was
to get the truck home. Some things I tried to take a pic of........... ended up being a blur. He was really moving!!!!!!!

Lots of rolling hills and trees. Some times you could look out and see forever! It was breath taking.

We had a fun day, together and got home safely. We were blessed!

Thank you for the sweetness you left yesterday! It was fun to read when I was away from home.
Glad you are down loading the Fall Thyme! If some would like to put it on your blog and get it out there to others, I would appreciate it!

I will answer the comments today! Hope you enjoy your day with the Lord today!!!


Blessings and hugs from the farm



  1. thankful you got home amazed you can stitch while driving..I get so carsick its not funny...can't read either for the same reason......thank the Lord for work and travel safety.....beautiful photos too!

  2. Good Morning Linda Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share this morning. I loved it. You went after the fence materials, hoping for a little accident free and were blessed by a wonderful family at lunch and some new friends with the tire. (Oh and by the way Moma sends me cookies packed in popcorn. They don't crumble that way. Amazingly they still taste like sugar cookies with frosting when I get them too.)

    I love to read all your writes. Sweetie you are such a beautiful writer. Thank you for sharing today. I have received my Sunday blessing.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  3. How wonderful it is to read the things you write. I personal feel so touched when I read your post. Sometimes I feel so alone, but when I read your thoughts and activities of the day, what blessings come my way. God was with you and your honey when the tire situation came up, I also love to go places and see a family bow their heads in prayer. Cookies ship well in a tin surrounded with newspaper or those styrofoam peanuts. Popcorn is another good alternative for packaging material. God Bless

  4. Hi Linda...I'd be happy to help you spread the word with those stitch patterns. Do I need an HTML code? Or can I just copy the image and link it back to your blog? I think you have my email address, too :) :) So glad you're home. I'll write more later!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. I am so glad you are safely home and that you have such a wonderful testimony of how the Lord took care of you on your trip(s). May God bless the tire shop that blessed you. It's supposed to hit 100 today and this east coast girl transplanted in Texas is ready for Fall or even just the 80's would be nice. There's not much left of my flower beds between the heat and the rain. Let's keep praying for our marriages. God's grace on you and yours.

  6. Linda..I am so happy you made it home safely. Sure feels wonderful to pull in the driveway doesn't it?? We should all feel blessed to have a home to come to:) I will try and put your block pattern up on my blog! Enjoy your evening!

    xoxo Gert

  7. I love you Linda! You write so beautifully sitting in the hot sun and stitching away. You are such a terrific lady. Your photos are lovely and you and Mr. Phil are a great couple. I am always eager to read more on your blog. Blessings to you sweet folks. Happy Sunday! Anne

  8. Wow Linda-
    We've been gone since early Thurs morning, so I have been catching up on your blog & facebook-sounds very eventful!! Ben's brother got married on Friday. It was a wonderful time but we are glad to be back home! So tired! Glad everything turned out okay for you guys. Love you! Tell everyone hi & Happy August! :)

  9. I am so sorry about the tire mishaps...not sfun...but look how God provided for you all the way there and all the way back...and thank God for McDonalds with WiFi :) :) :) I love road trips and I thought that scenic route was especially pretty!!! I'll be praying this fence job goes well...AND for more work for you...Glad you could have some interrupted stichin' time, too :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  10. I will be happy to enter you into my drawing! And with all that happened, I'm glad you had time for stitchery!

    I hope next week you will join me and tell us your favorite can be any song...You can link it up on Friday thru Sunday of next week if you'd like to join in. It's easy peasy because all people are doing is telling us their favorite song on their blog and people will visit and leave comments.

  11. As I was walking home this afternoon,the song "Praise Him in the Rain" came to mind. Even though my prayers for my daughters to marry Godly men was not anwsered and my marriage is not healed,God is still God and I will thank Him. There is so much to be thankful for. Just go to Kosvo or Belarus! We are truly a blessed people. Kitty

  12. I love all your photos! Especially of the rolling hills & trees. Just goes to show everyone that God created the most beautiful things that you see!

  13. Well, I'll be! You were in my neck of the woods! I live about an hour south of Bartlesville! Be thankful you have been here and gone... our forecast for the next 4 days: 104, 104, 102, 99. That is not good fence setting weather!

    So thankful to hear how God blessed you in so many ways on this day!

  14. Ms Linda,
    Glad your trip turned out good in the end. Sure is HOT here in Oklahoma, isn't it? I've given up on most of my plants and am carefully watering the ones I am trying to keep alive with the precious saved rainwater I have left. We were at 106 yesterday and each day this week is going to be that hot or worse. I'm hiding out in my sewing room ~ maybe til Fall! lol!!
    Stay cool!!


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