Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting up at 5 in the morning....... Ugh!

This mixer is huge. I had to use a quart measuring cup to dip the cornbread batter out of this thing. I made up 12 huge pans of cornbread, by myself!!!!!!!! Smile!
I usually say, that you can use my photo on your blog..........I don't think you will want to use this. I couldn't resist. Had to say it! SMILING!!!!! Trusting is more like Jesus! ONE more day and I am going to be home!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

We had to stay late at work today, came home and sat and didn't move for about an hour. How do you ladies do this, that work out side the home? I seem to use up so much energy!

I am writing this on Thursday night, because I will not have time in the morning to put this up. Oh my, at 5 in the morning we will be getting up to be at work at 6. Oh, man that is going to be early! Hurts my brain thinking about it! We have all the kids coming in by tomorrow evening. I have heard 700 and I have heard 800. How about 2 and I can come home!!!!! Hee hee, I'm kidding. Today went better. The girls were not with, so I was by myself. I did good. Well, sort of good, smile. I did take two breaks and sat in the sun. It was lovely!!!!!!! I had to cook so much stuff.

I am going to have to go to bed, but I have to tell you a little funny first. I went in to talk with our head boss. Now before I went in I had put in 4 big pans of cookies. I had to make 20 dozens. So I was on my last few batches. I had my timer set. Remember I don't have pockets in my apron, so I put my apron on. It has a bib on the top part so when I tie the apron on I bring the apron strings from the back and tie it in the front. That gives me a place that I can slip the timer into the bib. I went in to Sherry's office, I sat down and she said. "What is that ticking noise"? I told her that I had bought two timers so we wouldn't burn any cookies. I showed her the timer and she giggled! We got to talking and all of a sudden my timer went off and it scared us both to bits. It seemed to echo in her small office and we both jumped off of our chairs. She giggled so hard. I was glad............. She issssss my bossssss! So much for making a good impression! We are getting along very well. I think she is a gift from the Lord to ease us into work gently!!! God is so good! Our family keeps talking about how good the Lord was to give us this amazing job!!!!!

Thank you all for writing. I will not be home at noon to put up who won. I am sooooo sorry. I will be telling you all on Saturday, because I don't even know when I get home tomorrow night. They need us for something they are doing for the students. It will be a long day and very stressful!!! I will have to make the little peach farm tarts.

Thank you for the sweet words of kindness. I really am so thankful I have you all in my life. You make life so much fun!!!!

I am soooooooooooo excited for the drawing. We had so many entries! The winners will be up at least by 1 on Saturday!

Hugs to all you sweet friends. You made my week go better than I thought. I could tell you were praying for us. We truly love you all! I don't say that lightly, we really do!

Write me if you want and tell me what you are doing today. I will come home and read what you are doing today.

P.S. I had a new green egg today. One of my new girls is laying. It was pretty. I will take a picture for Saturday. Maybe I will use it for the story we are writing. I love the story!!!! Be sure write a little something!

Night and hugs from the farm!!!!!!!



  1. Linda...praying lots and lots that you and the rest of the Family Stubbs will do well!!! I know you will. Hmm..well, I'm not sure how I get up that early in the morning..other than my boss wouldn't understand if I decided to sleep in late ;) :) God gives me the strength to get up every morning. Next week...I'll have two days where I start work at 6 a.m...last season I was working 5 a.m. till 1:30 p.m. That was hard...but you do it...and I went to bed early a LOT!!!!

    I loved your funny story....I'll pray that those peach farm tarts turn out well. I'm sure they will!!!...and they'll be extra blessed because I bet you pray over all the food too :) :) :) Hang in there!!! Thanks for still posting stuff here...!!!! Praying for extra strength this week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Hey Linda,
    Where are you working that you've got to be up at 5? Oh my gosh!!! it's like right when I go to
    I came over to tell you that I've got a blog party on I Owe it All to Him because all I ask is for people to show what they collect...Your stuff is all so awesome, I thought you might want to show people all you make!

