Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hope Your Day Was Nice, Mine Was.

Hello sweetie ladies!
This is going to be the fastest post I think I have ever put up! We had an unexpected trip to Best Buy in Wichita today, right after work. We just got home and I have to get to bed, but wanted to thank you all for the neat ideas that you had for the window. I loved all your comments and it is so fun to come home to!

Today went real smooth. I made focaccia Bread for 100. I was trying to do it the way Mr. Chef wanted me to and it just wasn't working for me. I did it like I did it at home and they were a seller! He loved the two kinds I did. I have so much fun with all the fresh herbs that are available to me. I even put some garlic into some olive oil so it will be ready for more bread tomorrow. I will give you the two recipes that I used today! The first one turned out wonderful! I used parmesan on the dough. Put about 1/2 cup as you mix it up. I use it on the top also!

Sorry for the dinky pictures. I used the pic's from allrecipes.com. I love this site. They will convert my recipes to the servings I need. I don't have to think. Yes!!!!! In my little stressful job right now as I am learning all this stuff I need easy!. It is a life saver!!!!!! We slice the bread width wise and layer every kind of meats and veggies!!! They look so pretty. I will take pic's tomorrow, if I have time. Today was a mad house! Mr. Chef said we will be making 24 pies for the weekend on Thurs. and Friday! Oh, man, I liked it at home so much better! I do miss my home terribly! Ladies......... that get to stay home are sooooooo blessed, coarse you already know that! Smile! I am so glad for you. I loved it for 37 years. When do they say we can retire? Heehee!

Focaccia Bread, This was my favorite! This has kind of an Artisan look to it. Click

Easiest Focaccia Bread , this makes up nice and thick, Click here

Told you that this was a fast post! Hugs and thank you again for all the sweetness!!! I love it.

I tried to answer the comments and for some reason blogger was not letting me. I will answer tomorrow. Maybe on my break!

I am praying God's blessings on your homes and family!

Blessings and hugs from the farm,



  1. Sounds like you are one busy girl Linda! You are always sweet...even when it is a "quick post"! Sending love to you from Canada!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing the recipes, Linda! I'll be trying these for sure.

  3. It looks delicious. I'll try such delicious recipe and will invite my friends to taste my recipe.

  4. Thanks for the recipe, looks wonderful. Glad you are having a wonderful time in the kitchen.

  5. Linda...I am loving your bakery stories. For a couple years, I worked very early mornings in a bakery. The hours worked well with homeschooling and I loved the work.

    Have w wonderful day my friend!


  6. Looks delicious. I miss eating bread. I can do gluten-free in almost everything, but I've not yet found a GF bread that is remotely like the wonderful breads I used to make. :-(

  7. Giggling with you! (I do my share of giggling, believe ME!)

  8. Linda, I'm so glad that things are getting easier for you. Before you know it your days will fly by, not because you feel like you don't know what your doing, but because you do and your day will have a real routine.
    I'm so proud of you because I know working out side of the home is not what you want to do but you have met this challenge head on and your family is benefiting from it.

  9. Linda.. So sorry you are working so hard in an oven that isn't yours:( But I know you will soon be thinking of that oven at work like it's your own and you will be giggling as you bake away for all those kids! And you'll be going..."Thank you Father for this paycheck and health insurance and all these new and wonderful friends."

    You continue to be in my prayers...hope you had a blessed day!!

    xoxo Gert

  10. I'm glad the bread turned out really nicely. I knew you'd be a blessing at this place...and everytime you share stories from work, it's neat to hear the blessings, what you're learning etc!!! I'll keep on praying for you and the rest of the family that you'll figure out a good rhythm. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)


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