Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two More Days!!!!!!

Don't these look nummy? They are onion rings that are put on a sandwhich using the Focaccia Bread. Also roast beef, veggies and italian dressing!!!!!!! It is delicious! You sliver the onions. Hmmmmmm good!

Hello.............sweetie ladies,

This has been a beautiful day outside! The sun was shining and I treated myself to it quite a few times today! I have 20 minutes of breaks, but I never really take them. So when I have to walk to the freezer or refrigerator I would walk through the big open back door and just look around at the all the green trees and grass and smell the fresh air. You know it really helped me. We listened to Christian music all day at work also. That really was nice! They don't care!

This afternoon I came home and there was a package in the mail. I opened it was wrapped so sweet.............. and I looked inside! Isn't it adorable??????? Look at my new apron! Thank you Jeannie! That was so thoughtful. You made my almost two weeks of work worth it!!!!!

Everyday I have to make at least 2-4 pans of Focaccia Bread. I FORGOT TO PUT IN THE YEAST! I about panicked, then I said to myself, don't panic get on the internet and see if someone else has done this. I typed in.........."have you ever made bread and forgot the yeast"?YES! Someone else had. They said make a paste out of the yeast and water. Brush it on to the bread and fold it into the bread. I took my hand and smeared it on..........folded it in and then I threw it back into my big mixer and put the dough hook on. It got beat around a bit and I put it back into the proofer. It rose and I made this.......... below picture. It was the recipe that I put up this morning. The first one (it is working now if you tried before. It is wonderful. The only difference I do from the recipe is I put in a hand full of parmesan into the dough and on top.

My friend Alicia found me the neatest site and blog. Here it is.
The blog is called

The cooking site is called

I had never seen these blog and site before. Love em!!!!! Alot!

Going to bed...........morning will be here real soon! We only have 2 more days and then it is the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love weekends! I love my home!

My God touch your life in a very special way today! He already has me..........
I have you!!!!!!!!

Night and hugs from the farm,



  1. would love the focaccia bread recipe : )

  2. Oops see where you posted the link!
    Hope the rest of your week goes well!

  3. That looks so yummy...I love onions on sure do make a body hungry...

  4. Linda, I've only recently found your blog (and I watch it every morning!) but I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your cooking is - plus, everything else. I'm cheering for you (and your family)!

  5. Hi, Linda - Everything just looks so delicious - can I have some, too??! Would love to come down to the college and join ya'll for lunch, if that were allowed! Am anxious to try your Focaccia bread recipe, too. Been praying for all of you regularly - so glad things are going better this week! (((((Hugs))))) from northern Kansas -

    Blessings - Pauline

  6. Hi Linda,
    A few years ago, after his very first day of kindergarten, my nephew ran out at the end of the day, jumped into the car and exclaimed to my sister, "Mom, just four more days and I get two whole days off!"
    Every year the first week of school, I think of Cayce and always, always feel the same. Just four more days and I get two whole days off. Come on weekend and I can try this bread recipe!

  7. The onions DO look nummy :)

    And thanks for the bread sites. I LOVE homemade bread.

  8. Hi Love the Decor, So glad you found the recipes.The first one is the winner. I have been making 2 huge pans full every day since I tried it. It is very very easy and very good. I love the sandwiches that can be made using the bread!

    Pioneer are so fun!!! I couldn't believe how good those onions were. I so want to make them some times. When I get home I don't feel like cooking.........hmmmm wonder why? smile!

    Farmer...... I am coming are so kind!!! Thank you for all the sweetness! I was a little blue today for some reason. Shouldn't be I only have one more day! I will love my weekend. I need to do some sewing so that is going to be wonderful! I haven't been able to do much. Sad for me!

    Pauline, you just name it. It would not be a problem at all. They have it open to the public anytime, but I guess that Sunday is the best. It costs $7.00. Not sure why! Maybe people heard we were cooking......haahhaaa! Not really, I just had to say that!

    Regina, what a precious memory! I love it. I think I will think of that every friday.........3 can't come early enough!!!!!! Thank you for leaving me the comment. Very nice!!!!

    Mrs. Happy Homemaker.......they are nummy!!!!!!! I love homemade bread I am getting paid to make it. How cool is that....... Thank you for coming and visiting. I love it when you do!!!!!

    Hugs from my farm to your home!!!!!!!!! Me


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