Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Gifts!

Flower's...........for me.............when I woke up Friday morning.......

and a letter...........................Morning Beautiful Mama..............written from Tressa...........telling me she was trying............and that God was meeting her.......
Whispered prayer..........Thank you Father, you love her more than I.

It was a wonderful way to start my Friday!

Dear precious ladies,

One of my greatest joys in my life has been to have my girls with me all the days of their life. We have grown together and that has been the most treasured gift from the Lord. They are truly the joys of their father and myself. I had a rough day on Thursday, because the work load at the college was the same as Monday thru Wed., but this day I wasn't going to have the girls to help. I did good though!!!! I keep burning myself though.....bummer! I have always done that even in our home. Anyway I woke up Friday and found the flowers and the note..................Thank you Father, you are meeting her are so precious Lord to have given us your Tressa Joy to love and to train!

Together we are walking this new experience out! With their Daddy leading the way. I feel more love for him today then the beginning of the last week. How could that be possible.........God has gifts tucked in His plan......... for our family! I don't want to miss it!!!!!! My heart is so filled with joy.......that God let us all be together to walk through this. Mr. Phil was telling a friend last night that he is so thankful to the Lord that he gets to walk with his daughters as they learn new things about life. I am too. He has been such a precious provider under really hard circumstances these last years trying to keep two farm going...........trying to keep our business going that had been put along the side......because of the demands of life..............and loving our parents who needed us. I am so proud of my he is loving people in the kitchen..........that need a touch from the Father..........and he is His Messenger....... so precious to watch. I get to sneek peeks of him throughout the day.........I still get that tickle in my heart.............I am so thankful that the Lord has kept us together.............a family whether we are in the home...........or in a kitchen at the college.....still a family!

I Praise You ......................MY MIGHTY GOD!

Our prayer is to still keep us together........ until the day they find their love..........of their life!

Saturday Tressa and Taylor went shopping together.

Taylor came to me with a beautiful gift.

A beautiful locket..........from her.............. to me.

I opened the gift and there was a said, mother........daughter.........friend. She bought it with her own money. I will tuck this memory in my heart forever!!!!!!!

I was so afraid that when we left our home things were going to fall apart..............I was so wrong. I sometimes think I have my God in a box. Anyone been there? It is so good that He will never let us leave Him there! Precious God!

I am trusting in a whole new way.
I am growing in this new situation..........that is so good! I still so want to be home......
but I am finding the midst of this new situation!

You are welcome to use my photo if you would like!

Remember I said, that one of my chickie girls had laid a green egg? Her it is! It is so pretty. Wish I could show the detail of the brown speckles on the it. Very cute!

I have heard from the ladies that won the gifts. Thank you everyone that came and signed up. I spent time yesterday coming to some of your blogs. I am still coming....

Welcome New Followers! I have noticed you!

Hope your day is filled with lots of blessings from the Lord. Know that I am praying for you and your family, you are so precious to our family. We thank you so much for praying for our family and all the sweet notes of encouragement!

God loves us........

He cherishes us..............

His ways are Higher................ than our our ways!

Thank you Jesus!

Blessings from the farm,



  1. Oh Linda...what a blessing you are. I can't wait to see what is going on in your life each day! And to see how God is working through you and your family. Love the flowers and locket..yes you are blessed. But...we reap what we sow, so that tells me you have sowed many a good seed with your family!!!

    Continue to enjoy your family..if you have time stop over and register today (last day) for my "Ginger the Owl" giveaway! My granddaughter says she will wrap it as a gift when she mails it off to the lucky winner!!

    xoxo Gert

  2. Thank you for sharing what the Lord is doing in your life. How blessed you are to have such sweet daughters. I pray things fall into place easier this week. We went to Cowboy Church this morning and it was hot but the message was good. Even though it's still hot I'm going to attempt some baking and if it turns out I'll send you the recipe. Have a blessed Sunday afternoon and evening! Love, Jeannie

  3. My Dear Sweet Linda,
    I''m sorry that I have been away for so long... Life has been so busy preparing for homeschooling and fitting in GOOD QUALITY time with the family, which leads to less time for commenting, but I have always been here reading all along!!!!

