Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Happenings Today!

You are welcome to use this photo, if you like.

Good Morning, VOTING DAY!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if other states besides Kansas is voting, but please get out and vote. It is getting a little bizarre out there. My confidence is in the Lord and I know that He will use anyone in authority for His purposes. If that person is not a God fearing man it can be hard for the ones under his authority. The Lord can still use it. I know I sometimes sound like a broken record, but our only hope is to pray.

The other day I was canning again. 9 more quarts of our Tomato Stew on my pantry shelf. Makes me happy! I was cleaning jars and came across one of the cutest jars (the one above). I hope you can see the little squares on the jar. I love it!!! I am a total jar freak anyway. I have lots of favorites. I thought it would be a cute picture, if I filled it with my sweet 100's. Took the picture over to Picnik and this is what I got! Makes me smile, hope it makes you smile also!

I have continued to get private emails on marriage. I had no idea when I talked about it the other day, just how many precious women would write and need prayer. Oh my, hurt, hurt, hurt out there. With that said, please keep praying for marriages. If anyone might think that mine is prefect. NOTTTTT. We have our times of struggle, but in that we know that the main thing is to get rid of us and put on Christ. Smile! I will be working on that until the day I die!

Hope you downloaded your Fall Thyme Stitchery!!!!!!!!!! So many have and that blesses me. Thank you for all who came back to say thank you. I am so glad you like! I do want to bless you!!!!!! as long as I have a blog. I can't wait to show you the Winter All Year Long Wall Quilt when I get it designed.

Look at my sweet babies! You may use photo if you like!

This morning I went out and took care of all my babies. I shot this pic of the little ducks. Love it. I know it is a little dark, but it captured their sweet little faces. I have said this before, but I heard a sermon about how ducks and chickens show how they are thankful, when they drink they always lift their heads in Praise. I like that and every time I see them drink, that is what they do!!!!!!! Check it out!

Thought you would like to see a video. Listen to all the animals in the background.
It can be noisy on a farm. Love it!!!!!!!

Have a good day. Off to vote and then I think we will go to the fencing site. I think it is to be 108 today. Now that is hot. We will be very careful. Our animals need extra care today. The little ducks are huge!! Can't believe how fast they grow.

I am leaving you with a blessing.

Last week a dear friend of mine from way back, found my blog by seeing my name on a comment that I left. It was a GOD THING! Little did we know that the Lord had a gift for us after all these years. Time did not stop Him from working on the tapestry of our lives. Weaving golden threads of preciousness. God is sooooo intimately involved in each one of our lives, whether we love Him or not. He wants to bring us to a place where we will receive all that He has for us. He truly is a gift giver!!!!!

This is the story that Becky wrote on her blog. You must go and see it sometime.
She writes so wonderful about her faith walk.

The Circle of Life

Almost 60 years ago, a young mother and her firstborn

were involved in a serious wreck. The truck driver in the

other vehicle was killed. The young mother reached down

to retrieve the baby who had fallen onto the floor of the

vehicle, unharmed. In doing so, the woman tore a deep

gash in her arm as it caught on the stick remaining of the

steering wheel (which had broken off). A young farmer

ran out to the wreck and held the infant in his arm until

help arrived.

A few years later, the young family moved out of state

where the husband/father began a college education.

About 20 years later, that baby returned to live in

Kansas where the wreck occurred.-- a young mother

herself. Among her circle of friends was a wonderfully

creative, bubbly, sweet young mother. They were part

of a Bible study, a group of friends eager to be godly

homemakers. They shared their stories, their skills,

their tears, laughter, prayers, and a few secrets!

Too soon, the baby/young mother moved east.

As years passed, she lost touch with the group of

friends back in Kansas. Her children grew up,

left home, married and had children themselves.

Among other things, the woman became a blogger.

One day while "blog surfing" her eyes fell upon

the name "Linda Stubbs" in a comment section!

Could it be Linda, the sweet, bubbly, creative,

young homemaker in Kansas? A quick click to

Linda's blog, Prairie Flower Farm, removed

all doubt! With great excitement, contact

was established just last week.

