Sunday, August 8, 2010

God Is In The Details!

Dear Sweet ladies,
I am so excited to tell you all that we have a real JOB, with benefits!! All of us working together, a prayer we have been praying for a long time. That means Mr. Phil, myself, Tressa and Taylor will be working in the kitchen at Sterling College, 7 minutes from our farm. Last week we talked with a friend who had called to tell us that he still wanted to come to the farm to talk with us about organic composting ideas. Sometimes you have to be prepared for the future on farming. Lots of dreaming goes on. Anyway, he said that he would be to busy that week to come out, because he was going to be hiring 8 new people for the kitchen for the Christian college cafeteria that he was over. I said you wouldn't possibly need our family would you? He said, "are you kidding, YES!!!!! We went in to get the resumes and filled them out this last Friday. WE HAVE THE JOB!! All 4 of us will be working in the same kitchen. Now you have to know our family, we Loveeeeeeeee to be together! WE have home schooled our girls all their life and the thought of us with huge changes with the farm and all had me up in the middle of the night lots of times over the last few years fretting. Some call it worry, sin! What has happened is a prayer come true. We have asked the Lord for a long time to find us something that we could still do together. He so graciously gave us the job with the first fence and then gave us a second fence to build and for that we have been so grateful. We love the family that we work with there.

We will have insurance for the first time in a long time with the job at the college. As an independent farmer it started getting way to expensive for us to have insurance years ago. We have been blessed with very good health and just payed cash when we did go to the doctor. We are pinching our cheeks. We will be getting off work around 3 in the afternoon giving us time to continue to still work on the fence in the afternoon that we have been hired to do. God is so into our hearts desires.

Our middle son Josh, wrote an encouraging letter to his sister and said, "God is faithful and answered a prayer I didn't think would be answered the way it was. Do you know the odds of finding a job where the four of you can work? God worked all that out. Simply amazing". Josh is so right! We are so blessed to have our family see our commitment of wanting to work together as a family, being answered in such a God Moment Way!! We KNOW it is Him, we asked and He answered. There is know way we could have orchestrated this.

The girls and I will work in the bakery. Taylor is still schooling, so she will be only part time, but she will still be with. Now all of you who have followed us with the whole Farmer's Market thing and all, you know how we love to bake. I will be in charge of whatever I want to bake for each week. Quintin, our boss will give me the menu for the week and I will decide what should go with the meal. Two desserts a day, bread, breakfast breads, muffins, scones, foccacia
bread!!!! Yea!!!!! God has been preparing us for such a time as this!!!! Can you believe it???? Getting paid for what you love to do..............already? I am feeling like my family has just gotten bigger over night, all those precious kids needing love!!!!!!

Mr. Phil will be Quintin's helper. With Mr. Phil's maturity he will be a big help with all the young people in the other part of the kitchen. He is excited also. Well,....... as excited as My Phil gets. Smile, I make up the difference, he mainly just has that cute smile! We will be finished cooking at 3:00 on Friday and have Sat. and Sunday off. Perfect, so we can still have Grammie and Poppa Camp and finish the fence. Is GOD in the details or what?

Over the years we have been involved with the college, just not in a paid way. My brain is going a hundred miles an hour thinking of ways to bless all these kids. I will be telling you some of the things the Lord has been laying on my heart. He is so creative!!!!!! He also wants these young people loved and we are asking Him to show us how He wants that done. He knows their needs better than we do. Thank you ladies for praying. I remember some of your prayers and they were specific in praying for a job for us. Some asked that the Lord would bless us. He has in such an amazing way. My heart is at peace and you are such a blessings to our family.

We are on a new God Adventure. I will share things along the way.
Please continue to keep our family in your prayers. We will need them! I don't forget to pray for you everyday sometimes lots of times a day! Thank you!!!

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Sarah is saving money from the sales from her eggs and bakery items, for the hoosier she saw in the antique store next to the fabric store called "Stitches Made Into Memories, owned by Miss Clarice.

Every entry so far has been wonderful.

Come join in the fun! Sarah has lots of dreams............

Blessings and Hugs from the farm, I do love you all and I mean it!




  1. Good news to start my day! I am happy for you!

  2. Dear Linda,
    What an amazing answer to prayer! I am so pleased for you. Praise God! He is always so Good!
    May He continue to richly bless you and your family!

  3. Oh, oh, it too late to enroll in college? Sign me up!!! It would be worth the studying just to taste your goodies everyday.

    I am "over the moon" ecstatic for the Stubbs family and this opportunity. I, too, immediately thought of the LIGHT that will be shining sooooo brilliantly and lovingly into the hearts of those hurting and lost youth, looking for answers in all the wrong places.
    I pray the Lord will give you many, many ways to minister to these young folk.

    Dear Lord, praising You and thanking You for Your faithfulness, Your provision, and Your lovingkindness. May the Stubbs Family be a radiant beacon beckoning all they come into contact with to the Truth and to the real reason they were put on this earth....Jesus. Strengthen and protect them physically, emotionally, and spiritually for the tasks ahead, and BLESS them beyond measure, as they as are such a blessing to others. In Jesus' matchless name I pray. Amen and Amen

  4. Linda I am praising God for His lavish love and faithfulness. I am praising God for doing more than we could ever ask or imagine. I can't tell you how this post inspired me and encouraged me for my own family as we have struggled for close to two years in finding a permanent job with benefits for my husband. This post gave me hope..