  3. May the Lord grant you strength for your days...and may He grant you SWEET REST..this weekend..What a blessing it is to here of His great kindness and goodness..
    In Christ

  4. Hi Linda,

    I was busy for a while and had not been on your blog.
    If I understand correctly then you go out to work, bake?
    So nice to make money, because baking is a hobby for you?
    But it will undoubtedly be a very different life, you were accustomed to so much freedom!
    I wish you lots of strength and God's help in everything.
    Sincerely, Margaret

  5. Oh,I love the picture from the cornbreaddough!
    It reminds me the book of Laura Ingnalls!
    I have also baked cornbread for my family, we love it. G.B. Margaret

  6. Good Morning Sweet Peas, Just about to leave the house. Thank you for coming and writing sweetness. I am praying for blessing in your life. You are soooooooo sweet to write me early this morning and last night. I am off with the Lord's help to be a blessing to those who walk across my path! Hugs, Linda

  7. Good Morning Linda, you are doing great, its going to take time to adjust to working outside your home.. You will get into a routine and I just have a feeling its crazy busy at the college now because of school starting, things will calm down..but wow are those students and staff blessed to have you around!
    One piece of advice, don't try to do everything at home you did before..its going to be really difficult and you are going to wear yourself out. Its a good life now, and a different life. God will take care of you all.

    I am sewing today..I am making aprons..I have not sewn much for 30 years besides mending so this is interesting..I can't wait to try Miss Clarice's pretty..

    Its hot here near Palm Springs, they are predicting 114 next is the dog days of summer!

    lots of hugs and prayers for you and your sweet fam!


  8. Last day, and you're almost home again! :-)
    Be sure to save that green egg to make with ham. ;-)

  9. Don't know where my comment went - so here is the part I can remember....

    I thank God for giving you strength and a sense of humor to get through this first week. Linda, SOMEthing will have to "go". You don't need me to tell you that--and I know the Lord will show you what that SOMEthing is. I just hope it's not the Bible cover for my granddaughter! Seriously though, if so, just let me know.

    Will be checking in to see the green egg tomorrow.

  10. OH are so amazing! I was telling my husband all about your first week at your new job! We were laughing (good for the soul) about your Lucy episode! Everyone can relate..ha I just know all will go well for you through all your trials, as you put everything in the hands of the LOrd and yes He does take wonderful care of us!

    Look forward to hearing from you this weekend and seeing that pretty 'green' egg!!

    xoxo Gert

  11. The first week of a new job is ALWAYS the hardest! The second week gets easier and then you fall into a routine and can start to enjoy the job more, which I truly think you WILL enjoy the job, as I know you will truly be a blessing to those around you, and you know you are where God wants you to be at this time in your life.

    I rise every week day at 5:30, I stay at home, but I get up with my hubby to get his breakfast and do the little things for him in the morning that make it easier for him to get to work on time!

    Last year I faced a similar situation with needing to go back to work after being a housewife for 15 yrs. I decided to sell Avon, which has worked out well for me, so that's what I was doing today, out delivering my orders and hanging the new brochures on all my customers doors!

    I hope you will get a chance to relax this weekend! God bless you! I'll keep you in my prayers, as I understand with a woman's heart, that our hearts are truly at home ...


  12. TGIF! You made it! I pray you have a blessed weekend at home. I know you will enjoy every precious minute. Love, Jeannie

  13. Hi Linda,
    I was sitting in my classroom while my kids were at lunch today and you popped in my mind and heart. I prayed that you were having a good and easy day. I hope so. I do understand that "being gone all day" syndrome!! It's very hard and very tiring. I have a supportive family as well. One of your bloggers wrote to let some things go at home and I second the motion!! One of my favorite sayings is "Pick your battles!!" so if you can't battle the laundry when you get home on a particular day, don't! It WILL get better..."time" is a precious thing. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend and a relaxing and enjoyable one with your family. Thinking of you!

  14. Linda, it's Friday and you made it through your first week! Working outside the home is different and takes some getting use to but you will do well, that I am sure of. You are so brave to be starting this new venture at this time in your life, I really admire you, keep up the good work.

  15. Howdy from OHIO! :)
    I'm a pretty new follower, thru MJF's Sister's. I LOVE your blog....and all the things you've been sharing about work, baking, family, the Lord.....AWESOME droppin' in to visit with you! :)

    Feel like we have sat & chattered in person, & shared a cup of tea! YOU are sooooooooooo SPECIAL!!

    Well....we have about 280, asst'd kinds, peach trees. They are goin' crazy right now!! Whew!! LOL But we are keeping up...barely... We go to 4 different Farm Mkts. a sell here at house. Plus OUR canning, & jam making too. It's great tho...and worth the work for sure. :)

    THIS is all I've had time sewing, or other "Me Moments" lately. lol

    Have a Wonderful weekend...ENJOY your "Moments"....and may God truly Bless you & your Family!!

    Love & Hugs!!

    Lori :)

  16. I totally understand your comment about being tired! I work at home all summer, but when school begins, I come home exhausted! This was our first week back and I've loads to do because I'd come home and vegetate in the chair! It will get easier and you might just have to take a rest after work some days. God is GOOD! ♥♫


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