Monday, August 23, 2010

Starting another Week, I LOVE WEEKENDS!

Hello sweet ladies,
Tressa brought 3 gold fish home the other day. It was so funny. We put them on the floor by Cassie and she just loved them. Was so cute to watch her. She would sit and sit and watch forever!

Can we just be friends?

She got thirsty and................

started licking the water. Tressa started shooting pictures. We thought that all the cat lovers would enjoy seeing the pictures. She didn't hurt them at all. She just shared their water.

Thank you all for your prayers. Our weekend was so much fun. The girls and I worked around the farm and in the kitchen. We did up 8 gallons of tomatoes and put them in the freezer and 2 1/2 gallons of blueberries put up. Can't wait to make some Blueberry Farm Pies. I will put the recipe up for you all. They are so easy to make.
Oh Heather I didn't get pictures of the Peach Farm Tarts. They were so cute. I will do that also.

At work today I will be making Strawberry Scones and Blueberry Scones! Not sure what else, but I have some ideas to try. I need to have 4 desserts tomorrow. I think I will be doing some more yeast breads also. I will take pictures.

My honey reads my emails. When I am writing I sometimes forget that. He wrote me back yesterday! Just like any other blogger! How fun is that? It was such an encouragement to me. Thought I would write in my blog journal (that is what I am doing with my blog, are you?)
This is what he said,

Yes, you made it through the week and not surprisingly, brought joy to many at the college. The Lord has you covered, and gave you some special gifts as reminders that His plans are for your victory.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you,plans to give you hope and a future.

Keep looking to Jesus, He has alreadly made the way; And He will not disappoint you.

Romans 8:32 He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?

Keep looking for those "treasures hidden in darkness".
I will be right there with you, my Pretty Prairie Flower.

Hmmmmmm I love this man! Thank you Mr. Phil! SMILE!

He is a precious man man..............he is protecting his family. I am soooooo thankful that
we have had the chance to grown together all those years before we left our home to go work!

I also received a sweet comment yesterday from a sweet blogger friend, that I have personally never met and she told me that she pray for me through out the day all last week. She even got on her knees before our God on my behalf. I wept! I know so many of you have personally taken my precious family before the Lord!!!!!!!! I am in awe! I love you all.......... like you were my real family! I truly mean that! Thank allllllll of you for leaving me all the precious comments last week. You helped me want to even try in such a hard time. Today I feel better. God showed me that He had things in control. I am so thankful I have Him to lead me.

Thank you Gail and Mary! I read your comments this made me smile and feel very very loved. Thank you!

I have a little figurine that says,

Wherever you go, always bring your own Sunshine,

I say Sonshine! I like that!

I received a phone call yesterday from a farmer friend. His precious wife died last year. He said he had a big old picture window with lots of panes. He said she would have wanted me to have it. I am soooooooo excited. Something to look forward to after work! I will put a picture up of it tomorrow!

KNOW that I will be taking you before the KING of KINGS today!

Blessings and hugs from the farm,


  1. LOVE those kitty pics!! :-) How fun...maybe not so much for the goldfish.

    My husband reads my blog posts. He's my biggest fan. :-)

    God bless!

    P.S. You're inspiring me to go make scones!

  2. How funny...the perfect drink for a kitty! LOL

    Linda, I feel the same way about my blogging friends. They are REAL to me. I truly believe God causes our paths to cross for a reason. It's my prayer that I connect with more wonderful people on a deeper level every day.

  3. Dear Linda:
    What a creative day you have planned today, my friend! I'll look forward to watching your week unfold.
    Blessings to you and yours

  4. Linda..I just know today will be a wonderful 'sunshine' day for you and your family. I continue to hold you up in my prayers. Yes, I use my blog as a journal also. Oh yes... and won my sweet "Ginger the Owl"!!

    xoxo Gert

  5. Hello Linda!
    I have tried all last week to comment but sometimes my computer picks and chooses whom I may visit or post a comment to ~ you were the one last week! Oh the joys of dial-up! :~O
    Know I have been praying for you and your sweet family like so many others have been.
    Cassie is so cute, drinking down the fishies water so she can be a little closer to them! ;~P
    And, oh, what a precious comment from you dear Mr. Phil! I think he's a keeper!
    Praying this second week runs smoothly and will bring a special joy to you!

  6. The kitty & fishies are too cute! You are blessed to have a husband who leads and loves spiritually. I pray things went smoothly in the kitchen today. The recipe I tried did not turn out, so I'll keep searching. Have a restful evening. God Bless, Jeannie

  7. Linda, What a blessing I have had tonight in reading your posts. I read quite a few and I am so blessed. I will be praying for you and your family as you take this new journey God is taking you all on. And the e-mail from your dh was just so beautiful and heartfelt. Yes! God has special plans for you How exciting to be able to be where you can invest in young peoples lives. I am excited for you. Thank you for sharing your life.
    They photos are adorable.
    Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment.

  8. Thank you sweet are such a blessing!

    Hi Cranberry! I am so glad you liked the kitty pictures. You are so right. You wonder what the goldfish were thinking. That is so cool that your honey reads your posts. We will have these reminders forever. I love it! I love to make scones. I made our recipe and pressed strawberries into them for breakfast tomorrow. Num!

    Parsley, Hahhaha, you are so funny! I so agree with you!!!!!! You are a precious friend!

    Donna, It is so nice to have you at my blog now! I love is so full of beautiful pieces! You are very talented! Well wait until you read tomorrows post. I will have it ready in the morning. Thank you for the hugs!

    Gert........Yeah for me!! I left you a thank you over at your blog and I need to order two more........for my other granddaughters!!! I was so happy. they will be also! Thank you for praying for us. I know that the adjustment has gone better because of everyone praying!

    Lady Farmer.........I have so missed you. I have come over and left a few notes. Hope you have gotten them. I love my man......he is such a sweet blessings. I loved the note also. Yep.........he is a keeper! Wait until you read my post for tomorrow. Heehee!

    Hey Jeannie, Yes I am blessed........we have had our times though. It has taken some years and we still have more to be learned. I do enjoy him and he me. That helps. Oh that is okay. 3 recipes I tried today were well..........come back and read about it. It might give a little giggle here and there!

    Hello......Sue. How fun of you to come over and commenting. I so enjoyed myself at your blog the other day. Beautiful!I love the name of your blog. Thank you for the sweet words about my posts. I can hardly believe anyone come to read anything I might write, but I love it! Thank you for praying. I so appreciate it. Especially for my sweet girls!

    I love you all sweet ladies in my life!!!!
    Just me!

  9. Just catching up with your posts over the last few days Linda ... I'm so glad things are going well in your new job, despite the fact that you miss being at home so very much. I hope you continue to conquer the *huge* mixer and that all your cookies turn out just fine!!! Thinking of you and your special family at this time

    With love,

    Willow xxx

  10. Hi Willow, I only have one more day and I get to come home for 2 days.....can't wait. Yes I am doing so much better with the mixer. My right arm is getting so much stronger!!!!!!! I am getting cook so really fun food and don't have to pay for it!!!!!

    Thank you Willow for coming and visiting me! It helps my days.

    Hugs, Linda


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