  5. What a wonderful post full of happy God Blessin' things! Thanks for sharing. about sharing a muffin?

  6. Sounds like a lot of work, but also a lot of fun at the same time! God so richly blesses us, doesn't He!

  7. This truly brought tears to my eyes. Our prayers have been answered for sure, and we will continue to pray. It also gives me hope as I've been praying for a job-related change as well. It reminds me there are ways to bring in an income that not only bless us, but bless others at the same time.
    Bless all of you,
    and does that college know how lucky they are to have your wonderful family involved?? :) Hugs, Tammy

  8. How wonderful for all of you! God always answers our His time, of course!

  9. That is just way awesome! Just awesome!

  10. I am so happy for all of you! God is good!

  11. Wow! What an exciting answer to prayer!!!

    (Looks like lots of girls named Angela read your blog!)

  12. Praise God! I am rejoicing with you! I read this with utter amazement and tears. God is so very good. Thank you for sharing and for giving us hope. I am so very happy for you.

  13. so happy for you all...what a wonderful answer to prayer and a blessing...

  14. I can't wait to find THIS story unfold (the Sterling College story)!

  15. Amazing! I am thrilled at your good news.
    I wanted to thank you for the patterns you have on the blog. I downloaded them last week. I want to work on some tea towels, but first I have to find the towels. Take care,

  16. Linda, AMAZING and WONDERFUL! God is so good!! Rejoicing with you all today!! And isn't it just like Our Lord to use this job to bless both your family and the kids at the school!

    Please pray for my daughter, Kate. She wants to go to culinary schools so bad, but unless God miraculously provides the funds, it is not possible. She loves the Lord deeply and walks closely with HIm which is a huge blessing to her us as her parents and everyone she is around. Specifically pray that 1) her heart would desire only what HE wants for her and 2) she would know what that is, and 3) He would show her the way and provide.

  17. God is so amazing! I was excited to hear how you will be able to share God's love with the college kids. Enjoy it all! Rejoice, REJOICE!! ♥♫

  18. God is most definitely in the details! I enjoyed reading your post and the wonderful heart of praise and thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father. May He continue to bless.

  19. Oh Linda, that is the best news I have heard in a long, long time! Yay! Benefits! Paychecks! Yay! You certainly deserve this opportunity and I so look forward to even more posts about your work at the college and the blessings you have to share with them.
    hugs and blessings,

  20. Congratulations, Linda! This sounds like a major Blessing for your family - God is Good!

  21. WaHoo! This is big news (a baby would have been bigger're right about that!)and I'm so happy for you and your family. I don't know why we get so shocked and amazed when God does something like this...I'm ashamed to say it must be a reflection of my mustard-seed faith.
    Love you!

  22. I am so excited for you guys and maybe a little jealous of all the college kids there!! :)

  23. I am so excited for your family. Hubby and I worked at a Christian college for seven years, loved being around the kids, such a ministry. We miss it so much, but the Lord had other plans for us at this time. We still keep in contact with some of our campus kids. The Lord is so good.

  24. Thrilled for you! What an absolutely wonderful opportunity. Thanking the Lord for His goodness.
    Eleanor Joyce

  25. What wonderful news Linda, I'm sure you and your family will enjoy working your new jobs together.

  26. You have blessed me so much with your news. It's wonderful to hear the testimony of God orchestrating this for your family. How wonderful to be working with your daughters. I love to hear of families that are that close. That is my desire for our family. We try to work as a team here on our farm. My daughter and I don't get to go outside and work as much as I would like with the men (3 boys and hubby), but its wonderful when we can. I'm learning to value each of our strengths, and value all our moments together. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I look forward to seeing how God will use you all and what He has planned for you. I'll continue to pray.

  27. Linda,
    I'm so happy that things are going so well for you and your sweet family on Prairie Flower Farm :)

  28. What an amazing God we have. I have been studying a lot lately about prayer and it is wonderful to see prayers being answered in such an incredible way. God Bless You all and thank you for letting us know your wonderful news.

    Blessings Gail

  29. Oh....that's great news Linda..What an awesome praisie report. I was commenting on your Facebook page...I think...but it's amazing how God answers prayers...and He always answers beyond what we ask Him for!!!! That's great...I was hoping for work for you and Mr. Phil...and not only did you get it...but both of your daughters too!! This is the best news of my day!!!!!
    I just started back at work yesterday, so I'm still trying to figure out the rhythm of how that'll work with blogging...but it's good to have a regular paycheck.
    Oh, so happy for you and the family Stubbs!!!! Loads of extra love, hugs and praises for the great news...Heather :)

  30. God is so good, I am so happy for your family I got so excited when I read about your family working together. We also have always been a close family. And have always done pretty much every thing together. We have always included friends of our children. And you would be amazed that they did not believe families could be so close. One could not believe we all sat down together to eat. I look at families as a wagon wheel. With God being the center. The more we become closer to God. The closer we get to each other.

    Love and prayers


  31. I am so happy for you all! What a blessing to work together as a family! God has provided indeed!


  32. I have to tell you that I have tried to write each and everyone of you and for some reason it allllllll dropped! I was so sad. Then I tried it again by just writing a little bit and it dropped again. I am just letting you know that I loved all that you wrote and I wish you could have read my note. I will try again, because you are so sweet to me! Oh and my family!

    I heart you all big time!!!!! Hugs, Linda


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