Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hello!!!!!!!!! One More DAY!

Hello precious ladies!!!!! I have so missed getting to come over and visit your blogs. Look out this weekend!!!!!! I am putting this post up on Thursday night! I have had some problems with the internet. Hmmmm.......... not nice!

I am making my space at the college kitchen a little more like a home! Today I made time to fix up the shelves that I look at alllllllll day long. I was so excited. I only had time to take this one photo. I brought this little picture frame....... it is reminding me to pray...... that is something that has been real hard for me. When I am at work I am having to think about numbers and measurements all the time. I am retraining myself to think about the Lord more. When I was home it came natural, but with people around me asking questions and needing this and that I am soooooo distracted! I also have been taking a few more breaks........... I run outside and get some fresh air. It was really funny today..........they have a water air cooler and if you just sit there it sounds like a rippling creek. I kind of like the sound. They say that you have to take care of yourself. Hahahaaaa! I don't know how to get everything done, if I take to much time. Anyway it was really a treat to just lay some shelf liner down. Doesn't take much to make this little Momma happy!!!!!!!!!

Do you see this precious little flower? It has an orange outline!
The salad girls next to me found this adorable tomato. To think that the Lord knew that someone would see this...........and show it to me. God is so precious and so into details!!!! Yes, Lord....... I am talking about You. PRECIOUS! Thank you so much for the little flower You designed on this little cherry tomato! We noticed!!!! You are so amazing.

I made two Pumpkin Rolls, I had to decorate the plate (sorry it is blurry) for
the President and his guest!!!!! Of the college, not the USA.

Taylor made these pudding cups with real whip cream on the top. She even decorated the little glass cups. A whole team of football players were getting them and eating them and raving all about how good it was. Phil wanted to tell them that she (Taylor) was standing over there who had made them! It is so good he didn't Tay wouldn't have been happy! Smile! Our girls don't like any attention drawn to them. I guess that is a good thing.

Today we also cooked up 12 premade pie shells (I was so glad I didn't have to make them by scratch! Then we made this French Silk Pie filling to go inside the pie shells. Ladies it had so much 3 quarts of whip cream........butter.......powdered sugar...........chocolate chips..............more whip was heavenly. It is just plain num!!! I sure hope I don't put on weight. So far I am loosing. Tressy said yesterday she walked over 4000 steps. Something on her ipod tells her that. I was doing the same as her so I probably do the same! One lady said she just looks at the food and it jumps on her body!! She is so funny! Anyway I thought you would like to see the big mixing bowl with the pie filling in it. I had the silk everywhere!!!!!!

It was a good day of baking. Nooooooo mess ups today! Tay made another Blueberry Coffee Cake for breakfast on Friday. It looked so beautiful! She is doing so well. I am really proud and they are using all their skills. Math, reading, spelling........... life living and learning. Can't get better then that.

I never thought I would ever have a recipe blog. I will not forever......... I will figure out a way to keep the craft ideas coming. I have to start thinking of CHRISTmas!

Thought you might like to see my Little Miss Red. She was so funny! Moved all the little chicks that are a few months old out of their little pens so they can move around in the Milk Barn. I need to take some pictures of them and the little ducks. I think I will let the little ducks loose this weekend. I have to think about it and talk to Mr. Farmer Phil....I am not sure if it is safe yet for them to be with the other three big ducks. I think I will ask that question on Homestead Revival.

I heart you are very precious friends!

You can tell me what is going on in your day!!!!!!!! I will be baking............

Applesauce Cake!

Hugs from the farm!



  1. One Question...? DO YOU NEED A TASTE TESTER FOR YOUR KITCHEN...because I would be more than happy to apply...and I would even work for FREE...that is a FREE BITE of food of course.. : )

  2. Glad things went well in the kitchen today. I LOVE that shelf with the liner and the spices etc..and that sign "PRAY"...yeah, it's now Prairie Flower Kitchen :) :) :) This is cool!!! God is doing amazing things for you there !!!
    Tomorrow I'll be working in the call center taking orders. Wednesday the customers were not very nice. I'm hoping tomorrow goes better. Other than that, I'm working on my Victorian knitted lace eding out of red crochet cotton. I'm comitted to this project and it's going to take awhile to finish it!!!

    Oh, I'd love to be a stay at home mom someday...but for now God has given me this job :) :) :) I'll be praying for continued wisdom, strenth and blessing for your job :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. I hear pumpkin rolls are divine - Oh I imagine they are - as is everything :)

    I would love the recipe

    I am so enjoying your blog - Because it to is reminding me to pray - And my kids say I am cooking more (I don't like to cook because I feel it never turns out right - I enjoyed your post about the bread that you put in little cups to fix a mess - And everyone liked it !!!!)

    It sounds like me - lol

    Take Care
    Have a blessed Weekend

  4. Everything you show makes me hungry! Looks divine. I love how you fixed your shelf with the pray sign.

  5. Wishing you a lovely homely weekend Linda. I also love that little sign.

    Blessings Gail

  6. I've been real curious about where you work with doing all that wonderful baking, and now I know! I've also been curious about the President! I'm like, "Whaaaaat?" Does she work in the White House Kitchen? LOL
    Anyway, I've been enjoying your blog and I LOVE the colors of your blog layout!
    I think when I change my blog up I'm going to go for something red.
    I love the lids on your little jars BTW, and the sign is precious. I know what you mean about reminders!

  7. Linda, all of your recipes sound scrumptious & I'm so glad to hear everything is going splendidly. What a blessing to be working with family and to have some Christian co-workers. Have a blessed weekend on your farm!

  8. Happy Friday! Love the little tomato and those desserts. I've lost a few pounds it was hard, I'm afraid I'm going to gain them back just looking at your photos. Praying for some cooler weather for everyone! Love, Jeannie

  9. Oh Linda..I am sure you are home by now and enjoying your family and home:) I'm so glad for you as it looks like you are sooo busy at work. I just can't imagine how you guys do all that cooking and baking!!

    Your little film made me laugh so Tom came in and had to check it out! Thank you for putting a smile on our faces!!

    Have a blessed weekend!
    xoxo Gert

  10. Linda, I'm volunteering as taste tester too! Oh my, the goodness you are baking and whipping up in that kitchen!! Yum. I loved the chicken video, of course. I adore watching the chickens dust! Have a blessed weekend, and hope you can take some time for YOU :) -Tammy


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