Monday, August 30, 2010

Back To Work!

Good Morning............. sweet ladies!

I feel rested!! Now anyway. I had to show you this picture. The college I work with has a bunch of men that play the bagpipes. Look at his getup! I was in Miss Sherry's office and I heard all this noise going on in the was the Head janitor!!!!!!! Amazing music! Not my type, but I can appreciate it. I had to show you. I thought it was quite interesting. Not everyone has a bagpipe in their kitchen! He was practicing for us.........they were having some kind of special assembly.

Had such a wonderful weekend..........hope it was the same for you! We will have a busy day today baking in the kitchen. If you have any good desserts or breakfast breads I neeeeeeed recipes. You can email them to me (email at top right)! I would love some help.

Spent time yesterday just sitting around and collecting some new recipes. Bought some plastic sleeve covers to slip the papers in. That will work great. Have a clip board that I made and I will be set. Also bought a lemon zest grater....... I can't wait to try it out.

Little Red and Big Red were dusting..............again. He is huge and she is so little. They are great friends.

All the babies we had this weekend are doing great! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone decorating for Fall yet..........send all of us your way if you are. Leave a comment and we will come over to see. I am getting a little itchy myself. Hmmmmmm what to do first?

May God bless your day ladies...........I will be thinking and praying for you!

Hugs from the farm!



  1. Hubby and I just love bagpipe music...well, the pretty tunes I guess :) One year our town invited a bagpipe band to join our was great! That was our favorite parade!
    Only thing I've done so far to decorate for fall was change out my dishes...I have rose ones for spring/summer and took out my vintage has olive green/ and spice colors in them. I like to change my dishes with the seasons....I love dishes!

  2. Love bagpipes! (My cousin plays them.) And WOW ARE THEY LOUD!!! LOL

  3. We love bagpipe music too...visited Scotland and saw a piper in the woods practicing...great memories......we also went to see the Black Watch when they played in San Diego either love it or hate it..we both have Scottish ancestry...

  4. Oh Linda I love it, I have a cousin in Parkhill, Ontario that plays them also, we call him Crazy Norman, giggles, not sure why, he has always been called that, perhaps he is a little off, but loved your post love your hens too, such great buddies they became, hugs my friend, Barbara

  5. Linda,

    You bring me such fond memories! Sterling College has Scottish Presbyterian roots. This would've been for the kirking of the tartan assembly where they explain the tartan. You would've really liked it since it's about the symbolism behind the cloth. They use the bagpipes at the front of the procession for graduation too--it's sooooo classy!

    You should check out (maybe inter-library loan) a cookbook called Food for Fifty! I used it when I cooked for a college student retreat. It had some pretty good recipes in it and the measurements are right up your alley :)

    God's blessings on your day,

  6. Dear Linda,
    I must say...your job sure is not lacking in the FUN department...Food...Bagpipes...what else could one ask for.. : )

    In Christ

  7. Checking in to see what the new kittie's name is! Give him a smooch for me! mmmmmmmmm


  8. Oh the bag pipes and what fun you must have had! Especially in your kitchen:) I will put my thinking cap on for some recipes! Oh how I love your chickens! They are so pretty! We always had just plain old white ones:) Do the red ones lay brown eggs?? Just curious! No fall decorating yet..(as much as I want to) but it's still in the 90's and feeling like up 90's. However I know Fall will soon be here!!!

    Hope you had a blessed day!
    xoxo Gert

  9. I really like the sound of bagpipes...there is just something about them. :)

    As for fall decorations, I am not allowed to get them out yet! :) Hehe!! My hubby says I always jump the gun so I try to put it off till the middle of Sept. But I am in the fall mood already, especially with football starting. I was at Hobby Lobby the other day and the only thing that stopped me from buying half the store was the lack of money! :)

  10. Wish I had a bagpiper in MY kitchen! I love, love bagpipes and always have. I even bought a chanter once, hoping to learn, but I think you need an actual teacher rather than a book. :-)
    Lucky you!

  11. I just found your blog and had to comment on the bagpipes. I live in the southern highlands in North Carolina. Our town has a Scots-Irish history and we have a Scottish museum and shop on main street. Every day about noon bag pipes are played on main street. I love the sound and it a treat to hear them as you drive through town.
    Anyway, I am enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work.


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