Saturday, August 21, 2010

We Have A Winner! and A Couple MORE!

First off thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful party!!!!!! I thought I was having it for you and it ended up being the highlight of my day.................. reading all your comments and coming home after our hard day at work...................... then reading that others had so much more sorrow then I have had. One precious momma wrote that she wanted her daughter for one more CHRISTmas, because she died last year or another Momma wanting to be well so she could play with her children...........and yet another who wanted her husband healed............. and I was having a problem leaving my home so we could provide for our family. You blessed me all so. I am praying that the Lord will meet you as He has meet us!!! I realize more and more that you are real people who have joys and sorrows in your life! You sometimes let me into your life and then I get to know you a little bit better. That is probably the most favorite part of my blogging.! Her goes!!!!!!!

1st place winner is.
Ohio Lori (she doesn't have a blog) but here is what she said!

Wow! What a cool Blog you have...............and such fun Prizes...thanks for chance to win!! :)

I just signed up for your emails...don't have a blog, or facebook acct.

What I would love for Christmas, is for all our Kiddo's to be HOME here..........'specially the daughter in NC......miss her so much!

Okay now you know we can't just do one right? I have 3 grandchildren here. They all want to pick sooooooooo!

Here is our 2nd winner!
You won a little pitcher and 1/2 yd each of two pieces of
Farmer's Market fabric I designed!

Cardinal Crafts she said, (please go and visit Christina)

Hello Linda! I almost missed out on this one! Okay what I want for Christmas is peace in my whole family. There has to always be that one person that doesn't get along right?

I am a follower, subscriber and I have signed up on facebook. I have blogged about you on my new blog and I am not sure how to put a button on my blog yet, but if you click on your picture where I blogged about you it will take you to your site.

Ian said, Let me Pick One ! So here is our 3rd place winner!

I don't have a picture of what you won, so it will be a surprise. I promise you will like!

Cindy Adkins over at, I Owe it all to Him, she said,

Hi Linda,
First, thank you for linking this up and being part of the premier Creative Spirit Challenge! 2nd and more important--I am so glad that
God blessed you with rain....that is a miracle!

3rd, I'm a follower and would love to enter. Wow--these are so adorable! And what do I want for Christmas? Hmmm, I want
God to bless our country with a healthy economy and for those who are struggling right now to be blessed with work and an income.

Thank you for all joining. I have a little idea for some fun this week. It will be my third week and I will need fun in my life and you are it!

My week is over and I made it in the Lord's strength!!!!! I know without a doubt as I look back you were allllllll praying for our family. There were absolute God moments. I burned myself real bad on my thumb and first finger, because after lifting huge pans in and out of the oven gets real hard for me. I am not real strong in my wrists. I dropped one of the pans of cookies as I took it out of the oven and automatically grabbed the pan to save the cookies with my hand. I knew I got the burn deep. I wanted to cry, BUT I DIDN"T! They put some tea tree oil (?) on it. I have had burns like this before and usually I have to keep it in cold ice water. IT DIDN'T BURN HARDLY AT ALL. I kept praising God and thanking Him for you all. I knew I was being covered with the Blood of the Lamb. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers.