Yesterday, the now 61 year old

baby/young mother/grandmother went

to visit HER father and mother (the

original young mother who was

involved in the wreck). Linda's

name came up, and the 61 year

old asked her 83 year old father,

"Dad, did you know the Stubbs?"

A smile came over his face.

"As a matter of fact, it was a Stubbs

who came out and held YOU in his

arms until help came!" The elderly

couple reminisced, reconstructing

the details of that event so long ago

for ME, their firstborn.

That's right! I was the baby in

that accident. The man who held

me was Linda's father-in-law!

All these years! I had NO idea!

I get goose-bumps just thinking about it!

"All the days ordained for me

were written in your book

before one of them came to be."

Psalm 139:16

This story was about my father in love Jack known

as Grandpa Jack. One of the favorite men in my life!

He taught me much and I love him for it! Can still

here him whistling his bobwhite whistle for

Grandma. All these years later, two ladies cross

paths again. God you are amazing.

Enjoy your day sweet ladies!!!!!!!!!!

I will be thinking

and praying for you!

Love you bunches!



  1. What a lovely story!!!
    Blessings friend!

  2. Thank you for the adorable fall Winter All Year Long block. I've been MIA for a few days and just downloaded the block late yesterday evening. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness in sharing your talents.

    You are a REAL blessing. Loved the story today, isn't God gracious.

    Have a God Filled Day

  3. How amazing to find each other again in the blogs. Linda, your family is full of good people.

  4. Hi Linda, Thank you for the tomatoes in a jar picture. It doesn't have Prairie Flower Farm on it, is that okay to still use on my blog? I think you should get the credit for such a cute picture.



  5. That story gives ME goose bumps too!! Wonderful!! And that video is precious. I'm sooo thankful we have fast internet now so I can actually watch videos ;) Thanks for sharing!! -Tammy

  6. Hi sweet ladies,
    Hi Kim!!!! Love that sweet little baby, wish I lived close to cuddle her in my arms. I would sit for hours holding my babies. I knew that time went so fast!!!!!!!!

    Shirley, You are so welcome!!! I love sharing with you!!!!!

    Daisies, That was what we thought. Love it!!!!! God is so in the details isn't He?

    Christa, I fixed it! It would have been fine, but I went ahead and fixed because I still had it up on my desktop. Hope your summer is going well.

    Hey Tammy, are they just the sweetest. I love them.

    Love you all bunches

  7. Wow, what a beautiful story!!

    And love your canning jars - adorable! I have been busy in the kitchen canning myself lately, but just not with cute jars like that!

  8. Psssssst... my maiden name is Stubbs. Maybe our family history over laps somewhere. Starting with the fact that my dad was born in Kansas City. WOW!

  9. The best part of my day is seeing Prairie Flower Farm in my email inbox. I look forward to it so much. I love the jar and the ducks are precious. What an amazing story about you and Becky, only God could do that. Rejoicing in His grace with you, Jeannie

  10. That is an awesome story. Isn't God wonderful! Love your blog!

  11. Ok you may get goosebumps but girl you gave me tears!! What a beautiful touching story of GOD' Divine for only HE knew your encounter would mean something to someone some day...

  12. Love how God uses you to minister to others. HUGS

  13. Oh Linda,

    Goosebumps and tears! What a precious story, thank you so much for sharing God's goodness. He is SO FAITHFUL and continues to bless us in ways that we could never imagine! How perfect that you two should 'meet' again :)

    Praise God that some ladies have shared their hearts with you. I am praying for healing of hearts and marriages too!

    Have a blessed day my friend!

  14. Oh my, the tears in my eyes! I can't even see what I am writing!??!!! :-) What a lovely special story, especially how God weaves the tapestry of our lives...so true! I am so happy you found each other again after all these years. What a sweet story! And I feel as if I know Grandpa Jack myself-all of your writings paint such a clear picture of what he was like-I wish I knew him!