    How could you think that you offended??? SILLY GIRL!!!! :-) You are so inspiring to me!!! I can honestly say that I love you and your family!!!! I have prayed for you and your family so specifically throughout the last few weeks!!! My my your family is going through a change right now!!! I think about you all day long while I know you are working, I have gotten down on my knees several times and asked the Lord to give you strength, to get you through the day!!!

    Of course you are on my list (blog). I would not have it any other way! :-)
    I have left responses to your comments on my blog for you~ (The invisible mom). Please read them to know how much I care.

    Love You Bunches!

  4. Dear Linda...
    Oh, I worked in catering in college for one semester and I have a small idea of what your Thursday must have been like. Now I take calls on the phone. I'm so proud of what you and you're family are doing. I know it's not easy being away from home. If I had my choice, I'd work from home, too!!! yet, I really do believe that God will bless you lots during this time as you continue to serve Him in this new season of life...and keep your eyes open to the unexpected blessings that'll surely come your way too!!!

    I'm definitely praying for really good, godly men for your who love Jesus!!! I think that's so cool that they brought you flowers, a note, a gift...They're wonderful and thoughtful!!!! See ..they're already showing some of those same sweet characteristics that you have!!!!

    I hope this week goes better!!!! How did those peach tarts turn out? They sound yummy...There was a huge sale on peaches the company's flagship store(the company I work for..)...and they were only $0.10 a pound...It was a total madhouse. I was there to buy a gift for a friend. It was so funny, that I actually snapped a few photos and posted it on my blog yesterday :) :) :)

    Take care...Lots of love and hugs to you and the rest of the Family Stubbs!!!! Please tell Tressa and Micah that I really enjoyed the Ruth Bible study...I didn't have a chance to comment on those last two days...but it was a wonderful study!!!!

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. Hello Gert, thank you!!!!!!!!!! God sure has been working overtime on our behalf! smile! The girls were so sweet to me! Thank you for your sweetness~ I did come over and I did put you and your granddaughter up on the side bar. What a precious thing you are doing for your granddaughter!!! You are such a sweet Grandma!

    Hello Jeannie, We went to a Cowboy Church one time when we were in South Dakota. So glad there was a good message for you! You must tell me what you baked today! I hope it can work into my desserts, I love it when you give me ideas. So far I have used both of the recipes! We did have a very blessed weekend!

    Hi Carissa, thank you so for writing. I understand as far as getting all the things done in your home and schooling and all. That is wonderful that you had GOOD family time. WE had all the family out yesterday at the farm. 6 of the grandbabies and the sons came to work on the drill so they can plant alfalfa. I love it when the alfalfa grows.......lots of butterflies.I told my family tonight that you were on your knees for our family. It really touched my Phil. Thank you!!!!!!!

    Hi Heather. Thank you for praying for the girls! Peaches for 10 cents........wish I could have been there! I would have bought some for sure!
    Well it is time for bed, 6 comes pretty early! Love you all!!!!!!!!

    , Linda

  6. Hello Linda, Thankyou for your beautiful post. Isn't our Lord just amazing. What a lovely family you are. I pray that things will settle down this week and you will find your routines falling into place.

    Blessings Gail

  7. Linda, it is so good to read your blog first thing in the morning - to read of your praises, your disappointments, your trust, and especially your love for your husband and family. In all your posts, I find myself smiling because your joy is so infectous.

    God richly bless you, friend. It's great to read your blog.

  8. Hi Gail, Thank you for coming over!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your encouragement! You are so sweet to always leave a note! I love it that you live over seas. If you ever get to the US look me up! You are welcome to our farm! Blessings!

    Hi Mary, You are so sweet..........It is thursday night now and I can't wait for tomorrow to be over. I am doing better.......but I so want to be home........forever! I am a big baby!!!! It is so fun to have my whole family with and I praise God all the time that He has done that for us. It is totally amazing. My bosses are wonderful and the people we work with are so precious. Couldn't ask for more!!! I still love home. I will have two days!!!! I will party! Want to do some sewing.........I miss is so much!

    Well..... have a great weekend everyone! I love you bunches! Me

  9. Its great to read your blog linda....I like the way you are presenting your moments...


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