I have had in my mind all our married life, that it was a must to be a Christian wife, that I HAD TO STAY at HOME, to be right, in the sight of the Lord. It has been my passion to be a help mate to my precious husband. I adored every minute of it. The fact that we have worked together for all years these years, we have been able to be together. I would love to go with him in the tractor..............I would bring my handwork and listen for hours to his sermons (teaching me moments and washing me in the word). We have walked hand in hand as he would pray over the fields on Grandpa and Grandma Jo's land, that it would produce crops. Sometimes I have many times seen him as he would seek the Lord on what decision to make, because farming is always a gamble, because of the elements. When to sell your on and so on...........I have been there right beside him. I had it in my mind that I HAD TO BE AT HOME. I loved it though because I believe the home needs the momma. That has changed. I felt all this week like everything that I knew was sifting through my fingers and it was so hard, because I wanted to so be in control. I know I was fighting my God.............and just couldn't trust Him with it all. I missed hearing scripture being read on my computer......... I missed my time with Him that was constant in my mind......... the times of scripture being read on the computer........... or praise songs that had my heart and mind on my Lord. Now it is listening to secular music in someones station across from me and country over by where Phil is. Some of it is just gutter. Sorry, but to me it is so against everything that is Holy. "Sleeping in bed with someone who is not your wife. Anyway you get the picture. As I reflect this morning and am listening to some Christian music I realized that all of our married years of growing and loving together has now changed............ but the one thing IS that the Lord has just moved our time to a different location. WE are still a family............and I AM still MR. Phil's Helpmate. I can go over anytime I want and give him a little hug and a kiss at work! He has this little thing he does to me where he gives me a little sweet punch on my arm. It's how ya doing thing. I still get that as he walks by me. Ladies are watching........young men are watching..............! I am still a Momma and a Wife, nothing will change that! I am Working for the Lord! I am still my sweethearts love of his life. !!!!!!!! I couldn't see that this last week. I was so torn inside. I kept praying when I could..................... and even that part of not having my God in my mind every moment.............was devastating for me. I was running so fast and so hard because of the demands of learning the job, it seemed that I was consumed by work! I walked away from work a little better prepared this last week of how to pace myself for the coming week. You ladies encouraged me on, to run the race and I love you so much! I have idea's on how to keep Jesus before me. I have two timers that have to be on me, so I won't burn whatever I am cooking. Tay and I did burn up quite a few dozens...............chickens loved the burned cookies...........heehee. They had to peck pretty hard on them though.

I guess what I am trying to God is holding me, molding me..........pushing me...........into a new lady for HIS PURPOSES..........not my purpose, but HIS. He will work out the He sees fit. I need to just rest in Him and trust My Honey's leading. We still marvel......... how he took our whole family and gave us the job.............together.............what are the odds............ as our son said..................the odds are a loving Father...........that still sees my heart as wanting to be a Momma at home...........and gave me second best...........and our family is still working provide for our family...........not the way I wanted...............but the only way that can work right now. Our bosses are the most precious people in the whole world. I read some of you precious ladies comments who also work outside the home and the tough tough situations you work under. I am sooooooooo sorry for you! I ask for deliverance for you all!!!!! I am so thankful that the girls have their Daddy right there for protection. Isn't God amazing? The first week is always hard you all told me. It was just like a brick hit me, but I am good now. Still want to be home like it was.............but I am accepting what the Lord has for me! Oh God be near our pray............and He has............I just need to listen............when He speaks.

Last night............we had a call........two girls who we have known for about 3 years came to Sterling College where we work. They are both getting to be room mates. It is a God detailed moment for them as they were not going to be. We helped one of the girls move in with her family. Got the call that she was crying...............I can identify........but how precious of the Lord to move our whole family into the we can love on the two them every morning..............Now that is a Big God who does not fit into my mold...........will I fit into His...........yes..............yes LORD! We don't want to miss anything He has for us!!!! Our family is growing.............knooooooow telling how big it will get..................we won't replace their family, we will just be there when they need family. They are scared............God, help all of us! They will have a home to come to. We are just waiting on the Lord see who YOU want................. to have a place of refuge. How will we know..........if we do not Go (?)...................!He said go into all the world and make least my family and are are going together!!!That is a HUGE PRAISE!

I was telling a blogger friend who sent me a new recipe ( love it, bring them coming!) that I got to sleep in this morning until 7:30. I was dreaming that I was going up and down stairs in a church trying to find the bathroom. Praise the Lord I woke up or Mr. Phil might have been rowing a boat in his dreams. heehee.

