Monday, August 2, 2010

Pssst, it is me, Buddy Bear Ssshhhh!

Buddy Bear Snuggy e-Pattern

Sshhhh, Hi it is me, Buddy Bear. I am new to Prairie Flower Farm family,

I want you to know............ that I (Buddy Bear) am having a special.........

for 5 days only, August 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6th,2010

I am having a special party all by myself!!

sshhhh, Miss Prairie Flower doesn't know anything about this,

but I am sure she won't mind.

If you buy the

Buddy Bear Snuggy e-Pattern,

I will send you a free download of Miss Honey Bunny e-Pattern.

This will last for only 5 days. Please tell your friends, that
you think might be interested, Miss Prairie Flower will love it if you do, I know her very well! :< )

Thank you so much!
Buddy Bear, wink

This easy tutorial pattern is not hard at all.
It makes up in just a few hours.

Great gift for that little one that needs a

welcome present or just for a gift.
© Linda Stubbs

$5.50 for ePattern
This is a PDF download.

To buy simply click, HERE

If you would like a handmade, please contact me at

Buddy Bear Snuggy

$12.00 plus $4.oo shipping.

Hello Everyone,
Good Morning, I think someone was messing with my blog this morning!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for all the sweetness and prayers on getting us back home! We really did have a fun time traveling. I love to travel! Like it in a car with A/C better. I forgot to tell you as we were beboppin down the highway, the engine of the truck is very hot. Well, as you went against the wind.......... yep, it was blowing hot air back on us. So that made it 200 degrees. Maybe it was a tad cooler then that, but I wanted you to understand the hot that we were in. Smile! I would do it again!!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of these to adorable little punkins! Buddy Bear has a new home. The baby had some complications after he was born. Hard on his Mommy, Daddy and Auntie!!!! He is doing so much better now.

When I was doing Miss Honey Bunny, I asked my friend Alicia if she could think of a name for a boy bear for another Snuggy. She came up with the name, Buddy Bear. Adorable name I thought! The first Snuggy was Miss Honey Bunny. They are great for little ones to hold on to and the little ribbons are great for them to have different textures to touch. She also had a little nephew (above) that was going to be born in July, so I made it just in time for his arrival.

Hope all is well at your place! Going to the fencing site today!!!!!! It will be fun to get the fence up, so
Miss Shawnee can work with her horses.


Blessings and hugs from the farm!



  1. Linda, be sure to read "our story" here! I couldn't help writing about finding you!

    Could you sew me up a fabric Bible cover with carrying strap? My oldest granddaughter wants one and I doubt that I'd every figure out how to do it right. If you can do it, I'll find out the dimensions and let you know the color preference, etc. and you can let me know the cost :)

  2. So cute that you for sharing that with us, hope your blog does well, hugs and blessings, Barbara

  3. Buddy Bear Snugg :) :) :) I made sure to blog about it on my post today with a link to the store :) :) :)

    I'm glad you are home safe...and those two little pumpkins are super cute :) :) :) I like to see the Buddy Bear Snuggy demoed on a real life baby :) :) That's cute!!!

    Have a great week, Linda!!!.. I'll be praying for you and Mr. Phil as you build that fence!!!

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  4. Linda....I posted the photo of the Buddy Bear Snuggy when I blogged about it, so people can see what it looks like. I did make sure to link the photo to you as well as post links to the store!!!! I didn't think you'd mind..if I'm wrong, please let me know so I can fix it :) :) I love advertising for your items. They're really nice!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. What a Cute idea for a little one! I can sympathize with you on riding in a hot vehicle I told my hubby I felt like I was riding around in a tin can the truck said it was 108!

  6. Buddy Bear is adorable Linda.. so are those 2 little pumpkins in that picture. Glad you made it back home safe and sound.. and enjoyed time with your hubby too!


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