Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good Morning!!

Hello sweeties!!!!!!!
I thought this was the coolest picture!
There is a company who are putting in new poles for the electric power lines. They are having to push out the old ones while still keeping the lines hooked on, so the electricity still goes to everyones home. It looked so pretty when the sun was going down and I have never seen anything like this. Thought it might be interesting for all of you to see.

Today I botched up 3 ............. you heard me 3 different recipes that I made up. One came home to our house for the chickens, and the other two............ I made them work!!!! Mr. Chef Q wanted me to try a new bread and the other I came up with for a breakfast bread. I opened the door to the oven to check on the breakfast bread and ALL FOUR PANS HAD GONE OVER THE TOP AND ALONG EACH SIDE!!!!!! Thank you Jesus that I had a cookie sheet under all of them! I shut the door and gasped!!!! I went over to get Tay so she could see. We both about had heart failure. It wouldn't have been so bad, but 4 pans. Oh Man!!!!!! So my first thought was okay............I need to find a place to hide these. Not a good idea.........where do you hide a 17" by 30" some pan..........so I placed them on my wood block at my station. I was sweating and just felt bad. Any way I let them cool and put them over on the shelf......... they were kind of out of sight............ so I could figure what I was going to do. Tay and I were kind of giggling at this point....... I always get the giggles when I am nervous and my deodorant truly failed me at this point! Heehee....... only kidding! They cooled and we tasted it. It was the nummiest bread you ever tasted.........and I am not exaggerating one bit. Mr. Chef Q came over and said, "what happened"? I couldn't lie.........I don't ever lie.......and I wasn't going to start now. I said, TASTE IT! He loved it. I said quickly, I have a plan........lets put it in the little cups! I love these little cups! You can put the stuff inside them and put whipped cream on the top! No kidding............ the kids will never know that is not the way it was to be. They had fresh apples and crumbs and bread and they were wonderful! What more could you ask for? The bread he wanted me to make was really nummy also........ it just didn't rise.......we still used it for sandwiches. I was so relieved. What the kids don't know........won't hurt them. I really was sweating it though. I am not sure why the picture turns out so yellow when I am in the kitchen. Maybe the lighting.

Here is my window pane!!!! Isn't it the cutest? What a special gift. I am not sure what I will do with it..........but it will be special! The family I received it from said that 20 years ago the wife had shown me this very frame and I told her to use it for pictures. She never did and the husband remembered all these years that I like it. He said she would have liked it if I had it. Sweetness!!!!!!!!!!! Made my heart smile!!!!!!

I will show you when I figure something out. Any ideas?

You all are the best!!!! Thank you for the prayers!!!!!!! The day was easier yesterday, because I kind of know where most of the things are in the storage room. That is helping. I still feel like I am running all the time. It will help when I learn my way around. I also found out that I am getting a new stove. Maybe this stove will take my breads and make them perfect for me. What a deal that would be!

It is so nice when 3 o'clock comes. I get to come back home..................I like that a lot! I am so grateful that everyone that I work with is absolutely the best. I love them all! That is a huge blessings in itself! God is so good!

The electricity when off last night........dog barking.........no sleep.............afraid we would sleep in........anyone out there identify? Hmmmmm!

Blessings and hugs from the farm..........thank you for loving our family so! You are such precious ladies!!!!!



  1. Pictures taken in my kitchen always turn out yellow also! Hang the window frame on the wall and hang pictures with matching frames inside each pane! I love that window frame!

  2. Linda, I have the same view of electrical poles being swapped out on my way to work! It struck me as beautiful and unique too, and you have captured it just wonderfully. I had one of 'those' days at work yesterday... didn't sleep much the night before. What a long day! But to come home to the farm and a beautiful evening... so worth it!! Bless you. That bread looks delish! Hope you received my 'thank you' email... I may have gotten your address mixed up so I will try it again :) Blessings and hugs to you and yours.. Tammy

  3. That was a perfect save for the bread! What a great idea that was! :-)

  4. I just found your blog and I have had a fun time looking at all your posts! Love the window they look wonderful just like that un-touched and hanging where you want it. I have seen them hanging above a breakfast bar in the kitchen. I am sure you will find the perfect place! I look forward to visiting you again, Carolyn from Des Moines, Iowa

  5. Cute stuff, with the bread. Remember all things work together for good to them that love GOD, to them who are the called according to HIS purpose.

    Love and prayers,


  6. I can relate to being afraid of over sleeping. Good save on the bread, it's a lot different than cooking at home isn't it. Do you have any old quilt blocks? I'd put them in some of the windows along with some pictures of the your in-laws and parents.
    Visit my blog I have a little giveaway going on.

  7. Oh Linda...what a day..but a great save and your are right, no harm and no one needs to know how it got changed (just in presentation!)
    Love the light pole picture!! and the frame would be cool as a table top with pictures in each frame.!! Enjoy your day.

    xoxo Gert

  8. Great photography, that is a beautiful picture.
    I love that old window, you are so creative I'm sure you will come up with something amazing. If you have a cell phone there might be an alarm that you can set the next time the lights go out. I'm praying the rest of the week gets easier each day. Blessings!

  9. Hi Linda, I've been thinking and praying for you ever since your first day of work...it sure sounds like you are having fun there amongst all of the work! Love to hear your stories! Blessings everyday, Kathy L

  10. So glad you were able to make a special treat out of your bread! Great thinking :) I love your window frame. I have one in our family room with a grapevine wreath hanging in the center of it.

  11. Hi Linda,
    You are one brilliant cook!! Those cups were adorable and would be so fun for college kids!! You might have something new started! :0)
    I love your window!! My creative mind is not working so I'm anxious to see what you come up with....great ideas from other ladies coming in!
    AMEN on electricity going out...I never sleep after that happens! Drives me crazy!
    Have a blessed Wednesday...can't wait to hear about tomorrow
    :) Tanya

  12. Hi Linda...

    Oh, I had to laugh/cry when I heard your story about the breakfast bread. I'm so glad that it turned out well...and I'm glad that you were honest with Mr. Chef Q :) :) That's so cool!!!!

    I can totally identify with being afraid of oversleeping for work. I start work very early in the morning, before it's light outside...so I depend on my alarm to get me up on time. What really made me upset was when I woke up way too early ...and I couldn't get back to sleep...but that's okay. You'll figure out the rhythm of getting ready for work...AND I have no doubt you will soon have that kitchen running like a well-oiled machine...with cute touches of flowers etc...touches of Prairie Flower Farm in the kitchen...oh, Prairie Flower Kitchen? :) :) :) I'm so glad that all of you have jobs.
    My dad got called back to work this week. He'll start retraining next week. So it'll be good that both of us are working now :) :) :)

    That windowpane is beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do with it. That's a really neat story that the lady and her husband remembered you after all those years!!!!...Isn't it interesting how God blesses all those years later? So cool!!!

    Have a great week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)


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