LOVE AND HUGS! I AM HOME TODAY AND TOMORROW. HMMMMM what should I do first!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I will trying to get a hold of all of you, but if I can't email me at with your name and address!!!!!!


  1. Dear Linda,
    Thank you SOOO much! This is so exciting!
    And I want to wish you luck with your new work...I am praying that God walks you through this new venture and blesses you and your family in wonderful ways.

  2. Oh Linda..Congratulations to your winners, they are very lucky and 'thank you' for offering such a lovely gift or two or three

    I am sorry you are having to 'go through' such a difficult time in your life. But I'm so glad you know your Lord and Savior and realize how he is working through you in this way, while helping you at the same time. You are such a witness for all of us to see just how He works in our lives.

    I know you must be enjoying your day off (probably catching up on your housework!) I had to work for over 30 years outside the home and know just how busy it can be to keep going. Sometime I will share with you how God worked in my life and my job. You are so right HE is amazing!!

    Blessings...and will keep you and your family in my prayers!

    xoxo Gert

  3. Congratulations to the winners, they will be so blessed! I am so sorry about burning your fingers, that just made the week a little harder. Thank you for sharing your heart. Something I read in a book today struck a chord
    "Somehow someway, God works through our expectations. He works in our lives as much as we expect Him to work in our lives. So what are you expecting God to do in your life today?" Just thought I'd share that. I hope you had a wonderful day on the farm and another one tomorrow. Love & hugs!

  4. Hello Linda,

    Well over here in Australia it's Sunday morning. The big fellow has gone to church but I had to stay home today as I have the flu and definately don't want to share it around our church family. I did so enjoy your post, just so encourageing. It seems many of us have little things that make our lives difficult at times. But the Lord is there for us if we will just put our faith in Him. At the moment I have to stop thinking through a situation we are having and just give it over to God. I find this hard and have to keep reminding myself it's not my problem because God has said He will take care of our worries. Have a lovely weekend.

    Blessings Gail

  5. Routines become easier with time. You and your family will be wonderful models for the young people that need to see what good people are like.

    Best wishes to your winners! ♥♫

  6. Oh Linda! I am so happy to have won!! It has really made my day to win something so wonderful! I am so thankful for your blog. It inspires me so much to keep going on no matter what. I mentioned in another post that I got to stay home with my boys for nine years. It was a wonderful time and we bonded so much. We are so close now and even though it was a really hard time in ours lives finacially he blessed us in so many ways that I would not trade this time for anything. I really feel that that is what God has always intended so that our homes stay balanced and solid. I have been back to work now for going on eight years and it is really hard to work outside of the home even though my boys are in school all day. We really need the income. I would like to get into gardening and canning in the summer. I think a lot of women are getting back into that as a means of saving on food costs and eating better. It's truly amazing how God works in our lives for the good of all things.
    One of my most favorite verses from the bible is Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths.
    Thank you Jesus!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Hi sweet Linda,
    CONGRATS to all your winners!! It was so sweet of you to host the giveaway!! SOOOO happy you are enjoying your day and hope tomorrow will be as good for you. Rest up and enjoy, take a deep breath, and take one day at a time!!
    Hugs and thinking of you,

  8. Congratulations to all the winners!
    I'm sure they will be pleasantly surprised when they receive their wonderful packages.

  9. Well...had a "DUH!!!" moment this morning.....and apologize here, for not letting all you Lady's here KNOW just HOW excited I was to win this Party's drawing!! :)
    I don't have a blog, only email....and didn't realize I should've left a Thank You on THIS Blog.

    What a delight for sure!! The box came, and everything was wrapped like CHRISTmas!! Can't describe the beauty, surprises, delight, wonder, and Blessings inside the box!!! It was amazing! And fun!!

    "Thank You" just doesn't seem enough to say....but Linda...YOU are such a Wonderful lady....and Friend!! Thank you for all the Hugs, Surprises, & Delightful Blessings you sent!!


    Lori :)


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