Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wise friend and a Home with Kitties!

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Good morning,

I got this precious email yesterday that made me stop and think. I love it when someone can encourage me to think different. It is so true, that I feel like I have been surrounded by such sadness at times, because so many marriages have been going through it these days. My sweet friend wrote me yesterday and said:
Thank you so much for sharing the story. That has to be more than a coincidence. Only God could bring all of that together. And please remember that there are many, many happy strong marriages out there. People tend to lose sight of the fact that we tend to talk more about things when they aren't going well and ask for prayer for them.

So true, so true. There are lots of wonderful marriages out there. I have gleaned from so many. I remember one time we had adopted a girl from the college we live by and she invited us to their summer cabin up in South Dakota. The boys were probably around 6,9 and 12. We drove to the cabin and got in a little late. They had these tiny little motorcycles and the boys thought they were in heaven. The other thing I remember was a bat was in the cabin. Yuk!!!!! The boys caught it with their daddy and I was a happy Momma! I remember the next morning we got up and out on the deck of the little cabin was a can of wild flowers for us. It was beautiful The lady that brought it name was TRESSA. I saved that name for years for when we had our own Tressa. Anyway,we got to go see Mount Rushmore. That was a site!!! Very fun time for our boys. When we left the cabin for home, we were invited to Sue's parents house. I was young in the Lord and as I have said before growing up at our dinner table was not usually a pleasant one. If you mix alcohol in the equation it isn't always a happy. Mrs. Heck was the most Godly and gracious lady. I sat and watched her every move. She loved her husband and you could see it. We had turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and vegetables (can't remember what kind, smile) for lunch after church. It was a feast. She said, that the reason she made a turkey was it was the easiest thing to make, because she just set it in the oven, took it out and cut the meat off the bone. EASY! I have remembered that and done the same thing many times. The other thing that stood out was during the meal Mr. Heck came home from church in his own car, because he had to be to church early. On his way home there was a family that was traveling and had a flat tire. They needed help. At that time we didn't have cell phones, but Mr. Heck just brought them home. This stranded family shared their table. I again learned something. That I should always be ready for anything the Lord wants to put in my day. The turkey went even further than what we thought. I watched her work in her kitchen, home and brought everything I learned back to my mine. I loved their table time. It just soaked it in as a young Mom. I hear from people, that they didn't have a good upbringing and that that is why they are the way they are. God always places people in our lives to learn from. We can change our homes for the better! There have been tons of ladies that the Lord has brought into my life to teach me HIS way! So sweet friend who wrote me yesterday, you are just another one that I can be thankful for. Thank You!!

So today, lets add on the wonderful strong marriages along with the hurting ones to pray for. We all needed each other!

If you have a story of a lady that has been in your life that has helped your marriage be a better one. Please write in my comments......please. We love stories here at Prairie Flower Farm. We can all be strengthened by each other. Also if you need prayer, please email me. I love you all and I truly mean it!!!!!!!

Have a sweet day and know I am thinking about YOU!

Momma, come here! Grammie come take this picture!
Nothing like little baby kittens in the house! We have enjoyed them so much over the years.

Hugs from the farm,



  1. Aww...this is really sweet. I love learning from dear sweet older lady friends in Christ :) :) :) The story about how Tressa got her name...that's beautiful!!! Thanks for always encouraging us to take everything to God in prayer...even the needs of others who I've never even's an honor and a privilege to pray for them, too :) :)

    Oh, side note, those photos of the kitty cats are just so CUTE!!! I can't get over cute baby kitties :) :) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Love the sweet pictures of your kitties! Just precious!


  3. Yesterday I said the best part of my day is the Prairie Flower Farm email and I guess it's really the second best. The best is when my hubby makes it home safely each evening. I lead a ladies bible study at my church and most of the ladies are well into their 80's and I try to glean as much wisdom from them as I can. They are really precious. When things get hard I remember my mom saying to me "O ye of little faith" a reminder to stay focused on the One for whom nothing is impossible. The kitties are so cute, we have a 19 year old cat still going strong. Blessings, Jeannie

  4. Yes, Linda we must also be 'thankful' for the happy & strong marriages while praying for those who need help. My parents were my strength and example. I really do know how fortunate I am. Love your kitties!!

    xoxo Gert

  5. You are such a inspiration to me...I love your writings and I love your caring heart. Thank you for always making my moments at Prairie Flower Farm a warm place to visit.
    Can't wait to download Fall Thyme and start a stitchin'....and can't wait for Winter surprise to come!!
    AND I love your pics!!!

  6. Oh, I'd love a new kitten. Those are so sweet!

  7. Hello Linda,

    Thankyou for a really lovely post. I have just found you and I'm enjoying reading your blog.

    Blessings Gail

  8. I think I'm gonna take that turkey out of my freezer! :-)

    I think most of the women who have inspired me are Christian authors.

    LOVE those pics, especially the kitty on the sweet little neck. :-)

  9. Hello Heather, You all encourage me to pray also!!!!! It is an honor to pray for each other! We love little kittens also, they are so playful! Jumping all around!

    Tammy, How nice of you to come over!!! I came over to your blog also~ Thank you!!!!! come again!

    Hello Jeannie, I love what you said about your honey!!!! Cute Cute! You are a sweetie wife! 80's!! How cool is that! I love older ladies. They are precious! Thank you for coming by!

    Gert, How wonderful that your parents were such a wonderful example for you. What a gift for you to pass down to those around you, like me!!!!!

    Tammy, you are such a sweetie to say that. I wish you could all come to my real farm and I would make you some tea or coffee and something nummy to eat. Then we could all sit around and gab!!!!!! Not hard for me! I have a billion words a day I could say. Hmmm not sure if that is good! smile

    Hi Marcia, They are sweet when they are little, but they do grow up so fast. WE have lots of cats on our farm. The grandkids own one each.

    Hi Gail. thank you for coming over and leaving a comment. Saw from your blog you are from Wales. How fun for me!!!!

    Hey Cranberry, It really is a easy meal to make and you can get the turkeys so cheap at times. That was my Tressy that had the kitty on the neck. I love that picture!!!

    So nice of you all stopping by!!!!!!!! Love you bunches, Linda

  10. Thank you Linda for the sweet story. I also grew up watching women in the way they took care of their home, their husband, their children. Even as a young lady before I married and had children, I saw women that I wanted to emulate and those I didn't.

    One thing I have noticed in this past year is how my 11 yr. old daughter watches, she soaks it all in. I see her observe not only me, but other women. I know all to well what her little mind is thinking. I just pray that I can be a Proverbs 31 influence in her life. That would mean more to me than any kind of award on this earth!

  11. As always love you Linda! I'm so blessed I had a wonderful childhood growing up. I was blessed with wonderful parents. I treasure my sweet childhood memories at the supper table. We always had visitors to share a meal with. Thanks also for praying for those marriages that are struggling right now in these tough times, (my marriage is near an end).
    Again Thanks!
    Many blessings to you!
    Sandy from Love ya to stitches!

  12. Hi..Wandered into your blog..have enjoyed the ducklings..and the jar with the squares on it is a peanut butter jar..I have one I got from a greataunt..Doris


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