    Love Johanna

    P.S. I am kind of a jar freak too! :-)

  15. Oh Linda..I am so worried about you and hubby in those horrible high temps and have been praying for you today..

    So I don't forget I need to 'thank you' so much for your wonderful Fall Thyme Block if I didn't tell you before.

    I just love your blog..picture with the tomatoes is amazing!! And you story about God weaving our lives is also amazing and I always am astounded when these things happen in our lives. Only God could weave our lives like this.

    xoxo Gert

  16. Linda, thank you for sharing that special story. It is indeed a very small world!

    Love the video of the ducks..and love how they don't care about drinking the water they bathe in lol..too cute!

    Please be careful in those temperatures. I suppose it is a lot more work for you too making sure all the animals have enough water and shade, too.


  17. Hmmmm...perhaps I'm a Stubbs too??? LOL! Does it help to know that I'm goofy about jars and I actually have a jar like yours???
    Love you!

  18. Hello Mrs Happy, I just found out today that my little jar was an old mayonnaise jar. The jars are from the early 60's. Thought that was really cool to find this out.

    Melissa, how fun is that. Our daughter has done some family history on the Stubbs family. Wouldn't that be fun, if we were?

    Jeannie, the best part of the day??? You are a sweetie! read above to see about the little jars history. Thought is was so fun to find out. I love my little ducks. It was very hot for them today! WE kept them with lots of water. Becky is a sweetie!

    Donna, yes the Lord is wonderful. Thank you for the sweetness!

    Simply, Isn't that precious. God is amazing!

    Parsley, you are so precious!!!! Hugs to you!

    Hi Sharon, so nice to see you came today! I agree He is faithful! Yes, the Lord has so much for his children. It has been very sweet to read the lives of real women with real needs. God will touch them I know! So glad you are praying also. You are a sweetie!

    Johanna, Wow, I am so glad it touched you! That makes me feel special that you spoke of Grandpa Jack. He was a very special man!! Had the cutest grin and giggle. Can hear it now. I am glad there is someone else out there that likes jars. They are so useful!

    Hi Gert, We worked for about an hour and then it just got to hot. We came in and then went out later in the early evening. It just was way to hot for us. You are sooooo welcome for the block. I am so glad you like! You are so right about God weaving blessings into our lives.

    Hello Bar, You are so funny!!! They are the sweetest little ducks. They still look cute, soon they will be a little ugly. Then they will get pretty again!

    Kathy Stubbs, mmmmm sounds pretty to me! I think we are sister's aren't we? Smiling and I love you also!! Since we have the same kind of jar, that makes us sisters! Absolutely sisters!!!!

    Wish everyone that followed my blog could come to my home!!!!! Hmmmmm what a pleasant thought!!!! Love you all and sleep tight!
    Hugs, Linda

  19. Linda...I love your posts...and this one especially today. It made me cry...good tears, no worries. I checked out your friend Rebecca's blog and I was so touched, I decided to join it!! Her story made me cry too...It just touched my heart what God can do in the lives of people and how He can really bring things full cirlce :) :) :)

    I'll be praying for peoples marriages!!! Most of my friends are married...and I see some of them struggle too..and it isn't easy...but I hope/pray that they keep Jesus at the center of their marriages!!!

    Thanks for both of these photos today. I really needed them. My dad and I had a great morning and then a very difficult afternoon!!!..things are good this evening!!!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing all of this today!!!

    Oh real quick, when I was 14 I knew a lady who led our highschool discipleship group for girls...well, the group that I was in..there were quite a few different small groups..Her andher hubbymoved to Germany about a year later and I never saw her again..She was very influential in my Christian walk as a teenager. I found her again 21 years later via a friend who happened to mention that they would be visiting from Germany...anyway, that's a long story made very short..but it's so amazing what God can do. :) :) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

  20. Always love all the goings on on your farm - and the sweet pics of the ducks!! :-)

  21. That's an amazing story! And I will be using the duck photo on my desktop till one of the girls changes it...too cute!

  22. This truly a God thing! Can there be any doubt? His hand is in all things.


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